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Ernie's House of Whoopass! November 13, 2012
November 13, 2012

He Wrote The Music. He Wrote The Words. That's Elmo's Song.

Lucky Seven Records was founded by the British band Madness, allowing this new record label enabled them to release their new material. Lucky Seven Records isn't the first Madness Label to be set up; Zarjazz Records, a sub label of Virgin Records released the Madness album Mad Not Mad, music from the Fink Brothers along with Feargal Sharkey's first single. Another Virgin sub-label, Live & Intensified, existed solely to release The Dangermen Sessions Vol. 1 and its associated singles. Although Zarjazz signed other artists, it is currently unknown whether Lucky Seven Records will ever sign any other acts.

The 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show took place in New York last night, and while it won't air on television until December 4th (on CBS), you don't have to wait that long to see the wonderful sights that such an event provides, like Alessandra Ambrosio wearing her $2.5-million Fantasy Bra, or the trio of Hilary Rhoda, Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn making their Victoria's Secret runway debuts. That's because I have a sneak peak of the 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Enjoy!

When traveling, it is important to become familiar with your surroundings. The U.S. Fire Administration would like you to suggest the following safety tips to assist you in preparing for traveling. When making your reservations, ask if the hotel or motel has smoke alarms and an automatic fire sprinkler system. When traveling, take a flashlight with you. Read the fire evacuation plan carefully. If one is not posted in your room, request one from the front desk. Locate the two exits nearest your room. Count the number of doors between your room and the exits. This will assist you in the need of an emergency evacuation. Locate the fire alarms on your floor.

And in an interesting twist, this latest episode of NFL Facebook also features cameo appearances from some of the NFL's best coaches of all-time, including Don Shula, Bill Belichick, Andy Reid and Norv Turner.

Vietnam nurses, the majority of them female, faced enemy bombs, bullets, shells, overwork, and horrible conditions. And the brutal warfare devastated both sides, physically and mentally. Nursing was as noble a calling then as it is now, and the photographs of nurses during this period reflect an extraordinary combination of liberal cultural trends, harsh working environments, and making the most of a bad situation. Here are ten poignant snapshots of nurses stationed in Vietnam.

In India during the second century and later in China extremely large pagodas became popular. At each corner small wind bells were hung; the slightest breeze would swing the clapper and cause a melodious tinkling. It is said that these bells were originally intended to frighten away not only birds but also any lurking evil spirits. Wind bells are not limited to pagodas. They are also hung under the corners of roofs of temples, palaces and homes. It was around 1100 B.C. after the Chinese started casting bells that the wind chime started to become modernized. A bell without a clapper called the yong-zhong was crafted by skilled metal artisans which was primarily used in religious ceremonies. Afterwards, the Chinese created the feng-ling which is similar to today's modern wind bell. The feng-lings were hung from shrines and pagodas to ward off evil spirits and attract benevolent ones. Today, wind chimes are common practice in the East and used to maximize the flow of chi, or life's energy.

Sensuously sexy lips on a woman are enough to entice any hot-blooded male. Kissable, pouty ladies have for decades been thrust into the limelight as movie stars, singers and models. Blond or brunette, curvaceous or skinny, it doesn't matter – as long as she boasts a super hot pout. The crème de la crème have been collected for you in our countdown of the 10 hottest celebrity lips in history -- and let' sbe honest I think we all know who is going to make the list, and who is not. Either way, pucker up handsome.

So I traded some laptop work for a Go Pro 2. Aside from looking like a dumbass on the range at our annual Pumpkin Hunt, it takes pretty good video. This is a screen capture. We are working on a trebuchet for next year. Something on a trailer so we can do drive bye's with. -Ryan

Fast and Furious Brazil: low budget edition. Plus this. Bruno

If you haven't already heard of chess boxing, you might be forgiven for thinking you've wandered into some kind of absurd comedy sketch. However, the sport is very real, and although it might still be marginal, it is growing. It's already a popular sport in London and Berlin, but it has also started to spread throughout the world – to places as diverse as Tokyo, Calcutta, Nantes, Los Angeles, and Krasnoyarsk in Russia.

Teak has been used as a boatbuilding material for over 150 years. In addition to relatively high strength, teak is also highly resistant to rot, fungi and mildew. In addition, teak has a relatively low shrinkage ratio, which makes it excellent for applications where it undergoes periodic changes in moisture. Teak has the unusual properties of being both an excellent structural timber for framing, planking, etc., while at the same time being easily worked and finished to a high degree. For this reason, it is also prized for the trim work on boat interiors. It is also relatively easy to work, unlike some other similar woods such as purpleheart. Due to the oily nature of the wood, care must be taken to properly prepare the wood before gluing. Teak is also used extensively in boat decks, as it is extremely durable and requires very little maintenance. The teak tends to wear in to the softer summer growth bands first, forming a natural 'non-slip' surface.

Now without getting all emotional, some of you have written in and expressed concern over buying firearms and ammunition online -- you know, is it safe or not -- but I've had nothing but good experiences with it. Take a look at Gunbroker -- started in 1999, it took them 10 years for them to reach $1 billion in sales -- that brings them to 2009. From there, it only took three years to reach $2 billion in saled. That's a 3x increase without even trying. Add that to the 56,000 active listings for used guns on Armslist and you better get while the internet getting is good.

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