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Ernie's House of Whoopass! March 21, 2013
March 21, 2013

Seven-Six-Two Millimeter. Full Metal Jacket..

Ernie, this place has all the ammo you need. A bit pricey but they have it. Hope this helps. Lbeh contributor and 13 year lurker. Be well my friend. Mike

hey ernie, i found this site for you to check. they don't seem to have a whole lot of what i'm looking for, but it may help someone. just another source. lyn

Okay, call it Jew-jitsu, call it Jew-fu, call it whatever, but you fuckers obviously need a lesson on bargain ammo shopping, so here goes.

To get a better grip of what local prices are, I'm going to use ads from a site called Florida Gun Trader which is specific to Florida, and generally has more ads than a national site such as Armslist. In early October 2012 I bought this 1,000 round box of M855 for $360; that's $0.36 per round. The exact same ammo is now being sold locally for $.85 per round, or $850 for the same case. And that's down from the peak prices of $1.20/round or $1,200 per case, in mid January. And the non armor-piercing stuff? Used to sell for $.32 per round; where as now it's $.75 per round.

With that sort of price spikes in mind, there are three levels of urgency for ammunition (or any firearm accessory, such as magazines), and this three different tools that you should be using. The first category, Really-Fucking-Urgent, is something like I just bought a new gun for home protection, and I need ammunition right now. If that's the case, you're pretty much fucked and have to pay whatever price the market bears, which is currently $A$ $FUCKING$ $LOT$. There really is no best source for this purchase, it's really just a matter of whoever has them in stock. Will you overpay for a new box of hollow-points? Yes, yes you will. But if someone does break into your house and you actually need to defend yourself, you're going to look pretty fucking stupid with an unloaded gun in one hand and an extra $20 in the other. So just bite your cheek, pay the $40 for a $20 box of ammo and just consider it a Stupid Tax for not stocking up earlier.

The second category, Sort-Of-Fucking-Urgent, is a situation like you've got some friends coming to visit in a couple of weeks and you want to make sure you have ammo stocked up to take them shooting. For this my first instinct would be to stake out Walmart at 7am each morning -- or whenever the hell your local Wally World restocks their shelves -- and try to pick up some ammo that way, as they usually have prices that are almost comparable to internet shopping without the wait. The catch is, if they restock their shelves at 7:00am each morning and you show up at 7:05am, shit look like this. Not to mention that everyone isn't free to go ammo shopping in the morning, so what about the rest of us. Here you've got to act fast, but not too fast; you've got a little time to do some comparative shopping, see who offers the best price-per-round, maybe take advantage of some free shipping... shit like that. For this, I actually have to tip my hat to .22 John who turned me on to Gunbot. There you can very quickly create an account, and after customizing your own settings, the site will alert you with an audible klaxon sound whenever a deal is posted that meets or beats your price threshold. Mine are as follows...

Caliber pre-Sandy Hook price post-Sandy Hook price my new acceptable threshold
.22LR $22.99 box of 525 ($0.045/round) $199.99 box of 1000 ($0.20/round) $0.10/round
9mm $9.99 box of 50 ($0.20/round) $499.99 box of 1000 ($0.50/round) $0.30/round
.45 ACP $15.99 box of 50 ($0.32/round) $650 box of 1000 ($0.65/round) $0.40/round
.223/5.56mm $6.49 box of 20 ($0.32/round) $880 box of 1000 ($0.88/round) $0.42/round
7.62x39 $5.29 box o 20 ($0.26/round) $415 box of 1000 ($0.42/round) $0.28/round

Be advised that if you're going to use Gunbot, your ass had better pay attention. Because when that klaxon sound plays it's not only playing for you it's playing for everyone else on the fucking planet who's got that page open. And I've seen deal warnings go off for a vendor that has one case -- one fucking case -- of ammo. Make sure you create accounts at all of the common vendors listed on Gunbot and whenever possible set your cookies to leave you logged in; when seconds literally count, you'll miss out if you're fumbling around trying to create an account while someone else is already popping in their credit card info.

The third and final category, Not-Fucking-Urgent-At-All is where I currently live. Yes, there are places that currently have .22 in stock and I can always use some more, but fuck all if I'm going to pay $.10 per round for ammo that should cost $.04 or less three months ago. But just because I'm pretty well stocked up on all of the various calibers I shoot, doesn't mean I'm going to pass up on a good deal should one come along. For this, I usually scan the major vendors, have created accounts with them and have alerts set up to email my phone. Pro-tip: it would behoove you to spend the $30 to join Sportsman's Guide's Buyers Club; which virtually pays for itself after your first good sized ammo purchase. For starters they give you $15 for signing up, and the prices on large 1000 case ammo purchases can't be fucking beat. In addition they're constantly offering online coupons so I was able to pick up 880 rounds of 7.62x54R for my Mosin's, shipped to my door for $161 -- yes two orders on the same day because I used two coupons haha, and I've been stocking up on. As a point of reference, people are selling that ammo locally for around $130 per 440 round spam can. In that same order you'll see $370 for these 1,000 rounds of RWS .45 ACP -- and RWS is some quality German target ammo -- and yes it's sold out... but when it's restocked I'll be notified before it comes available on the website, since I'm a Buyer's Club member.

So don't be fooled by the recent demise of Feinstein's proposed Assault Weapon Ban, as it could quite easily come back in Amendment form. Stock up on standard 30 round magazines when you get the opportunity. I won't breathe easy until that cunt finally retires.

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