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Ernie's House of Whoopass! December 14, 2012
December 14, 2012

Shit Sure Got Away From Me Yesterday, I Can Tell You.

You'd think that with a lifetime of IT experience behind me, I wouldn't be able to get knocked out of the game for a day and a half, but noooooooo. And if you think your English Lit major will doom you to a four-digit income? Not so fast. According to the Department of Labor's most recent mean wage statistics, a liberal arts degree can earn you a decent wage. This list covers currently available jobs that offer high earning potential to people without a technical or scientific degree. Some jobs require licenses or a little additional education, but most can be accomplished with a worthless liberal arts education, perhaps even one of those lowly online degrees. Althoug, good luck with that Post Office job.

Lips can say a lot of things without words. Our muscles around them mean we can shape them with incredibly fine control. Lipstick is used to draw attention to the lips, thus exaggerating further the signals sent by them. When the top lip is over the bottom lip, this may be linked with biting of the bottom lip, a common indicator that the person is feeling guilty about something. The bottom lip extended over the top lip can indicate uncertainty, as if the person is saying 'umm'. The bottom lip jutting out is often a part of a sulky pout, where the person expresses child-like petulance at not getting their own way.

Last Saturday night, if you stuck your head out your window just a few minutes after Juan Manuel Marquez knocked Manny Pacquiao out cold at the MGM Grand in Vegas, you might have heard a faint sound of clicking and clacking off in the distance. It was the sound of a million people jumping all over this story to create the world's newest and (until something crazy happens tomorrow) hottest internet meme. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram lit up almost instantly with a ton of images featuring Manny Pacquiao lying unconscious in one place or another thanks to the wonders of photoshop. And of course, many of them are really fucking funny. So for today I did a little digging and came up with some of the best Manny Pacquiao knockout memes.

Ernie . Big fan- Sent in a few things over the years, but thought you might like to see this new video of Australian runner Michelle Jenneke. Hope you enjoy! Kris

I present to you, my future wife explaining why girls swallow. Ricky.

If you're a grown man, and you put on a Frosty the Snowman costume, and you enter yourself in the local Christmas parade at 10 in the morning, you had better damn well be doing it for the kids. Because if not, it means you're creepy and weird, and you're probably going to end up kicking a police dog, hitting one cop in the face with your big ol' Frosty head and pushing another as they try to stuff your ass into the back of the squad car. Nobody is really clear on exactly what started it. Frosty claims that he said something to a cop about having a K-9 unit with him, and the cop just went off. The cops said it was more like the guy walked by and physically kicked their dog and then became increasingly more belligerent until they had to physically stuff him into the back seat like filling a stocking with live badgers.

Big Mouth Billy Bass is an animatronic singing prop, representing a largemouth bass, popular in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The fish is made of rubber stretched over a mechanical frame; at first glance it appears to be a mounted game fish. Designed by Gemmy Industries, it turns its head outwards and then wiggles on its trophy plaque and sings kitschy cover songs, such as "Don't Worry, Be Happy", and "Take Me To The River" by Al Green. The singing mechanism was originally activated by a motion sensor and was originally intended to startle a passerby. Eventually a button was added to activate it. Other versions produced included a Christmas one and a standing fish with a microphone.

We discovered the sexy Melissa Melendez was discovered during a visit to Costa Rica when Paul Miller covered the filming of "Myste Buzzed on Paradise." Her photo shoot took place at the amazing Secret Mansion located in the heart of San Jose. This 130-year-old mansion was recently renovated and restored over a period of four years. The mansion is located over half of a city block and is roughly 10,000 square feet. The three-level mansion hosts six private bedroom suites, a granite kitchen, three private bars, 12-seat formal dining room/conference center, six-seat breakfast nook, flat screens throughout, and so much more. So here are some of my favorite pictures of swimsuit model Melissa Melendez.

Hi Ern- This was sent to me by a brother out in L.A., a Marine and Viet Nam vet. Thought I'd share it with you; 2 APACHES KILL A PLATOON OF TALIBAN. As Always, Bottoms up, Mike.

Ernie, Not sure if you've seen this yet. It's quite sad to think this weapon could have been crushed. Funny would have been, if she had brought to "The Antique Road Show" to have appraised........ Jack

Every year, the SPCA need to find homes for thousands of dogs just like Porter -- dogs who have been abused, abandoned, or just forgotten. Their dogs may be a motley bunch, but they're all smart and they're all lovable. In a world first, a dog drives a car completely by himself on a racetrack in New Zealand. The dog had trained for more than two months to drive the modified car in a project aimed at increasing pet adoption from animal shelters. The giant schnauzer drives the Mini over 200 feet and -- in a feat that confounds most women drivers -- even changes gears.

The flag of Germany is a tricolor consisting of three equal horizontal bands displaying the national colours of Germany: black, red, and gold. The flag was first adopted as the national flag of modern Germany in 1919, during the Weimar Republic. The black-red-gold tricolor first appeared in the early 19th century and achieved prominence during the 1848 Revolutions. The short-lived Frankfurt Parliament of 1848–1850 proposed the tricolor as a flag for a united and democratic German state. With the formation of the Weimar Republic after World War I, the tricolor was adopted as the national flag of Germany. Following World War II, the tricolor was designated as the flag of both West and East Germany. The two flags were identical until 1959, when the East German flag was augmented with the coat of arms of East Germany. Since reunification on 3 October 1990, the black-red-gold tricolor has remained the flag of Germany.

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