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Ernie's House of Whoopass! October 14, 2013
October 14, 2013

Relax, It's Just A Weird Cloud Formatoion At Sunset.

A printing press is a device for evenly printing ink on to a print medium such as paper or cloth. The device applies pressure to a print medium that rests on an inked surface made of movable type, thereby transferring the ink. Typically used for texts, the invention and spread of the printing press are widely regarded as among the most influential events in the second millennium] revolutionizing the way people conceive and describe the world they live in, and ushering in the period of modernity. By the late 1930s or early 1940s, printing presses had increased substantially in efficiency: a model by Platen Printing Press was capable of performing 2,500 to 3,000 impressions per hour.

Car customizing company, Onyx Concept, recently introduced a reworked version of Bentley's GT V8, which is being dubbed the Bentley GTX. Under the hood, the GTX gets a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine producing 600 horsepower -- versus the standard 500 horses -- allowing it to reach 0 to 60 mph in just 4.0 fucking seconds.

Weetabix was invented in Australia in the 1920s by Bennison Osborne. He and New Zealand partner Malcolm Macfarlane sold the Australian and New Zealand rights for "Weet-Bix" to Sanitarium Health Food Company in 1930. Production began in 1932 in an unused gristmill at Burton Latimer, near Kettering.[5] When they introduced the product to the British market they renamed the product "Weetabix". In 1936, the name of the company was changed to Weetabix Limited. Weet-Bix are currently marketed in Australasia and South Africa by Sanitarium. The product was introduced to North America in 1967, when Weetabix began exporting the product to Canada. The United States followed in 1968.

The PC has been the prime platform for many roleplaying games through the years. One of the reasons for that, at least in more recent days, has been the emergence of talented modders that make roleplaying games on PC so much better an experience than their console port counterparts. But many of the big RPG series that are popular today across all platforms started out on the PC back in the 90s originally. Here we take a look at the creme of the creme of those games.

File this under….WTF –Ryan

Saturday evening Baptist Med-Flight departed Memphis enroute back to Little Rock without a patient. Med Flight struck a flock of birds around the Forrest City area and made an emergency landing. The pilot suffered some minor injuries and everyone was shaken up. Attached are the pictures from the incident and the associated damages that occurred to their aircraft. Med-Flight does not wear helmets and the crew is lucky the pilot?s vision remained intact to land the aircraft. Kurt

You know, I bet Johnny Gome watched this old video glorifying the thrills of war before running around with an army helmet on covered in champagne.

The Wilson Sporting Goods Company is an American sports equipment manufacturer based in Chicago, Illinois, and currently is a foreign subsidiary of the Finnish company Amer Sports. The company traces its roots to the Schwarzchild & Sulzberger company based in New York City that operated meat packing plants in New York, Chicago and Kansas City. Wilson makes equipment for many sports, among them badminton, baseball, basketball, softball, football, golf, racquetball, soccer, squash, tennis, and volleyball. In 1979, Wilson tennis balls were first used in the US Open, and still are used to this day.

I don't care if you did come in like a wrecking ball, only Tommy gets to lick his sledgehammer.

Tattoo inks are available in a range of colors that can be thinned or mixed together to produce other colors and shades. Most professional tattoo artists purchase inks pre-made, while some tattooers mix their own using a dry pigment and a carrier. Manufacturers are not required to reveal their ingredients or conduct trials, and recipes may be proprietary. Professional inks may be made from iron oxides, metal salts, plastics. Heavy metals used for colors include mercury (for the color red); lead (yellow, green, white); cadmium (red, orange, yellow); nickel (black); zinc (yellow, white); chromium (green); cobalt (blue); aluminium (green, violet); titanium (white); copper (blue, green); iron (brown, black); and barium (white). Tattoo ink manufacturers typically blend the heavy metal pigments and/or use lightening agents (such as lead or titanium) to reduce production costs.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the world lost oxygen for 5 seconds? me, too. Turns out, oxygen it's some important shit.

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So Where The Fuck Did EHOWA Go?...

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