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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 16, 2013
July 16, 2013

Yeah, it's That Hot Out Today.

Did you know that mixing alcohol with diet soda will get you more drunk than mixing it with regular soda? True story, bro.

So now that 7.62x39 ammo is back to pre-crazy prices, I decided it was a good time to invest in another AK. or to be more specific, a Bulgarian SSR-85C-2. And the best part -- aside from the gorgeous furniture -- is the guy shipped it with a total of 9 mags, not 5 for I got the rifle, 7x30 round mags and 2x40 round mags for $800 shipped to my FFL.

Butcher paper is a kraft paper. Originally sold to butchers for the purpose of wrapping meat and fish, butcher paper is now used for a wide variety of purposes, notably in primary education where it is used for arts and crafts, such as hanging artwork. Many high schools use butcher paper for posters of clubs, and upcoming events. It is a cheap but sturdy paper that is sold in large rolls. Butcher paper is also used to wrap pre-made sandwiches. Many deli's and sub shops use a butcher paper to wrap subs and then a customized sticker to seal and close the open end of the sandwich.

"99 Problems" is the third single released by American rapper Jay-Z in 2004 from The Black Album. In the song, Jay-Z tells a story about dealing with racial profiling from a police officer who wants to search his car, dealing with rap critics, and dealing with an aggressor. The song reached number 30 on the Billboard Hot 100 and remains a source of fascination for many people, particularly on the internet. That includes artist Ali Graham, who has taken it upon herself to speculate as to what those 99 problems might be, and then illustrate the results.

The extensor digitorum muscle is a muscle of the posterior forearm present in humans and other animals. It extends the medial four digits of the hand. As the tendons cross the interphalangeal joints, they furnish them with dorsal ligaments. The tendon to the index finger is accompanied by the extensor indicis proprius, which lies on its ulnar side. On the back of the hand, the tendons to the middle, ring, and little fingers are connected by two obliquely placed bands, one from the third tendon passing inferior and laterally to the second tendon, and the other passing from the same tendon inferior and medially to the fourth.

Ernie, You can't post a tribute to Die Hard without posting this. The story is these guys wrote this tribute song for the first three movies and made a video using clips from them. It was a hit on Youtube but very quickly Fox forced them to remove it due to copyright. 6 months later Fox contacted them and paid them to write a 4th verse and post it back on Youtube to promote the upcoming 4th movie. Travis

You mess with the bull young man lady, you get the horns. Either literally in that case, or figuratively in the case of Skrim cosplay; here's the Skyrim Barbie that publicity shot came from, along with an alternate ending.

Mastery of object permanence is one of the key developmental milestones of infancy. The textbook "Child Psychology" explains that most children begin to understand object permanence sometime between 9 and 15 months. When children master object permanence, they understand that objects continue to exist even when they can't see them. While many scientists believe that object permanence is a natural part of development, there is evidence that environmental influences can affect the age at which a child masters object permanence. By providing your child with opportunities to understand object permanence, you enable her to master the concept more quickly and more fully. One effective way to teach your baby object permanence is to play one of various games, many of which are old favorites such as Gotcha-nose, or Peek-a-boo.

Whether it's a few extra left over after a project or you specifically ordered more that need to be stored for later use, sometimes you may have ceramic floor tiles that needs storage. While you can store tile regardless of the elements, proper steps in storing the tile will ensure it remains intact over the years. One of the most important parts of storing tile is knowing how to stack it. A couple of boxes on top of each other is not an issue, but if you need to store a large amount, the boxes need to be positioned in their factory position, with the tile stacked vertically on edge rather than flat. Stacking the tiles horizontally will result in pieces crushing and breaking under the weight, while vertically they can withstand plenty of pressure.

the thing about a police state is that it tends to creep up on you

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