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Ernie's House of Whoopass! December 11, 2012
December 11, 2012

My Doc Said Two Glasses Of Red Wine Per Day Is Good For Your Heart. True Story.

A venetian blind has horizontal slats, one above another, usually made of metal or plastic; wooden slats are sometimes used but in the US these are now usually referred to as wood blinds or bamboo blinds. They are suspended by strips of cloth called tapes, or by cords, by which all slats in unison can be rotated through nearly 180 degrees. The slats can be rotated such that they overlap with one side facing inward and then in the opposite direction such that they overlap with the other side facing inward. Between those extremes, various degrees of separation may be effected between the slats by varying the rotation. There are also lift cords passing through slots in each slat. When these cords are pulled, the bottom of the blind moves upward causing the lowest slats to press the underside of the next highest slat as the blind is raised.

When Ekaterina Vandaryeva was in high school, she decided to join the police academy upon graduation. However, once she started kickboxing to develop required skills for the profession, she felt in love with it and vowed that she would not rest until became the world champion -- you know, kind of like the exact opposite of Manny Pacquiao as per Taiwan and as per the internet. Anyway, now known as Catherine Vandareva, she is currently the IFMA Amateur Kickboxing / Muay Thai Champion and believes she is a good role model for other Russian and Ukrainian girls.

Here are certain jobs that nobody dreams of doing when they grow up. "Somebody's gotta do it", but that doesn't stop people from praying that "someone" won't be them. What's surprising, however, is how much money some of these stigmatized jobs actually pay people who man up and do them. So if you're on the fence about where your financial future is headed, stop and consider any of these well-paying jobs that most people overlook.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Dude! Thought you would enjoy this story - World War II gun saved. Pay

Hey Ernie, I was wondering if you could help me help a friend who devotes all her free time to helping shelter dogs. She is entered in a photo contest for $250 gift card and the manager at Costco has agreed to match that in food, treats, ect. She's leading but #2 seems to magically creep up each night without any shares. (I suspect shenanigans). Christine has shared this on several German Shepherd groups so her numbers are legit. You, like myself, have a major soft spot for the dogs and that is what shes all about, it all goes to the dogs. A few years ago I sent you a photo and the damn thing went viral so I know the power of EHOWA. If you could throw the link up for a day or two it would be awesome, if not, no big deal, I'll still love ya. (no homo) Here's the link and here is the pic. Thanks Ernie and if you ever get up to central florida we'll do beers and AR's. Tom

Here's a little something to help you sleep at night. The United States had a 200-person nuclear-powered outpost located beneath the ice of the North Pole, where one of their primary objectives was to drill as deep into the unforgiving, ancient ice as possible. If that's not the start to one hell of a horror movie, we don't know what is. After the military takeover, Camp Century was converted into a giant ice-bound missile silo. The goal was to store approximately 600 nuclear missiles in the base, giving the U.S. a nice, neighborly little nuclear bungalow right next to Soviet Russia. Luckily for Russia technical problems led to the whole mission being scrapped. Because maintaining the tunnels was a constant chore -- they had to remove 120 tons of ice every month just to stay uncrushed -- the whole site collapsed within the decade. So no, you can't go there and play the world's most awesome game of hide and seek. This was all just a big cocktease, and I'm really sorry.

Quit with the indecision already. Jennifer Carpenter is hot. Different, but hot. I'm not sure how you get "kind of creepy" out of the Craig Ferguson clip. Part of it might be that, unlike Conan, he doesn't have a set of questions he plans to ask (that the guest often knows about ahead of time), so his interviews just kinda go... where they go. Some guests deal with that really well, some don't, but I think she comes off pretty well. She was also on his show back in February, and that was also a good interview, maybe better than the one you linked. Just let it be, man. She's hot, don't question it. Cheers. - Matt

I am still not totally convinced as she has her up days and she has her down days.

Theramed Express White is an intensive whitening toothpaste developed with dentists to achieve natural whitening results by gently and efficiently removing surface stains without the use of harsh, bleaching agents. Theramed Express White is easy to use and has a short application time - simply use instead of your regular toothpaste twice a day for one week then repeat this treatment 4-5 times a year.

Mia Torres visits a Hollywood nightclub premiere and talks with a Transsexual Porn Star "Domino Presley". Mia ends up squeezing the shemales new implants like she's picking out fresh Fruit at the Grocery store. You're welcome.

the world's first airborne mexican food delivery system

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