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Ernie's House of Whoopass! June 3, 2013
June 3, 2013

Like A Boss? Like A Boss? I'll Show You Like-A-Fuckin-Boss...

If you see one video this week -- nay, this MONTH -- let it be this one. The title is "Star Spangled Banner Cymbal Fail" so this being the internet, you know either the kid or his cymbals are going to end up on the floor; in this case, it's his cymbals after one of the straps breaks about a minute in. But that's not what makes this video INTERNET PLATINUM, it's his reaction afterwards and how he handles himself. I laughed, I cried, I cheered. And I dunno what life has in store for this little fucker, but I hope it's a career in emergency management, because he sure as hell can think fast on his feet. This kid is the definition of LIKE A BOSS. I sincerely hope he grows up, gets rich and buys this ipad controlled mega-yacht to play with, because as of right now that's the only vehicle on the fucking planet that's awesome enough for him. Like a boss, indeed.

Having a little more fun snooping around Google, if you check out Sloppy Joe's Bar in Key West, Florida, you'll see where this photo was taken. As well as Hair Wraps of Key West, is about where this one was taken.

Laptop bags have become more than just a means to protect your precious mobile electronics. These days, they're expressive symbols of individuality: who you are, what you're into, and what brands you associate yourself with. Besides being functional, they have gone on to become fashionable everyday accessories. Unsurprisingly, laptop bags have also become prime targets for corporate and entertainment merchandising. Here we look at 10 awesomely geeky laptop bags that show, once and for all, that it is hip to be square.

So, the shit is really hitting the fan in Turkey, is it not? if you're not familiar with the who/what/where/whe/why of it, here is a post that gives a thorough yet concise explanataion, along with a first hand account right from Istanbul. And this being 2013, you know there are pictures upon pictures upon pictures, with a little video thrown in for good measure. Someone else summer it up like this:

"This has been a long time coming. In a nutshell, whereas in "Arab Spring," it was islamic majorities deposing military dictators/ kleptocrats to replace them with islamic governments. Here, it's a secular minority trying to replace an elected islamic government with a secular government. The military and government are separate in Turkey. The military in the joint chiefs has the final say, and they've deposed 5 previous governments for straying too far from the Constitution and becoming too islamic. The last one was.... drum roll please.... The current PM and President's mentor, Necmettin Erbakan, in 1997. Basically, Erdogan is what W wanted to be- forming a permanent majority by pandering to the religious. And remember. Every time he passes some law that fucks the poor, he passes some law about alcohol or gays or whatever that appeases the uneducated, religious masses."

Unfortunately, people who like to watch basketball tend to have working eyeballs, so we all know that LeBron is quite an avid flopper. And now the NBA has come out and said as much, too, by fining Lebron James $5,000 for his floppery. Of course, this is all part of the NBA's gallant effort to stamp out the scourge of flopping from the game. During the regular season, players got one warning, now, during the playoffs, the league has done away with the freebies. Any player who flops now gets a fine straight off, with penalties increasing for subsequent violations.

Baggage tags have traditionally been used by bus, train and airline companies to route passenger luggage that is checked on to the final destination. The passenger stub is typically handed to the passenger or attached to the ticket envelope to to aid the passenger in identifying their bag among similar bags at the destination baggage carousel and as a means for the passenger and carrier to identify and trace a specific bag that has gone astray and was not delivered at the destination. Current bag tags include a bar code. These bag tags are printed using thermal or barcode printers that print on an adhesive paper stock. This printed strip is then attached to the luggage at check in, this allows for automated sorting of the bags to reduce the number of misrouted, misplaced or delayed bags. Automated sorting of baggage using laser scanner arrays, known as automatic tag readers, to read bar-coded bag tags is standard at major airports.

10 pack 30 round maglevel black pmags -- there are the WINDOWED ones -- $155 plus $5 shipping

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