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Ernie's House of Whoopass! January 13, 2014
January 13, 2014

What Day is It? What Day Is It? Well, It's Not Hump Day.

It is however, January 13th. And that means tonight is the season premire for Archer, baby! And if you don't know who Archer is, then you're no friend of mine. So let's take a quick fly-by through Archer's Dangerzone and recap the interesting tidbits from the first four seasons: the most obscure Archer jokes­ explained, the real life models for the archer characters -- and I'm not big on cartoon crushes, but if I had to pick one I'd be happy with either Lana Kane or her real life counterpart, Aisha Tyler who isn't the most unexpected voice actor I could imagine -- and the top 10 literary references in Archer.

Computers, TVs, fluorescent lights and even iPads give off a bluish wavelength of light that energizes your brain, squashing its production of sleep-inducing melatonin, according to UCLA researchers. Turn off these troublemakers 30 minutes before bedtime and you could cut your risk of restless sleep in half within one week. And if you often get up at night to adjust the temperature, use the bathroom or check on kids, use a nightlight with a red bulb. According to New York University researchers, red is the color of light least likely to dampen melatonin production and sabotage your nightly slumber.

And now, the origins of this photo which was taken somewhere near The Mirage in Las Vegas. Again, the best I could do was here, but some folks were able to set me straight...

[First to identify] It is the second deck of jimmy Buffets Margaritaville. About 1/2 mile south of where you thought. Jeff

[then first to screenshot] Ernie, You were close with the openbalconywithrailings.jpg , however it was a block down on the balcony at Margaritaville. Google Maps screenshot provided! Cheers! Tom

[then first to Google Map] Ernie, helping you out with today's search. Will.

Ahhh, I should have looked for those green humps. And based upon how dingy the railings looked, Margaritaville was a good place to start.... what a fucking tourist trap. Anyway, your next challenge -- Frankentitties aside -- it's easy enough to find the Atlanta History Center on Google Maps, but none of the surrounding roads seem to have a concrete embankment as seen in the left side of photo. What's up with that?

If you've started or are thinking about starting a home bar, there's more to it than just stocking up on delicious alcohol and beer. There are all kinds of accessories that take a home bar from "liquor cabinet that's in your house" to "home bar that's as cool as any actual bar you hang out in." That will take some effort, but it will also take a lot of stuff, like the nine home bar accessories that are found here. Some of them are big, some of them are small, but they all will make a difference in your home bar.

This is a compelling story of leadership, and of loyalty to military comrades. That feeling you will have while listening is a stirring of patriotism and pride: Brigadier General Steve Ritchie and the Rescue of Roger Locher. Sadly, this makes the U.S.'s lack of action at Benghazi look even more pathetic. Apply what is said here to what should have happened in Benghazi. Rick

Black folks: they don't join the NRA but they do like magic tricks. Ahhh, if only they would take some sage advfice from mega-billionaire Warren Buffet.

Also, I strongly suspect I'm going to need someone with an Italian (?) background to help me identify this store. ATTIN_O? While the letter "I" seems like it would fit, I highly doubt it's for ATTINIO, which is the Italian word for the radioactive element Actinium.

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