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Ernie's House of Whoopass! December 2, 2013
December 2, 2013

Wow, It's Fucking December, Already.

I have the sneaking suspicion that upon hearing this news, Orlamdo Bloom feels like he's been tackled by his dick. You presuming of course, she let him keep it. Anyway, here is Miranda Kerr bouncing up and down for her 'Self' video shoot. So unless you're an Alabama fan, you're welcome.

OneSails Slovenia is the biggest sail loft in Eastern Europe. Based in Materija (Materia) OneSails is only half an hour's drive from Trieste (Italy), Koper (Slovenia) and Rijeka (Croatia). Founded by Zvonko Bezic and Zeljko Perovi? in 1988 as HB-Sails in Rijeka, in 1991 the name was changed to Victory Sails, and loft was moved to a bigger facility in Koper. Over the following few years, Victory Sails became the biggest and most important loft in Slovenia, notching up significant international success.

Aside from being brilliantly written, one of my favorite parts about House of Cards is when Kevin Spacey breaks the fourth wall (sorry about the static?) And with Season 2 just wrapping up and read to be released, and season 3 already under negotiation? Well I guess I'm just fucking addicted to Netflix.

This pic has been shown a lot and I just noticed something. The shooter has two pairs of binos. The ones he is using are turned around backward, so he can see things that are close, far away.….Or is it just me? Ryan

Negative blue leader, those are not binoculars. What that soldier is holding is a laser rangefinder which happens to cost as much as a mid-sized sedan. Which would be praticularly useful in Las vegas where based upon this Google view, drawing a line from the base of the Eiffel Tower, through the left wing of the Bellagio's fountain display, I'm going to say this photo was taken from a balcony on The Cosmopolitan.

So if you're battling alcoholism and want to lay off the sauce a little, you may want to consider this one bottle you fill, not empty. With Coke embossed on one side and coca-cola on the other, and a removable silver cap with coin slot, you can enjoy a cold Coke while you count your riches saved in this 23"-tall Coca-Cola bank. And if soft drinks aren't your thing, hey, there's always milk.

Not that I'm suggesting this particular game has any gratuitous nudity but what game is this girl playing? I suspect something 007'ish.

Ernie, regarding this photo, I assume they've relocated... Joh

Dogs Playing Poker refers collectively to a series of sixteen oil paintings by C. M. Coolidge, commissioned in 1903 by Brown & Bigelow to advertise cigars. All the paintings in the series feature anthropomorphized dogs, but the nine in which dogs are seated around a card table have become derisively well known in the United States as examples of mainly working-class taste in home decoration. Critic Annette Ferrara describes Dogs Playing Poker as "indelibly burned into the American collective-schlock subconscious through incessant reproduction on all manner of pop ephemera." Also: Dogs Eating Carrots.

The Firestorm 10T has been a staple of the HPI off-road line-up since its introduction, and now HPI Racing has added the latest 2.4GHz radio system to make driving with your friends easier than ever; 2.4GHz technology is the ultimate in user-friendly radio control fun - no more searching for radio crystals or trying to find an open channel at the track! HPI Racing has also tidied away everything underneath two amazing paint designs inspired by the wildest extreme sports, and then added 6-spoke chrome wheels to wrap up this amazing package!

15 female athletes we're thankful for in 2013. paula creamer, heh.

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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