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Ernie's House of Whoopass! December 20, 2013
December 20, 2013

So How Long Until There's A Porn Spoof Titled Dick Commander or Dick Dynasty?

Please understand that the Phil Robertson issue is not -- I say again, NOT -- a First Amendment issue. Nor will it be unless federal troops kicked down his front door and haul him off to some secret federal prison, or is on the receiving end of some punitive investigation by the IRS. Furthermore please understand that A&E is not in the controversy business, or the religion business, or the soap-box business. They're in the money making business. They employ people who they believe will make them money, they do not employ people they think will cost them money. It's as simple as that. There is no higher purpose to their decision than the almighty dollar. Some asshole exec at A&E overreacted and thought he could control ol Phil by holding money over his head, forgetting this is the same guy who hunts and fishes to put food on his table well after becoming a multimillionaire. Duck Dynasty dead; just as dead as that A&E executive's career. So everyone, please calm the fuck down.

Elf on a Shelf. It's been called many things. First there was genius. Then came naughty and creepy. Now we add terrifying and ...wait for it.... in-real-life.

The year 2013 was one of the most packed years in gaming history. From every available outlet poured titles that are without comparison, even when weighed against the entirety of gaming history. Sure, there was the usual flood of crap that haunted your dreams, but it seemed that bi-weekly we were getting one of those games that you just had to play. Of course, that's because we were. So without further ado, here are the best games of 2013.

And in regards to the what issue of Vogue challenge, Keith stepped up -- yes the same Keith who identified this location in Key West -- and nailed this one down, too.

It would seem this is Anna Nocon on the September 2005 issue of Vogue Portugal. I find no nudes of her, but she has done implied nudity and an occasional sheer nip/nip slip Keith

Ernie - Think you or your loyal followers can track this one down? I needs to know. Brad

I tracked it down to this gallery where if you take a closer look at the background of this picture I can make out "PALMS PI*** BAR & GRILL" but that's as far as I've got. So if anyone can track the location where those photos were taken, let me know because like Brad says, he's gots ta know.

Good news/bad news: although to be fair, what order you see these two is certainbly open to interpretation. George Zimmerman has all of his guns back and is rep[ortedly preparing to leave Florida for good.

Normally, when you want to change the paint color on your car, you're facing lots of disassembly, extensive prep work, and expensive time in a spray booth followed by seemingly endless hand blocking. Instead of the conventional method, a new technology might be on the way to make a color change as easy as twisting a knob. The variable-color paramagnetic paint works like this: prior to paint, the body gets a special polymer coating that's got paramagnetic iron oxide particles in it. When a current passes through this coating, the ferrous particles change their alignment, which alters the way they reflect light, effectively changing the car's color. The default color when the car's not running is white, which hints at a future of exceptionally bland parking lots if this technology takes off.

Well, this will be my last full text post for a while. For all of Christmas week I'm going to stretch my legs a bit, and dial back to the all thumbnail style updates that I do on Saturdays.

complete palmetto state armory ar-15 rifle -- $503 shipped (some assembly required)

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