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Ernie's House of Whoopass! November 6, 2012
November 6, 2012

I Will Never Post About Politics Ever Again. For Realz.

But as my final hurrah, perhaps I can offer some insight as to why one might waste -- and we'll get to that in a minute -- their vote on Gary Johnson. And to preface this argument, both he and I along with most of his supporters realize that he is not going to be President in 2012. And that's okay, because getting just 5% of the popular vote is a major game changer in American politics. Here's why.

Using your argument to prove my point, who are your only real choices to win this election? The guys with the real chance to win? The Republican or the Democrat, red or blue. Well, what if you don't like these two choices? What if you're not willing to horse trade one set of rights for another? Tough crap, the way things are right now. Pick one or the other. But should Gary Johnson secures that 5% for the Libertarian party -- or any candidate for any third party for that matter -- it secures them equal footing in the next election. When you file your taxes, you know that little checkbox "Would you like (what is it now, $2? $3?) to go towards the Presidential Election Fund?" That's a pool of public funds that are split up among the qualifying candidates running for President. Right now, that's just the two major parties so all of the $$$ goes to either the Republicans or Democrats... the guys who need it the least because they've got bazillion dollar PACs behind them. Next year with 5% of the vote behind them, the Libertarian candidate will have a right to a fair share of that public fund. They will also be included in the televised debates; something they were prevented from attending this election. They will also be automatically included on all 50 states ballots, instead of having to qualify in some states, as smaller third parties are now.

Without climbing too high up my soapbox, one might argue that a New Yorker casting their vote for Romney is a wasted vote, since only a fool would think Obama isn't going to carry one of the most liberal states in the Union. The same could be said for an Obama Supporter in Texas. So would you tell those people they're wasting their vote? I hope not, they're voting for their candidate, regardless of whether or not he has a chance to carry that state's Electoral votes. There are things I like about Barack Obama, and there are things I don't; he has revealed aspects of himself that I just cannot fundamentally agree with. The same thing goes for Mitt Romney; I like some of his ideas, but absolutely detest some of his ideals. So both candidates have principles that turn my stomach. Unfortunately I can't pick and choose parts of a candidate. So while I don't agree with Gary Johnson 100%, his views fall much more in line with my own, than those of the two major candidates.

I'm not trying to sway your vote one way or the other; if you've got your candidate already picked out then by all means, fucking go for it. But if you're in the least bit hesitant, please understand that a vote for a third party is not throwing your vote away. Today I will cast my vote according to my conscience because the Presidential elections are not a horse race, and I'm not supposed to vote for the guy I think has the best chance of winning any more than I'm supposed to vote for the guy I think is going to screw up the least. No matter who wins the crown, I'll sleep like a baby. I encourage you to cast your vote according to your conscience regardless of which path that takes you down, be it Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or even none of the above. Because wasting your vote is voting for somebody that you don't believe in - GJ.

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