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Ernie's House of Whoopass! November 12, 2012
November 12, 2012

Website? Check. Paypal? Check. AMEX? Check. Okay... Let's Bring Em Home!

The economy. The wars. The elections. The hurricane. I don't know about you, but as an American I feel kind of, well, drained. Exhausted. Burned out. So it's about time that I make the venture up north and spend some time with my family to recharge the ol batteries, because nothing shrugs off the weight of the world quite like some time spent around the dinner table with your roots. And if I feel the need to recharge, and you feel the need to recharge, think about all those poor folks in uniform feel, and how bad they need some face time with their families. And as the most overworked and underpaid demographic in this nation, not all of them will have the financial means to do so. But you and I can help that.

Yesterday was indeed Veteran's Day and with that holiday comes the usual signs of Fall; the turning of the leaves, the stuffing of the turkeys, and me with my red, white and blue hand out trying to mooch some donations for this year's Let's Bring Em Home campaign! For those of you new to the site (or living under a rock for the friggin decade plus) LBEH started following the Sept 11th attacks back in 2001. It has continued as an annual tradition every year since then, each with greater success that the last. What we do is collect donations from you the public and with those funds, purchase plane tickets for our nation's military members to fly home and be with their families over the Christmas holiday. LBEH has absolutely nothing to do with supporting or opposing the war, or supporting or opposing our President, or anything political in any shape or form. It's exclusively got to do with supporting the men and women who put boots on the ground all over the world, standing in harms way, spending time away from their families so that we may spend time with ours.

This year LBEH is funded the same as it was eleven years ago -- 100% on individual donations. Every little bit helps -- no amount is too small -- or hey, too large for that matter! Although some things are starting to look up for some, I know the economy has a lot of us in a pinch this year. Who has money to give to a stranger? Well, quite frankly, I'm hoping you do. Because without your support, we're dead in the water. As always, your deduction is 100% tax deductible, meaning you can help a soldier and fight back against the tax man, all in the same fell swoop! Also, don't forget -- if you have enough frequent flier miles to warrant a free round trip airfare, we can put those miles to good use, too!

Good morning and Thank you for what you do. It's wonderful to see people helping our Military. I am a mother of a US Marine and would like to know the process in applying for a ticket home. My son is stationed in San Diego, Ca and is hoping to come home to Maryland for Christmas. I was wondering if I could apply for my son and when applying for a ticket opens? Also is this for roundtrip or one way? Any information you could provide is wonderful. Thank you very much, Theresa

To whom this may concern, Hello, my name is Jenette Busellini and I'm currently stationed in Okinawa, Japan. I've been in the Marine Corps for over a year now and heard about you though another Marine that won a ticket last year through you guys. Do you know what day I can sign up for the next year drawings? Thank you for your time. -Jenette

Ernie, I was searching the internet tonight in hopes to find and way to bring my Husband home to Utah from Tenesse for Thanksgiving. He is not gone for months and months but only 6 weeks that fall over Thanksgiving and then he comes home right befor Christmas. I know that it is not a long time however, this is the 1st time in 5 1/2 years that all of his family will be together. Sadly we can not afford to pay for the $600 ticket. I came across your website and I noticed that you have not started your tickets for this year. Do you have a time fram as to when and if you will be acepting requests this year? I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, Jill

For the past two months, I've been receiving LBEH ticket inquiries from both military personnel and their families; "Hey when are we going to open up for requests?" I keep telling these brave souls, "Not yet. Not yet," trying to hold them off until our traditional start date, Veterans Day. Well, yesterday was it and we opened the flood gates to international ticket requests first, since they're the most expensive and require the most prep work. Within the first ten minutes we had over two dozen requests and had to put additional tickets on hold while we catch up. Right around the corner, we'll be opening up to domestic ticket requests as well. What do I tell these folks? That America has forgotten about them? That our support is fair weathered and since milk is more expensive than it was back in 2001, they're on their own? I can't say that. I won't say that. So do us all a favor and let's show these troops that our gratitude doesn't ebb and flow with public opinion. That yes, we still value them and the sacrifices they make on our behalf. They give us the gift of freedom, is a helping them to celebrate Christmas with their loved ones too much to ask? I don't think so.

Naked boobs are illegal in Idaho, which is one of the main reasons that almost no movies take place there. However, riding what can only be described as a wave of unshakeable optimism, the proprietor of the Erotic City Strip Club in Boise took a closer look at the law and noticed that public nudity could be permitted, provided it had serious artistic merit. Presumably after a few false starts (such as projecting Citizen Kane onto a plus-size stripper named Busty Lusty or having all the girls perform to Sufjan Stevens songs), he began handing out sketch pads to customers as they walked in and calling the club's performances "art classes" instead of "boner-flexing tit parades." Since the patrons were all holding drawing tablets and seated around what could vaguely be considered a nude model -- in pretty much the same way Jimmie Johnson can be considered an athlete -- the state totally allowed it.

Old and busted: the trailer for World War Z. The new hotness: the trailer for World War Z... with Pee-Wee Herman voices.

Sheer sexiness can get you a long way in the celebrity world, and often good things run in the family. That means when one famous sibling is cute, there's every chance the other one will be even cuter. And, as everyone knows, there is nothing better than two sexy siblings together. So without further ado, here are 20 most smoking hot sets of celebrity sisters.

southwest shooting authority to obama voters: GET. THE. FUCK. OUT.

10 celebrities you'd never guess studied to be accountants... chuck liddell??

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