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Ernie's House of Whoopass! November 20, 2013
November 20, 2013

Cocaine Is A Hell Of A Drug.

So embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford sure is catching hell, isn't it? First there were the comparisons to Rick James -- which I really don't see, by the way, since Rick was into cocaine and Ford was into crack -- then came the much easier to accept comparison to Chris Farley. And not the most recent one? Spooking Ford's face into Jean-Claude Van Damme's Volvo commercial, which I guess, is kind of a thing now. So before all of you Torontonians start howling for Ford's head on a platter, consider this. Your crime rate is down -- in fact Toronto is the safest major city in Canada and has been for the last six years running. Your property values are up, and your unemployment rate is down. Well, mostly. So certain impulse control issues aside, maybe give the fat bastard a little wriggle room?

And then? There's my Congressman making the news, and not just for his apparent love of cheeseburgers.

Daniel Edwards is a contemporary artist whose pieces address celebrity and popular culture in ways that have often stirred controversy. The release of the pieces is generally accompanied by press releases. He includes the idea of promotion and associative fame in his own marketing of his art. His works include a sculpture of the disembodied head of Ted Williams, a life-sized statue of Britney Spears giving birth while nude on her hands and knees on a bearskin rug, a bust of Senator Hillary Clinton, and a 25-foot bust of Fidel Castro.

And boy this took some research. But per European Union building standards, gypsum boars that is 15mm thick weighs 12kg per square meter.

Civil liberties? stopped in tx for search! all my best, Charles

Ernie have you seen this shit? If I ever see this fat fuck, I'll personally kick the shit out of him. Brad

Old and busted: Jesse James' West Coast Choppers. The new hotness: Jesse James' Firearms Unlimited.

Radio controlled (or R/C) cars are self-powered model cars or trucks that can be controlled from a distance using a specialized transmitter. Toy-grade R/C cars are typically manufactured with a focus on design coupled with reducing production costs. Whereas a hobby-grade car has separate electronic components that are individually replaceable if they fail, toy grade cars are typically made with components harder to find as spare parts and a single electronic circuit board integrated into the design of the vehicle. Although hobby-grade enthusiasts look down on toy-grade R/C cars, their maintenance is much easier than of the hobby-grade models since number of components is drastically smaller, and parts can be harvested at almost no cost from any R/C toy car of the similar size.

Remember the video I posted last week about the young elk who came right up to the photographer? Yeah, the fucking authorities euthanized him. because you know, humans were here first and all that. Fucking dicks.

Hey Big E!!! Just saw the link about the guy arrested for trying to take kids out of school at 2pm. My kids school and several others in in Vegas do the same thing. I had a doctors appointment set at 230pm for my child. It was the only one available for the specialist. Well they wouldn't release my child. I had to cause a MASSIVE fit in order for them to finally give in. I WISH I had been arrested! Would have given me a reason to lawyer up and get some $ lol. My coworker just had the same issues. His son got a broken nose playing base ball at school. It stopped bleeding so he went back to class. Well, he arrived at 210 to pick his kid up and take him to the doctor to assess the damage and they wouldn't release him either. This is getting out of hand! Wtf! Tye

I do love me some .50 cal ammo cans. They're light, they're waterproof and they stack nice and neat. The catch is they usually run about $20 each and shipping them usually ads another $5 per since you're more or less shipping a big empty box. That is until now. I picked up 7 cans for $100 shipped -- that's a hair over $14 each right to my doorstep. So hurry up and get your M2A1 ammo cans before they run out.

A coin wrapper, sometimes known as a bank roll or roll is a paper or plastic container for a number of coins. In the United States, empty rolls are available free at most banks in every denomination, though it is becoming increasingly difficult for half dollar and dollar to be readily made available. Some rolls come flat and one side will have to be folded to allow for coins to be placed inside, while rigig coin rolls come pre-formed to the size coin there are to hold. When the roll is full, the top side will need to be folded. Typically, the full rolls are brought back to the banks in exchange for currency or to be deposited.

LBEH update - we're up to 28 ticket requests -- some from as far away as Saipan -- and we're a hair over $21,000 in donations thus far. So it wouldn't be a bad time for you to up some bucks? Otherwise? Yeah, I'll be the golf ball and you'll be Chi-Chi Rodriguez.

7 games for the 7th generation: the seven most influential games of this generation

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