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Ernie's House of Whoopass! March 1, 2013
March 1, 2013

You Know What The Most Dangerous Thing In America Is, Right?.

Brother Mouzone, meaning "judicious" in Arabic, is a drug enforcer and hitman from New York City. "The Brother" does not fit the usual picture of drug-trade "muscle", always wearing a suit, bowtie, and glasses, speaking politely and precisely. He is also quite erudite, reading magazines such as Harper's, The Atlantic, The New Republic, and The Nation. His dress, along with an extremely proper and pious persona is a manner typically associated with the Nation of Islam, more particularly its paramilitary wing, although it is never explicitly stated that he belongs to either organization. He reveals himself as a Muslim by mouthing "Allahu akbar" repeatedly after Omar shoots him, and he believes he is about to die. He is always accompanied by his "man" Lamar, who runs errands for Mouzone.

Avon Barksdale hires him to protect the weakened Barksdale operation from Proposition Joe's dealers, who are working the Barksdale towers as part of a secret agreement between Stringer Bell and Proposition Joe. Mouzone brings in a team of soldiers and promptly shoots Cheese Wagstaff with rat shot. To maintain his alliance with Proposition Joe, Stringer dupes Omar Little into believing that Mouzone is responsible for the brutal murder of Omar's boyfriend Brandon. After Omar shoots Mouzone the two speak, leading Omar to realize that he has been tricked. After recovering in hospital Mouzone informs Stringer that their agreement is "absolved", and later returns to New York.

But Mouzone later returns to Baltimore and locates Omar's boyfriend Dante after seeking advice from Baltimore local Vinson. Mouzone beats Dante until he reveals Omar's whereabouts. Rather than exact vengeance on Omar for shooting him, Mouzone suggests that they find and kill Stringer Bell. Avon, whose relationship with Stringer has become strained after Stringer revealed that he was responsible for D'Angelo Barksdale's death, reluctantly gives Mouzone a time and a place to find Stringer after Mouzone threatens his connection to New York and his supply of drugs. Omar and Mouzone plan an ambush and kill Stringer together. Before returning to New York, Mouzone releases Dante and gives Omar his weapon to dispose of.

If like me you live in North America some of them will be pretty difficult to get to. And of course, even if you like to take trips to the other side of the globe, you might still be put off by the prospect of driving around in the middle of nowhere in, say, Pakistan. However, some of these places are considerably easier to get to and in stable, non-kill-Americans-for-no-reason countries, so it's definitely worth a look. Today, in case you're starting to think about your next vacation -- I head up to Boston next month for a friend's upcoming nuptials -- I present you with this list of some of the world's most scenic roads.

And since it's Friday muthafuckers, let's playa game of Folds, to which I am on the level titled Precise Reduction.

Ernie, I just started a forum on Armslist, if you have a chance to send some traffic to it, I'd appreciate it. Thanks, Jon

Hello Comrade Ernie, While everyone was distracted by semi-auto firearm fever and ammo shortages, I got a smokin deal on a dozen M38's from Classic Firearms. Still plenty of cheap ammo around to feed these babies. -Larry (P.S. Feinstein is a misguided political vote whore.) Larry

Righto, righto, Larry. With everything sold out -- even .22LR like I discussed earlier in the week, which can normally be picked up for $0.04 a round -- Mosins are more and more the way to go. Their ammo is still available at 880 rounds for $161 via mailorder, which you better do while you still can given our guns rights are being assaulted on all sides -- ESPECIALLY in Colorado -- where legislators are going to force Magpul out of the state. But not before Magpul puts out one final FUCK YOU to the Rocky Mountain legislature before they go. So you Coloaro residents had better order those PMAGs while you still can. In the meantime, thank goodness for Mr. Colion Noir!

Building upon that clever marketing by Magpul, internet ads are often an integral part to any forward-thinking and digitally savvy business, but that doesn't mean they can't go horribly, horribly wrong. Here's a look at 15 inappropriately fucking hilarious online ad placements generated through targeted, content-based contextual advertising.

Old and busted: US Citizenship Test: Standard Edition. The new hotness: US Citizenship Test: Harrison Ford Phone Edition.

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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