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Ernie's House of Whoopass! November 13, 2013
November 13, 2013

Damn, You Guys Went All Pink Panther On That Shit.

Well we opened up the applications on LBEH last night and took in some 17 ticket requests in the first hour, before shutting them down for the night. Aside from the folks we had to deny tickets too last year -- one guy's ticket was $1,700 for 5 days of travel, so we gave him a rain check until this year -- we're only accepting international requests right now. So Kat and Bibi are working on this and the wheel grinds on! if you get the chance, swing on over to LBEH and maybe toss a few nickels in the jar!

And let me begin the meat and potatoes of today's post by saying I am wholely impressed with the sleuthing a bilities a handful of you have exhibited. Eh, we had a couple misfires, which I will make fun of shortly, but all in all some very solid efforts. The fact that I pulled a fucking image that was taken at some unknown location in some unknown country somewhere in the world, and a couple of you were able to track it down to an exact location, is really is awe inspiring. I tip my hat to the lot of you.

When the zombies get here -- note I said WHEN not IF -- all you lemming motherfuckers can head to Walmart of Costco or the guyn store or wherever the fuck it is you think you'll be safe. Me? I'm taking all my guns and shit and headed stratight to Pompano Beach. Why? because they're the nearest dealer for Sport Chassis and means I can steal me one of these P4-XL trucks.

Ernie, The picture you can't find the location. I think it is in Rome. There is a Hotel called Palatino in Rome. I know a lot of the signs are in English but the van has what looks like a European license plate on the front end. I have searched for the Google map but haven't found it yet. I will keep trying later. I will email you the location if I find it. What do I win if I find it? LOL. ps. Matt - A year or so ago you posted some pics of me that i emailed you of my scooter wreck, totally cool. Love your site, keep up the great work.

Well to be fair Matt, you would have won a brand new full faced helmet, but unfortunately you win absolutely nothing because you was muthafuckin wrong! The location is in fact, NOT Rome. Although at least you are on the Mediterranean Sea.

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Playa del Chaparral Mijas, Spain mystery location!! Cant find the exact place, but its close!! ¨Jan

Close, but I think a better guess would be Playa del Youaremuthafuckinwrong. In fact, a little further out, but again at least you're on the Mediterranean.

Of course, the epitome of a good line brawl, as every hockey fan knows, is a goalie fight. They are, hands down, one of the greatest, most ridiculous spectacles in pro sports today. They don't happen often, but when they do you remember them for years. Unfortunately, thanks to the actions of one jerk, the NHL is now considering imposing harsh punishments for goalies who drop the gloves (and blockers). So today, let's pay tribute to the art of the goalie fight with this list of the 13 best ones the NHL has ever seen.

Ernie, damn you! I've spent WAY too much time searching for the location of your mystery picture. And it has not been an easy task! Primarily due to the nude hottie taking up a sizable portion of the picture that I have enlarged and manipulated as much as I could – all while at work! Here is the results of my sleuthing abilities. I think the parking sign refers to “High Chaparral” The sign directly behind the girl's head seems to be “Opia Café Lounge Bar” The red sign on the far left of the photo seems to read “Nepintepo” The banner above the vertical Palatino banner reads “Coralli Invest in a unique project with facilities” The Palatino sign in the bus stop has a slogan with “Expect People” The vehicles are on the “wrong” side of the street. One would assume English is the native language there. The trees would appear to be in a warm climate. However, with all the above data, I'm no closer than I was! I found references to most of these in: Johannesburg, South Africa OR Queensland, Australia. Both of which fit the criteria. Lots of references to these in Cyprus, Greece, which does not fit the criteria. I give up. Kevin

I like it. I like your line of thinking. I like how your mind approached the problem. I like how you started to search on the smaller details of the photo, instead of the big picture. Unfortunately, you're wrong. Like way fucking wrong. Like on the other side of the world wrong. But you could have been close. So, close. Also, just FYI, Cyprus has extensive cultural ties with Greece, but is not under Greek control.

And I don't give a fuck how you spin it, I am never going to like spiders.

Hi Ernie, I believe this is the answer to you photo question from earlier today. It's in Greece. Thanx, Eric

You know, you're not the only guy to suggest Greece. Unfortunately for you, the other person was this guy, so alas you are both... wait for it... wait for it.... muthafuckin wrong! However, as an added bit of trivia, the photo was taken in the same country as Helios Flight 522 departed from, before crashing near Grammatiko, Marathon, Greece.

Okay, so if all you muthafucka is wrong, how about some of you muthafuckers who was right? Well, there were a few of you -- Gregg, Keith, Mike, Chris, et al... -- but the guys who showed their work the best are...

Ernie, I don't have any google street view confirmation, but I'm pretty sure your pic was taken across the street from the High Chaparral Bus Stop in the town of Limassol in Cyprus. I focussed on the property ad in the top right corner, which seemed like a timeshare deal. Googling "unique project with five star facilities" gives you one result, which leads to the The Coralli Shore Habitat by A. Athanasiou Construction & Development - you can almost make out their logo by the trashcan beneath the ad of the naked chick in fur hat. As to the English - acc. to google maps, limassol abuts a portion of cyprus that is under control of the UK. That plus the high tourist population explains the English. There's also this. No street view, but you can make out the fur hat chick ad on the side of one of the buildings in Bing bird's eye view. Chris

Ernie, Its in Cyprus. Only thing I was able to find was you tube video - the 2 min mark goes right where the pic was taken. Tracked it down via: Cars on wrong side of road for us. Leading to Chaparral search out side of us. Google drifted in to cyprus. Went from there. searching for "invest in a unique project with five star facilities Cyprus Coralli" Great challenge. Love the site since the late 90s. Thanks, Wade

And Wade means EXACTLY at the 2:00 mark, you'll see the building banner and then three seconds later at 2:03, the driver passes the 'signal ahead' street sign. And if the country of Cyprus rings a bell, it's because it was the bulk carrier Cyprus Cement which laid waste to a Norwegian marina earlier this year.

And in closing, D.P. Dough is a calzone delivery franchise and restaurant chain that was started in Amherst, Massachusetts. Most of its stores are located throughout college towns in the Northeastern United States and Midwest.

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