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Ernie's House of Whoopass! October 19, 2012
October 19, 2012

Wow. A Hemi. Balls to the Wall.

If you're down in my neck of the woods and have had the opportunity to use the men's facilities at the Bass Pro Shops in Ft Myers -- and no, I'm not soliciting former Senator Craig -- but over each urinal that have a series of old black-and-white photos of local fishing from the turn of the century. One of those photos is a heavy set dude standing on the bow of a boat. He's looking over his left shoulder at the photographer (and by proxy, at you) as he's pissing off the front of the boat. It's obviously not a photo they could put anywhere else in the store, but in the mens room, it fits perfectly. I would put the guy the photo in his 50's or so, and the photo from maybe the early 1920's so he's long dead by now. But I bet when the guy turned around and grinned for what I presume was a prank photo, he never imagined he's be immortalized in such a fashion. Here we are now, separated by some seven or eight decades, staring into each otheres eyes and sharing a piss. Kind of creepy actually. I had hoped that photo would be among this collection of early 20th-Century fishing photographs from Florida, but no luck. So I'll try to make atrip to Bass Pro this weekend.

In 2008, 66-year-old African American Johnny Lee Wicks filed a complaint against the Social Security Administration (SSA) about his benefits being reduced. Although the SSA claimed that the alteration was because Wicks had relocated from California to a Las Vegas retirement home, Wicks insisted the reduction was due to racism. The case was thrown out and an appeal was rejected when Wicks failed to show up in court. On the morning of January 4, 2010, Wicks appeared at the Federal District Courthouse in Las Vegas with a shotgun under his coat and began firing randomly. His shots blasted an elderly security guard in the chest, killing him, and put another guard in hospital with buckshot wounds to the head, arms and upper body. Seven armed federal marshals shot back at Wicks, forcing him to flee. As he ran, a bullet hit him in the head, killing him.

I am pleased to announce that Bullz-Eye has partnered with DailyJoust in a FREE $500 NFL Fantasy Football contest running Week 7 this Sunday. You get a $1,000,000 in salary cap and pick your roster for the week. This is going to be a thing now, so if you're goot at fantasy football, don't just sit on your ass. Why not? Did I mention THE WINNER GETS $500?

Old and busted: You done goofed now! The new hotness: You ugly monkey!

ernie, i know you're a mopar guy. thought you might like this one. i originally saw this one in 1987 outside the pool hall in the small town i lived. same guy still owns it and brought it back to the county fair parade this year. don't know how many panther pink t/a's were produced, but this one is rare and still in its original state. all the best, bill.

Not to be confused with wine-cooler, the alcoholic beverage of the same name, a wine cooler is any type of equipment used in the chilling or cooling of wine. They may refer to amall table top units that rapidly chill a single bottle, or larger refrigerator style units that store dozens of bottles at selected temperatures. These are useful for those who do not have access to a wine cellar, as temperature and humidity conditions can be replicated. Most units allow the user to select their ideal temperature of wine and some even have options to control two separate areas for different wines. Some units are controlled by a thermostat.

Robert "Bobcat" Goldthwait is an American actor, comedian, screenwriter, and film and television director. He is commonly known for his energetic stage personality, his dark, acerbic black comedy, and his gruff but high-pitched voice. Goldthwait has appeared in several movies, and his first major role was Zed in the Police Academy series. Goldthwait has been married two times. He was first married to Ann Luly in 1986. Together they have a daughter, Tasha. Goldthwait and Luly divorced in 1998. He was then engaged to Nikki Cox in 1997, but he ended their relationship in 2005.

Cartoon characters may be created for entertainment purposes, but one of these cartoon characters must match someone out of the 7 billion on this planet. In this gallery we have done the highly improbably and matched up 14 cartoon characters with their doppelgangers from the real world.

A picnic table is a modified table with attached benches, designed for eating a meal outdoors, known as picnicking. Traditional picnic tables are constructed using lumber boards. Protection for the wood (stain, paint, or wood protectant that repels water) is necessary to protect it from cracking, warping, or rotting due to moisture. The table-top and bench-top boards are attached to the trusses or beams using wood screws or nails. The legs can be secured with carriage bolts fastened by nuts and washers. Blow molded plastic picnic tables are becoming more popular because they are lighter, stronger, and less expensive than wooden tables, and require no maintenance. They are also more durable than wooden tables, and last longer.

Dear Mr. Truck Driver, just because a Recon Sniper can pick off an enemy insurgent half a mile away, doesn't mean you can. "But I've seen em in the movies."


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