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Ernie's House of Whoopass! December 3, 2012
December 3, 2012

I'm Back Bitchez! Didja Miss Me?

Two weeks, and 4,192 miles; and that includes two legs of 1,438 miles each up and back, plus a metric assload of driving in between. The best panic from the trip? This morning when I was convinced I had left my Bersa .380 in the glovebox of the rental car, which I returned on Saturday morning. That was a pretty panicy second or two, until I got the ol gun safe open -- yep, the Bersa was put away right where it should be. But for a second there, I was shitting little green apples. This trip had all the essentials: Ike fighting the Power in Pennsylvania, a quick trip to the local Walmart to grab the toiletries we forgot to pack, a nice big takeout order from Maggianos, grabbed a few drinks with Big Poppa, and of course this was all made possible thanks to a Chevy Equinox with FUCKING HORRIBLE gas mileage. Now to play catch up!

Earlier in August of this year, I told you a little about the Fanta corporation and how they only had Lemon Fanta in Germany. What I neglected to mention is Fanta is known for its upbeat advertising; in the United States, it showcases The Fantanas, a casted group of young female models, each of whom promotes an individual Fanta flavor.

Spetsnaz is an umbrella term for any special forces in Russian, literally "special purpose forces". Historically, the term referred to the military special units controlled by the military intelligence service GRU, the Spetsnaz GRU. Twenty-four years after the origin of military Spetsnaz, first counter-terrorist unit was established by the head of KGB, Yuri Andropov. The Beslan School Hostage Crisis of early September 2004 lasted three days and involved the capture of over 1,100 people as hostages, including 777 children, ending with the death of over 380 people. The expected backlash against neighbouring nations failed to materialise on a massive scale. In one noted incident, a group of ethnic Ossetian soldiers led by a Russian officer detained two Chechen Spetsnaz soldiers and executed one of them. The Spetsnaz are well respected within the international community, but it's too bad the official insignia of the Spetsnaz looks like a lynx in the middle of a fucking Cheers marathon.

Braided ropes are generally made from nylon, polyester, polypropylene or high performance fibers such as Dyneema, Technora or Vectran. Nylon is chosen for its strength and elastic stretch properties. However, nylon absorbs water and is 10-15% weaker when wet. Polyester is about 90% as strong as nylon but stretches less under load and is not affected by water. It has somewhat better UV resistance, and is more abrasion resistant. Polypropylene is preferred for low cost and light weight but it has limited resistance to ultraviolet light, is susceptible to friction and has a poor heat resistance.

Thought y' might like this guy and his brass bollocks. Andrew

another member added to the "Where were they when I was in school" list. Greg

Chlorophytum comosum, often called the spider plant, is a flowering perennial herb native to tropical and southern Africa, but has become naturalized in other parts of the world. Variegated forms in particular are used as houseplants. Spider plants produce plantlets on long, thin stems called runners. These droop gracefully toward the ground, much like the leaves of the mother plant. At the end of each runner is a baby spider plant. Spider plants have also been shown to reduce indoor air pollution in the form of formaldehyde, and approximately 15 plants would neutralize formaldehyde production in a representative energy-efficient house.

The last time Jessica Biel Mrs. Timberlake was on the Conan O'Brien show, was she the flirter or the flirted? Let's check the tape. Hint: she looks fucking spectacular in red.

Female bodybuilding is the female component of competitive bodybuilding. It began in the late 1970s when women began to take part in bodybuilding competitions. Physique contests for women date back to at least the 1960s with contests like the Miss Physique and Miss Americana. However, these early "bodybuilding" contests were really not much more than bikini contests. The first U.S. Women's National Physique Championship, promoted by Henry McGhee and held in Canton, Ohio in 1978, is generally regarded as the first true female bodybuilding contest - that is, the first contest where the entrants were judged solely on muscularity.

Ernie, here is a Pinata in Ensenada for the Baja 1000. Plus the trucks on our team, headed home. Scott

Heya Ernie, any idea what kind of car this is? Yes, my drunk ass watched the entire thing....TK

That poor fucking door. Sigh. So what does your dream car look like?

Interstate 405 is a major north–south Interstate Highway in Southern California. I-405 is a heavily-traveled thoroughfare by commuters and freight haulers along its entire length and is the busiest and most congested freeway in the United States. The freeway's annual average daily traffic between exits 21 and 22 in Seal Beach reached 374,000 in 2008, making it the highest count in the nation. It is a bypass of Interstate 5, running along the western and southern parts of the Greater Los Angeles Area from Irvine in the south to near San Fernando in the north. The entire route is known as the northern segment of the San Diego Freeway. It has played a crucial role in the development of dozens of cities and suburbs along its route through the Greater Los Angeles area.

Who makes the list? Here are the top 30 firearm websites according to Quantcast.

here is the monthly fail compilation for november 2012

back and to the left, back and to the left: the 10 best jfk assassination conspiracies

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