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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 24, 2013
July 24, 2013

Protip: If You Can't Say One, That One Is Worse.

Air conditioners, whether they are central or window units, dehumidify the air as a byproduct of their cooling method. As they dehumidify, they remove moisture from the air and drain it through a condensate drain. Over time, this drain can become clogged with dirt and debris and needs to be cleaned. There are various ways to clean out an air conditioner condensate drain, and two popular methods are pouring white vinegar or bleach down the line to clear clogs.

If you follow this fucking idiot's advice on how to open a bottle with your teeth, well then you just may end up looking like this other fucking idiot instead. My advice? Just use a fucking bottle opener like a regular person. Oh, and don't stick your head into a crocodile's mouth. But do I really have to say that?

Since the first fiberglass helmet was manufactured by its founder, Nazario Ibañez, in 1972, more than 11 million helmets have been produced in NZI's factory in Yecla, distributed in more than 30 countries around the world. NZI has participated in the SIM project (Safety in motion), whose objective is to design innovative products that contribute to the prevention and reduction of road accidents for motorcycle riders. NZI Helmets is also a company committed to the environment. Proof of this has been his participation in the CRAFT project, whose goal is the development of new fully recycla- ble materials and the introduction of new tools, standards and manufacturing techniques that increase the safety of users and facilitate the recycling of materials.

Here's a little protective tip from your Uncle Ern. Eventually, mankind's evil side will rear its ugly head again, and there will be another huge push for gun control, specifically, an assault weapon ban. Right after Sandy Hook, stripped lowers that were selling for $35 were commanding upwards of $200 on the online auction sites. Now they're back down to almost normal prices; complete and 80% lowers can be had for as little as $45. So don't get caught with your pants down next time. Score a few to squirrel away for a rainy day.

Hey Ern, Just had a biopsy from the roof of my mouth. This is what it turned out to be. -Rob

American artist Ed Ruscha began making prints and drawings consisting of one word on an often monochromatic, abstract background in the late 1950s and has continued to explore the language-based imagery that has become a hallmark of his work. Pulling elements from the visual language of advertising and commercial art, he has made hundreds of 'word' prints, drawings, and paintings that exhibit an interplay between bold letters and softly shaded, atmospheric backgrounds. They Called her Styrene reproduces approximately 500 'word' drawings and works by Ruscha. Assembled together in the form of a thick block, these images become a sort of novel without an obvious plot, a series of words with no narrative.

Have you ever heard of the Home Run Derby curse? It's the idea that, after players compete in the derby prior to the Midsummer Classic, their production drops off in the second half of the season. And it's not a myth. It's a real, measurable phenomenon. Since 2000, the batting average, on-base percentage, and especially isolated power of players who participated in the derby all dropped noticeably in the second half of the season relative to their numbers in the first half. And today we're going to take a look at some of its most notable victims since the dawn of the new millennium.

Strawberry Shortcake is a licensed character owned by American Greetings, originally used in greeting cards and expanded to include dolls, posters, and other products. The Strawberry Shortcake properties also include a toy line of the character's friends and pets. During the 1980s, Strawberry Shortcake became a huge fad for young girls throughout the United States. At the time, there were many related products, such as sticker albums, clothing, a video game by Parker Bros. The Playmates' new product line was met with mixed reactions from the series' fans; however, the line's public reception was generally negative. As a result, Playmates Toys lost the manufacturing rights to Hasbro, who began releasing new Strawberry Shortcake themed toys beginning in the fall of 2009, after American Greetings rebooted the franchise.

EBay auction going on for the City of Detroit. Jon

"The NRA is a well funded extremist group." Meanwhile, Michael Bloomberg holds a $1,000/plate fundraiser for West Virginia's anti-gun Senator Joe Manchin.

The ankh is one of the best and most widely known symbols of ancient Egypt and it is often used as the graphic synonym for this ancient culture. Due to this context, as well as due to the fact that many pictures of Egyptian gods and goddesses contained the symbol ankh in their hands, this symbol was adopted as a symbol of modern religion called Kemetism, which is reconstructing the ancient Egyptian religion at the present. Many neo-pagan, New Age, and pagan sects wear the ankh as a symbol of power and wisdom or to show that they honor the Egyptian pantheon.

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