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Ernie's House of Whoopass! June 17, 2013
June 17, 2013

Meanwhile, In The Toronto Mayor's Office...

Regulactive 3 is a fruity herbal mixture with a pleasant taste and flavored with hibiscus, apple, fennel, darts, korander, mint, elderflower, flavor, inulin, green tea, orange peel, strawberry. Effectively supports the process of weight loss and helps maintain a perfect figure without the use of slimming treatments.

So last night the sixth season of True Blood picks up right where the fifth one ended, opens with Bill's messy reincarnation, but no one knows who or what he is, and they're not anxious to get close enough to find out -- I thought we were going to see some Deborah Ann Woll boobies around the 19 minute mark -- but no dice. But yes, True Blood's fifth season had a pretty religious theme, with Bill and other vampires worshiping the goddess Lilith, who appears as a stunning woman played by Jessica Clark. This casting decision is the only thing that helps make season 5 and the whole Lilith storyline watchable, as Clark looks amazing when she's completely nude but not drenched in blood, although even then she'll still grab your attention. And just for the record, I still prefer John Carpenter's Vampires.

The BlackBerry is a line of wireless handheld devices and services designed and marketed by Research In Motion Limited operating as BlackBerry. The first BlackBerry device, an email pager, was released in 1999; the most recent BlackBerry devices, the Z10 and Q10, were announced on January 30, 2013. The user interface varies by model; most feature a physical QWERTY keyboard, while newer generations have relied on a multi-touch screen and virtual keyboard. The primary competitors of the BlackBerry are smartphones running Android and the Apple iPhone. BlackBerry has struggled to compete against both and its market share has plunged since 2011, leading to speculation that it will be unable to survive as an independent going concern.

Adventure is a 1979 maze video game for the Atari 2600 video game console and is considered the first action-adventure game. Its creator, Warren Robinett, introduced the first widely-known Easter egg to the gaming world. To reach this ancient, secret room, you'll need to first find a single, grey dot. Pick that baby up and carry it to the screen south-east of the Gold castle. This will cause the wall on the right-hand side to blink, a glitch that occurs due to hardware limitation when there are too many sprites on the screen. This blinking temporarily turns the collision detection on and off, enabling you to pass through to the secret room. Robinett has since worked on virtual reality projects for NASA and the University of North Carolina.

An Isolated Danger Mark, as defined by the International Association of Lighthouse Authorities, is a sea mark used in maritime pilotage to indicate a hazard to shipping such as a partially submerged rock. It is recognisable by its black and red bands and top-mark of two black balls. Its distinctive sequence of flashing light consists of 2 quick flashes with intervals of 5 seconds.

In order to avert disaster, it's a good idea for anybody who cares about their photos to back them up online. Here are nine of the best online sites you can use to back up your photos. So now the only thing keeping you from disaster is your own laziness. Inspiring, isn't it?

So this girl walks into a bar, and when she walks out there's a man with her. She goes to bed with him, and she likes that part. Then she kills him, and she likes that even better. On her way out, she cleans out his wallet. She keeps moving, and has a new name for each change of address. She's been doing this for a while, and she's good at it. And then a chance remark gets her thinking of the men who got away, the lucky ones who survived a night with her. She starts writing down names. And now she's a girl with a mission. Picking up their trails. Hunting them down. Crossing them off her list.... such is the plot for Lawrence Block's 2011 novel , Getting Off.

Still having a tough time finding self defense ammunition? Well, the Afghan army isn't, we've given them more than $1 BILLION dollars worth of ammo since we liberated the shit out of them, 12 years ago.

Okay, need some help: what brand of beer is this?

taxing me softly: 10 musicians found guilty of tax evasion

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