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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 15, 2013
July 15, 2013

Nine Million Terrorists In The World And I Gotta Kill One With Feet Smaller Than My Sister..

Twenty five years ago today, one of the greatest fucking movies of all time was released in theaters. That's right motherfuckers, Die Hard! An action film that follows off-duty New York City Police Department officer John McClane as he takes on a group of highly organized criminals led by Hans Gruber, who perform a heist in a Los Angeles skyscraper under the guise of a terrorist attack using hostages to keep the police at bay. The film was originally pitched as a sequel to the 1985 action film Commando starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. When he also turned it down, the film was pitched to, and rejected by, a host of the era's action stars before Willis was chosen. The studio did not have faith in Willis' action star appeal, as at the time he was known for his comedic role on television. Made on a $28 million budget, Die Hard went on to gross over $140 million theatrically worldwide, and generally received praise from critics. The film turned Willis into an action star, and became a frequent comparison for other action films featuring a lone hero fighting overwhelming odds. The film's success spawned the Die Hard franchise, which includes four sequels, video games, a musical, and a comic book.

So. Speaking of miraculous escapes. Zimmerman. Wow, eh? After months and month of race baiting by the media, we finally have a verdict in: not-guilty verdict. I don't know if I would call it so much a surprise -- the prosecution fell flat on its fucking face -- but to actually hear the verdict being read was just kind of surreal. Of course we still have that cunt Nancy Grace still saying fucking coon, and our boy Eric Holder is of course going to take this opportunity to further placate Sharpton and Jackson; amazing how they have the time, manpower and funds to immediately investigate Zimmerman, given we're nin the middle of a sequester and are still waiting on Fast and Furious. Meanwhile, teen [black] boys save abducted [white] girl and nobody gives a fuck.

A residual-current device, most commonly known as a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, is an electrical wiring device that disconnects a circuit whenever it detects that the electric current is not balanced between the energized conductor and the return neutral conductor. Such an imbalance may indicate current leakage through the body of a person who is grounded and accidentally touching the energized part of the circuit. GFCI outlets are required by code in most places where an easy path to ground exists, such as wet areas, rooms with uncovered concrete floors and outdoor areas. In the U.S., successive editions of the National Electrical Code required GFCIs for additional areas: underwater swimming pool lights (1968); construction sites (1974); bathrooms and outdoor areas (1975); garages (1978); near hot tubs or spas (1981); hotel bathrooms (1984); kitchen counter receptacles (1987); crawl spaces and unfinished basements (1990); wet bar sinks (1993); and laundry sinks (2005).

Ernie – That cruise ship is the Aegean Odyssey out of Malta - a cruise ship that started out as a car ferry before being converted in 1988. Aaron.

Everyone knows that every fashion photograph we see is photoshopped a little. Maybe they just adjusted the lighting, or smoothed out some skin, but there's always a few adjustments. Unfortunately, they don't always know where to stop. When that happens, what we're left with is a pretty freakish image. And sometimes these errors aren't caught before the images are disseminated around the world. Today we're going to take a look at 30 such examples of absolutely ridiculous photoshop fails. In some cases the models are made too thin; in others they are missing limbs. But they're all bizarre and completely unnecessary.

A utility pole is a wooden pole used to support overhead power lines and various other public utilities, such as cable, fibre optic cable, and related equipment such as transformers and street lights. Electrical cable is routed overhead on utility poles as an inexpensive way to keep it insulated from the ground and out of the way of people and vehicles. Utility poles can be made of wood, metal, concrete, or composites like fiberglass. They are used for two different types of power lines; subtransmission lines which carry higher voltage power between substations, and distribution lines which distribute lower voltage to customers. Utility poles were first used in the mid-19th century with telegraph systems, starting with Samuel Morse who attempted to bury a line between Baltimore and Washington, D.C., but moved it aboveground when this system proved faulty.

Hi Ernie, I'm an expat aussie living in Japan since 2001. About that tattoo you posted recently... it's Kanji, which is a script of Chinese origin, used both in Chinese and Japanese. That particular symbol means a few things... and here's where it gets funny...either "safety" or "cheap"... seeing as it's in the "tramp stamp" zone, I'm unsure as to what it might mean... "I'm cheap!" or "You won't get AIDS!". - Gordon. PS. You're awesome.

Ernie, 40 years ago I was an Airborne Chinese Mandarin Radio Intercept Op. on RC-135s out of Kadena. The character is Chinese, pronounced ahn with an even tone. Woody

Ummm, Woody, I have good news and bad news. The good news is your hearing is find, but your eyes seem to have gone to shit since, the image you sent doesn't match the girl's tramp stamp. So I guess I have to go with Gordon on this one, simply because he said I was awesome. Also. I wonder what would cause more of a stir if you walked around with it in public? This tramp stamp, or a big ass rocket launcher?

And this my friends, is why Ronald Reagan was called The Great Communicator.

Coming face to face with a crocodile or an alligator, you'd see a mouth full of serrated teeth that would likely scare the bejeezus out of you. The two reptile groups are close relatives, so their physical similarities are expected. Upon closer inspection, not recommended out in the wild, you'd spot glaring differences: Alligators have wider, U-shaped snouts, while crocodile front ends are more pointed and V-shaped. When their snouts are shut, crocodiles look like they're flashing a toothy grin, as the fourth tooth on each side of the lower jaw sticks up over the upper lip. For alligators, the upper jaw is wider than the lower one, so when they close their mouths, almost all of their teeth are hidden. Crocodiles tend to live in saltwater habitats, while alligators hang out in freshwater marshes and lakes.

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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