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Ernie's House of Whoopass! October 22, 2012
October 22, 2012

Is Maggie Greene Gonna Have To Stab A Bitch?

This past weekend was Zombicon in downtown Ft Myers, and you know I had to check that shit out. Each year they do somewhat of a theme -- last year's was pirate zombies -- and this year they added an extraterrestrial twist and encouraged space zombies. So you know, lots of dead atsronauts and such. Me and The Boss Lady settled down to grab a few drinks and I saw this newspaper which (a) made me laugh since it was very Day of the Dead'esque and also because on the right side I found this little gem. The cast of the Walking Dead, wow! Maybe this little Ft Myers soiree is getting bigger than I had first given it credit for. Then I read closer... Madison Lintz? Savana Wehunt? Who the fuck are they? So I did some searching on phone and chuckled. Madison Lintz is Sophia Peletier, the little girl who ended up being a zombie in season two, and Savana Wehunt is in addition to being a regular walker, is also a stand in for Chandler Riggs (now Cool Carl) and Madison Lintz. But I would have liked to have met Joe Pilato, who in my book, still goes down as one of the best villains ever, even if he does get his clock cleaned by Bub. And just for kicks, here is the iconic Edison Theater in 1985 and 2007 and again this past weekend.

So the updates for this coming Thursday and Friday might be a little hinky, as I'll be up in Orlando hunting down Walkers. or at least pretending I'm hunting down Walkers. With Carl. ya know, the cool kid. And just for the record, that big Hispanic inmate, Tomas? As soon as he started that menacing, "This is our cell block, you go find somewhgere else, esse!" shit? It'd have been all over for ol' Hector and his gang. I'd have shot the shit out of him way early in that encounter -- you know, with the cache of weapons they discovered at the beginning of episode one but never seem to use. And as for Axel and Oscar? We'll see. Oscar could be useful because of his size, but also dangerous for the same reason. Axel, the pill popper? Since the days of sex, drugs and rock and roll are pretty much behind them, I don't see much use in keeping him around other than to walk point and take the first hit.

First there was some chick with a .22. Then came Heather with a .40, and Jen with a .45. And if the Internet Movie Firearm Database is to be believed, then Maqqie Q used a Beretta PX4 in 9mm to burn her boobs while filming the third season of Nikita.

The Georgia Bulldogs are the athletic teams of the University of Georgia, and compete in National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I and are members of the Southeastern Conference (SEC). The official mascot is Uga, an English Bulldogs. The tradition of Uga was started in 1956 when Sonny Seiler brought a bulldog that was given to him as a wedding present to Georgia's first home game of the season. Afterwards, head coach Wally Butts asked his permission to use the dog as Georgia's mascot, and around the same time a college friend suggested that he name it Uga. Since then, every Uga has been owned by and lived with the Seiler family in Savannah, Georgia. Several Ugas have retired as part of pre-game ceremonies, during which there is a "passing of the collar" and the new Uga begins his reign. During these ceremonies, the fans typically chant "Damn good dog," a tradition dating back to Uga I.

Marc Quinn is a British artist who was inspired by Rembrandt's idea to make a portrait of himself every few years, and he decided to do the same thing ... only with blood. His own blood. Which he freezes, and uses to make terrifying sculptures of his head. Each blood head takes Quinn 9 pints of blood to make -- that's about the amount that's in the human body. He collects it by going to the doctor every six weeks for an entire year and withdrawing a pint each time, like when you donate blood, except without the part where it saves anyone's life. Quinn has created five of these blood heads so far, one every five years since 1991, with the purpose of documenting his aging process and nose hair growth.

Tuborg GreenFest is an annual series of rock music events that takes place across Eastern Europe during the summer months. Since 2005, Danish beer makers Tuborg, part of the Carlsberg Group, have brought together well-known rock bands and artists for one-day festivals in Russia, Serbia and Ukraine. 2008 saw concerts held in Bulgaria and Croatia for the first time, and in 2009 GreenFest premiered in Romania. GreenFest borrows its name and image from the popular Tuborg Green beer, a pilsner beer popular with the youth for its long association with music.

Hi Ernie - Reading the bit from Oct 19 regarding the fishing photographs from Florida, I could visualize the picture you're writing about because they have the exact same pic over the urinals in the restrooms here at the Bass Pro in Vegas. I guess maybe that pic isn't Florida specific, and Bass Pro standardizes on everything, down to the decor of the latrines... Ian

Hey Ernie, Here are some links to the picture you were talking about today: [1 - 2 - 3], along with a forum discussion on Bass Pro about the picture. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any info on the man, date, etc. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to the kick off of this year's LBEH. Mike

Project Eldest Son was a program of covert operations conducted by the United States Studies and Observation Group during the Vietnam War. The project focused on placement of exploding cartridges into supplies used by communist combat forces in southeast Asia. United States technicians assembled 11,565 7.62x39mm cartridges for AK-47 rifles, 556 12.7x108mm heavy machine gun cartridges, and 1,968 82mm Type 67 mortar shells to detonate in the weapon when firing was attempted. The goal of the project was to cause the enemy to question the safety of their ordnance. Physical damage and injuries observable by communist forces were augmented by forged documents to generate mistrust between Vietnamese troops and Chinese suppliers. One pretending to be a Viet Cong document acknowledged rumors of exploding ammunition, but portrayed them as an exaggeration of a negligibly small problem. Some details of Project Eldest Son were revealed in United States news publications in 1969 when less than half of the sabotaged rounds had been placed. These conditions allowed communist forces to ascertain the true cause of their weapon failures, but raised doubt about the safety of their ammunition supplies in combat areas. And now it looks like the Syrian government is implementing the same tactic against rebel forces.

Contact lens care varies depending on material and wear schedule. Daily disposable lenses are discarded after a single use and thus require no cleaning. Other lenses require regular cleaning and disinfecting to prevent surface coating and infections. There many ways to clean and care for contact lenses, typically called care systems or lens solutions. Sterile saline is used for rinsing the lens after cleaning and preparing it for insertion. Saline solutions do not disinfect, so it must be used in conjunction with some type of disinfection system. One advantage to saline is that it can not cause an allergic response, so it is well suited for individuals with sensitive eyes and/or strong allergies.

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