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Ernie's House of Whoopass! October 18, 2012
October 18, 2012

The Mythbusters Format Sure has Changed Since I Stopped Watching.

I would have to imagine that by now, all of you have seen the first two seasons of The Walking Dead in their entirety since (a) we're on season three and (b) it's available on Netflix among other places. The fan response to season two was generally less than enthusiastic and the producers seem to have taken notice since there more zombie deaths in the S1E1 than there were in the entire second season put together. Now there are some folks out there who took issue with the premire's unrealistic gunplay, but me, not so much. Although I do have to say that by now I would have imagined the group would have amassed a better collection of melee weapons by now, instead of relying on a few random hand tools that came from the farmhouse. But in the end, I'm just glad that Carl isn't a pain in the balls anymore and can actually be included in some drinking games instead of making me cringe ever time the little fucker comes across a zombie decaying American. But now the group seems to have found a safe place they'll be able to hole up for awhile. But I won't.... each year Universal Studios has a different theme for their Halloween Horror Nights and guess what this year's theme is? That's right. The Walkind Dead, motherfuckers!

Ever since I was able to track down my dad's old Smith and Wesson 64, I've taken a shine to old school revolvers. Nothing new, I'm more pulled to the old wheel guns with pinned barrels and recessed cylinders. So when I stumbled across an article spelling out the best revolvers for concealed carry I thought I had hit the jackpot. That is, right up until the guy suggested a motherfucking Taurus Judge. Find your next new-new revolver here, and your next old-new revolver here.

Stair codes are designed for the safety of the consumer and vary from state to state, county to county, and city to city. It is advisable to know well ahead what your limitations and restrictions are. As an example, some cities and counties disallow certain handrail widths. A 2-5/8” handrail in one county may be illegal to install in the neighboring township. This is true with (for example) the 2-5/8” iron handrail. It is a legal handrail in most states. However, some areas of California and Arizona, due to a misunderstanding of the wording in the stair code, have disallowed the use iron handrail with the idea that it is too wide.

I mentioned before that in addition to acting, Nick Offerman is also a professional boat builder and has a side business as a wood craftsman, making furniture and other wooden structures at his woodshop. Here Nick Offerman gives us a tour of his woodshop. And if you're so inclindes, he also strips for charity and remember, no coin no groin.

Ernie, I hope this gets to you. I have been LONG time reader, and I saw this online and thought you might be able to help this woman and her dog out. The way I see it the dog did nothing wrong and the police are being dicks about the whole thing… I'm just hoping you can bring this to light on a global level. Thanks for all you do, EHOWA ROCKS!!! Paul

City bureaucracyat its finest. More updates about Duke and Carissa's saga can be found on their Facebook page, along with a petitition to drop the charges and a donation page.

Is it me or does the chick on the right look like Amy Poehler?

Styrofoam is composed of ninety-eight percent air, making it light weight and buoyant. Because of its insulating properties and buoyancy, it was adopted in 1942 by the United States Coast Guard for use in a six-person life raft. Styrofoam has since found a variety of uses. Dow produces Styrofoam building materials, including insulated sheathing and pipe insulation. Dow also produces Styrofoam as a structural material for use by florists and in craft products. Styrofoam can be used under roads and other structures to prevent soil disturbances due to freezing and thawing. In the United States and Canada, the word styrofoam is often incorrectly used as a generic term for expanded polystyrene foam, such as disposable coffee cups, coolers, or cushioning material in packaging, which are typically white and are made of expanded polystyrene beads.

Today I decided it's time to do a list of celebrities who were cheerleaders. Some of the women on the list, such as Lindsay Lohan, will make you think, "ah, yes, of course she was a cheerleader." Others? Yeah, they'll surprise you. But one thing you will not find on this list is men. Sure, there are famous male celebrities who were cheerleaders, like Steve Martin and former President GWB, but I have a feeling nobody really cares. So are you ready to see with female celebrities used to shake their pompoms and do high leg kicks? Bad news though: the first one is Snooki.

Heya Ernie. For health reasons, my cat Max had to have almost all of his teeth extracted. But he still eats hard food... the tough little bugger. Cheers, Benny

Produced in the ultra-technological facilities of Tecnilatex, controlled by the Iberian branch of the Artsana Group, Control is the brand of reference of the condom market in Italy, Spain and Portugal. Each year, over 150 million Control condoms are sold around the world, a success that rests on the foundations of a three-decade long experience that has made communication one of its fortes; communication which, with the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases, was able to approach and talk to consumers overcoming the taboos linked to the use of condoms and push toward an increasingly more aware view on sexuality. With its wide range of condoms, this brand is aimed at many different audiences.

And as a celeb, sometimes you have to take fashion risks if you want to make a name for yourself, and sometimes those risks come back to bite you in the ass. Or, actually, sometimes those risks comes back to expose your ass, and other things. What am I getting at? Celebrity wardrobe malfunctions, of course. These people try so hard to look good day in and day out, but with so many cameras pointed at them all the time, there are bound to be embarrassing slip-ups.

Submarine warfare in the Battle of the Atlantic led to casualties among warships and merchant ships. US warships began using rubber life rafts. Since the rubber was much higher quality than 35 years before, the inflatable returned, but this time it was boat-shaped. In military use inflatable boats were used to transport torpedoes and other cargo. They also allowed troops to make landings in shallow water, and their compact size and storability made overland transport possible. Invasions of the Battle of Arawe by the 112th Cavalry Regiment and parts of the Battle of Tarawa involved amphibious landings in inflatable boats against heavy enemy resistance. One of the models, the Zodiac brand inflatable boat, grew to be popular with the military and contributed significantly to the rise of the civilian inflatable boat industry, both in Europe and in the United States.




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