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Ernie's House of Whoopass! December 21, 2012
December 21, 2012

Is That? No. Wait? Is It? Nooo... Yes? Boy, Some People Will Decorate Anything.

Okay, a quick update on Don't Shoot Your Eye Out, which doesn't seem to be working -- you get the LOADING flash animation, but then the page goes to lunch. Trying any of the Office Max games in the bottom right corner spits everything out to Elf Yourself, which to me, is kinda stupid. So I reached out to Office Max and via this post spoke with a guy named Zack who works in their IT department. I thought they were going to blow me off because I mean hey it's just a fucking game, but he seemed pretty entusiastic to run this up the flag pole. So , we'll see. In the mean time, see if you can Light Up The Christmas Tree faster than me, I believe this score is for 112 seconds or so; remember to include EHOWA in the name field!

And hell, no scary apocalypse but welcome to the first day of winter anyway. Former Sports Illustrated cover girl, Kate Upton recently traveled to Antarctica for a new shoot. Kate powered through temperatures that reached 35 degrees below zero for a new super-secret Sports Illustrated cover. Kate and her crew set sail for a 10-day cruise from Argentina to Antarctica. But don't be scared though, all you fans of Kate, she was kept warm, only dropping her giant fur coat for a few minutes at a time. But don't worry, the cold air acts fast.

Here are a bunch of fishing reports, if you decided to head on overe to Camels Hump Dam. You're welcome.

It's been said many times that business is all about people. That being the case, perhaps we should stop reading management books for advice and start looking at social psychology. Very simply, social psychologists study how people interact with others – their families, friends, and yes, business partners. Smart marketers and executives have been using the findings of this growing field for decades to close sales, hold effective meetings and get their way in negotiations. But rather than putting you through an academic psychology lesson, here are the most useful concepts into one article.

Demon Santa, Kidnapping Santa, Terrified Infants, Godzilla Santa, oh, which of these creepy Christmas ornaments will adorn my tree this year?

Artificial Christmas trees are artificial pine and fir trees manufactured for the specific purpose of use as a Christmas tree. The earliest artificial Christmas trees were wooden, tree-shaped pyramids or feather trees, both developed by Germans. Most modern trees are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) but many other types of trees have been and are available, including aluminum Christmas trees and fiber-optic illuminated Christmas trees.

For me, 2012 was a damn sight better than 2011, which was the year I went all the way to Las vegas and didn't know that former U.S. Olympian Suzy Favor-Hamilton was working as an escort. I mean seriously. Change to bang an Olympian? Freebie, right?

It was the day after Christmas in 2004. I was at my brother's house in Rochester, enjoying a leisurely breakfast, or generally recovering from the festivities of the day before. Then, the news came on. A massive earthquake had sent a speeding tsunami across the Indian Ocean. Already, thousands were feared dead, and the list was growing. Across the world, those not directly affected switched on their TVs and were met with scenes of devastation that seemed hard to believe. Tragically, it was all too real. But the full impact of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami had just begun.


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