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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 8, 2013
July 8, 2013

So THAT'S Why Tyreese Kept Missing All Those Zombies. The Game Ain't In Him No More.

One of the most awesomely TV shows that I ever got into was HBO's The Wire. And yeah, everybody loves Omar and everybody loves McNulty, but I think one of the more underrated characters on the show was Cutty, who gets punked soon after making his first appearance in Season 3. Later on he'd hold a gun on Fruit's head, but trying his best to turn over a new leaf, can't bring himself to pull the trigger. From that point on, he continues to scare the shit out of Fruit for the rest of the series. Anyway, if you're a zombie fan, you know that the actor Chad Coleman went on to play the can't-shoot-for-shit Tyrese in The Walking Dead (now a regular on season 4!) and provide the voiceover for Coach in Left 4 Dead 2. Now the big surprise: Viola DeWynter from Saints Row III was voiced by porn star Sasha Grey.

Air fresheners are consumer products used in homes or commercial products used in restrooms that typically emit fragrance. There are two broad air freshener categories: continuous action and instant action. Continuous action products include: scented candles and devices which use a candle flame or some other heat source to heat and vaporize a fragrance formulation; Incense burners; wall plug-ins which either use piezoelectric technology to aerosolize fragrance or heat to vaporize it; fragrance impregnated gels which release fragrance as the gel evaporates sometimes with the help of an electric fan; and lastly nebulization systems which convert liquid fragrances into a vapor in a cold process without the use of heat.

Sports Illustrated finds new supermodels every year that will blow your mind. Here's the lovely Kate Bock in her 2013 SI swimsuit video.

Merle Robbins, an Ohio barbershop owner, loved to play cards. One day in 1971, Merle came up with the idea for UNO and introduced the game to his family. When his family and friends began playing UNO more and more, Robbins and his family spent $8,000 to have 5,000 games made. At first Robbins sold UNO from his barbershop. A few friends and local businesses sold it as well. Later Robbins sold the UNO rights to a funeral parlor owner and UNO fan from Joliet, Illinois, for $50,000, plus royalties of 10 cents per game. International Games Inc. was formed to market UNO, and sales skyrocketed. In 1992, International Games became part of the Mattel product line.

When it comes to charging our phones, most of us probably just use the charger that came with it in the box and don't think twice about it. However, there are actually more options out there than you might have realized, whether for charging at home, in the office, or on the go. They range from simple and affordable to complex and pricey, and some of them are pretty ingenious.

A group of six ex-high school cheerleaders are stalked by a killer with a medieval war hammer and battle axe during their first spring break from college.

The origins of tug of war are uncertain, but it is beyond dispute that this once royal sport was practiced in ancient Egypt and China, where it was held in legend that the Sun and Moon played Tug of War over the light and darkness. It is also widely believed the sport was made popular in Great Britain by Lord Elliott Simpson, in the 16th Century. In addition to injuries from falling and back strains, catastrophic injuries may result in the form of finger, hand or even arm amputations. Amputations or avulsions may result from two causes: looping or wrapping the rope around a hand or wrist, which is an obvious cause and must never be permitted, and from the elastic recoil of the broken rope if the rope breaks.

And I know this is a little late to the party, but if you're a James Gandolfini fan, here's a very impressive tribute video. And don't worry, in the end, Fruit gets his.

grand opening of nra national sporting arms museum at the bass pro shops in missouri

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