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Ernie's House of Whoopass! September 10, 2013
September 10, 2013

Say What You Want, I Like The Fucking Guy.

So here we are about six months into Pope Francis' papacy and I have to admit, I kind of like the fucking guy. Sure he's got a little ways to go in regards to homosexuality and acknowledging sexual abuse, but the man himself seems humble, down to earth and genuinely interested in the well being of those around him. Soon after taking over, Francis refused the traditional luxurious apartment and instead elected to live in a two room studio. And then after using the traditional golden throne a single time, shoved that out the fucking door and now sits on a simple white chair. The guy cooks his own food and carries his own fucking bags. I mean seriously, who does that nowadays? I guess I'm saying he doesn't seem to be the pompous, self-entitled judgmental prick that his predecessor was.

And yes I know a few months ago he said that even us atheists can make our way into heaven if we live good lives. I think I mentioned before that the one and only time I was ever actually offended by someone's religious views, is when a girl tried to tell me that I was definitely going to hell. Because no matter how good a life I lived or how many good deeds I did, the only sin that God could not forgive was not believing in him. I told her to go fuck herself and whatever judgmental version of God she believed in. So while threatening an atheist with hell is somewhat akin to threatening us with Santa Claus, for the Pope to tip his huge Pope hat to atheists in that regards was certainly a welcomed gesture.

And now just recently, Pope Francis has taken to getting on the old tele and calling some people who write to him to offer some words of encouragement. of course there are some assholes still trying to fight what I believe to be a very positive change, "...Other Vatican analysts fear that the advent of papal phone calls could spawn disillusion among those not receiving a call. 'There's an innumerable number of people who have suffered violence or injustice who might write to the pope for a word of comfort, and it's clear that he can't answer all of them,” said Alberto Melloni, a Vatican historian...'" I think that's very dangerous old style thinking. If you can't help everyone then help no one? Fuck you, Al. I think the fact that this Pope is a hands on motherfucker is a HUGE step for painting the Catholic church in a more positive light. My only fear is he's 76 years old so I wonder how long he'll be around.

And no, one of the women the Pope called was not Megan Fox who is indeed expecting her second baby. Sorry, Shia.

Hey Ern - Long time reader, blah, blah, blah......... Regarding your section on Roman Numbers today.......While it can be viewed as a Roman number, I believe the chick in the kitchen with the Olympic ass is showing her tattoo of her Astrological sign, Gemini......I used to have to stare at a very similar tattoo when I used to bang my old Gemini from behind........ Keep the tits coming! LBEH........Purdy

Some friends had a yard sale this past weekend. Wadded up the truck pretty good, but everyone walked away with no more than minor injuries. Thought you and your readers would enjoy the view. Love the site, Scott

And while my heart goes out to Sarah Silverman regarding the loss of her beloved pooch, Duck, I am forever reminded that after the dust settles, she still a fucking cunt. Meanwhile, our veterans kill themselves at a rate of one every 80 minutes. More than 6,500 veteran suicides are logged every year — more than the total number of soldiers killed in Afghanistan and Iraq combined since those wars began.

Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water takes its name from a natural rock formation in the San Bernardino Mountains shaped like a giant arrowhead. The arrowhead is naturally barren; it is not manicured in any way. Native American legend says the formation was burned in the mountain by the fall of an arrow from Heaven, showing the way to the healing hot springs. Adjacent streams and springs are the original source and namesake of Arrowhead water. Arrowhead Water was named as one of the Top 25 Bottled Waters.

Brazilian tsunami pictures -- just kiddin, this is the result of the tidal change over the course of a few hours in the Atalaia beach in the Salinas Municipality, state of Para, Brazil. Also, check this out: the new trend in Brazil. no translation necessary. Bruno

I'll give this little cookie an hour before we're doing the no-pants dance. Time to musk up. Wow. Never ceases to amaze me. What cologne you gonna go with? London Gentleman, or wait. No, no, no. Hold on. Blackbeard's Delight. No, she gets a special cologne... It's called Sex Panther by Odeon. It's illegal in nine countries... Yep, it's made with bits of real panther, so you know it's good.

And all Senfeld references aside, I am very sad to report that despite the readers currently viewing this site right now, that does not make EHOWA one of the most valuable web addresses.

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