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Ernie's House of Whoopass! January 7, 2013
January 7, 2013

American Components, Russian Components, ALL MADE IN TAIWAN!

A tip of my hat to a local gun store, Fowler Firearms who try to keep their customers abreast on what comes in and when, especially during these times of great demand. They're one of the few shops around here that is NOT price gouging. Shit, for some of the prices people are charging -- $1,800 for an $800 AR -- you can buy one of the most expensive steaks in the world. UPDATE: LESS THAN 45 MINUTES AFTER THEY OPENED. And yes, if you're wondering what Congress is doing for you, there have been ten gun bills filed the first week of the 2013 session. Translation: Fuck you, Carolyn McCarthy.

Although red wine contains many other chemicals which may have health benefits, resveratrol has been studied the most. Red wine tends to have a significantly higher concentration of resveratrol than white wine, even though white wine grape varieties produce similar amounts in the vineyards. This is because during winemaking white wine spends very little if any time in contact with the resveratrol-rich grape skins. This maceration period not only gives red wine its color but allows for the extraction of phenolic compounds such as resveratrol into the resulting wine.

Computerized authentication systems, such as key cards, raise privacy concerns, since they enable computer surveillance of each entry. Currently RFID cards and key fobs are becoming more and more popular due to its ease of use. Many modern households have installed digital locks that make use of key cards, in combination with biometric fingerprint and keypad PIN options. Bar code technology is not a secure form of a key, as the bar code can be copied in a photocopier and often read by the optical reader.

When he was cast as Vincent in Collateral, the only real villain of his career to date, he was determined to get it right. The problem with casting Tom Cruise as a professional assassin is that one of the necessary features of being one -- the ability to blend into a crowd -- is the one thing that Tom Cruise has no experience with. He's quite possibly the most instantly recognizable human in the world. He can't scratch his nuts without every celebrity magazine on Earth running it as a front-page spread. That was the first thing he had to fix. To help prepare himself for that anonymous killer mindset, Cruise decided to pull an Assassin's Creed and learn how to blend in. So he dressed up like a FedEx worker and delivered packages to a crowded LA marketplace, all while trying his hardest not to be noticed by literally every person around him. The amazing thing is, not only did he deliver the packages using the thinnest disguise imaginable, but absolutely no one caught on that he was Tom Cruise, even when he sat down and had an entire conversation with a total stranger. And yes, Cruise did actually take it upon himself to learn the other half of being a professional killer; he did extensive training with guns, learning how to shoot quickly and accurately, all with live ammunition.

Suave is a brand name based in Chicago, IL used by the Unilever company in the United States, Argentina, Mexico and Canada. Targeting discount stores, the brand represents more than 100 products including shampoo, lotions, soaps and deodorant. Suave started in the United States in 1937 as a hair tonic. The brand eventually was acquired by Helene Curtis Industries, Inc. which, in the 1970s, started expanding the Suave name beyond hair care into other areas. Noting the rise of discount stores such as Wal-Mart, in the 1990s Unilever instituted a broad strategy, called "The Power of Value" to use its Suave brand to sell a line of discount personal care products in contrast to its high-profile brands.

Hi Ernie... (usual ass-kissing comments here, followed by apologies for not contributing any humour or cash to LBEH and ending with an ass-covering comment about how I tune in every couple of days for my dose of T&A blah blah blah). This popped up in my FB feed. And if it's true, Obama, Feinstein, Schumer and the rest of those traitors are going to ram their "assault weapons" ban down the throats of Americans in a hurry. I know you try very hard to keep ehowa politically neutral but NOW is the time to get the people involved. Phone calls and letters to their reps and congress-critters... a tea-party-esque grass-roots movement against the new, more restrictive AWB. My government enacted a gun registry in 1993 that cost billions of dollars a year and made millions of hunters, farmers and sport shooters into instant criminals overnight. Don't let that happen to you. Alex Jones may be right... as he predicted a calamity and a huge push for a new AWB and a disarming of America in the name of safety. Use your readerbase to get the word out. Before its too late. Sincerely, Wren in Canada

Hey, Big E. Do you know the laws regarding knives in your state? Do you think this knife would be legal to carry concealed? Take care and keep up the great work. Dave in AZ.

Speaking of, do you remember a time when the United States was on the cutting edge of virtually every technological field? Yeah, looks like those days are long gone; not we're following the Dutch.

A fire lane is a marked lane in a parking lot that is near a structure. Parking is prohibited in fire lanes to ensure the access of safety equipment to the structure in the event of an emergency. Fire lanes are defined as passageways or access roads that allow fire apparatuses to pass through. They are not intended for normal vehicle traffic. There are certain requirements that must be met when designing a fire lane. Because fire trucks and other apparatuses are so large, there must be certain accommodations made for them. They must be marked with either paint striping, reflective signs, or the use of both. Striping consists of a six-inch red stripe painted on the curb with four-inch white letters indicating that this is a fire lane. "No Parking, Fire Lane" is to be printed every 25 feet along the fire lane.

Sport Compact Car was an American car magazine that lasted from 1988 to 2009. Sport Compact Car focused on modifying and racing sport compacts, usually import model cars. This publication was known for having a more technical approach than most other typical import car magazines and for the substantial number of project cars they have developed. Sport Compact Car was published monthly by Source Interlink, which acquired it from Primedia in 2007. On November 21, 2008, Source Interlink closed Sport Compact Car after 20 years of continuous publication, amid a company-wide restructuring that resulted in the layoff of 115 employees.

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