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Ernie's House of Whoopass! January 16, 2014
January 16, 2014

And Let's Not Forget Going Tits Up For A Month Straight.

Some people mistook Tuesday's post about the growing divide between police and civilians as a cop bashing post. I can assure you this is not the case. A police officer has the right to defend his life, be it from whether it be a knife or a pellet gun. So when the cops do a solid and it's newsworthy, I point it out. Likewise, he cops screw the pooch and it's newsworthy, I point that out, too. I just think that if we hold other professions accountable when their negligence leads to an innocent person's death, then we should hold law enforcement to the same standard. Also, now that no-knock warrants are starting to cause deaths on both sides of the fence, maybe we can rethink this practice as well. And, I still laugh my ass off at this police chase (the LOLz start at the :45 second mark).

That reminded me of when a local Fort Myers police officer followed this car. At first I thought the guy was on the way back from the bar -- you know, your mother's house -- but it turns out he was just texting. And for you parents of teenage drivers, be advised you can purchase a device that blocks text messaging in the car.

Safety first: while soaking in a hot tub can help relieve muscle aches and pains and wash away the stress of the day, it can also cause injury and even death if you're not careful. For example, hot water is obviously a necessary part of the effectiveness of a hot tub. But if the the water temperature isn't monitored, and the water becomes extremely hot -- that means it rises above 110ºF -- the heat can cause sleepiness. This, in turn, can lead to accidental drowning. That's why the experts recommend the owners of hot tubs use a thermometer to monitor the temperature of the water. The temperatures shouldn't rise above 104 degrees Fahrenheit at any time. And if you do suffer from heart problems, high blood pressure or any other health condition, check with your doctor or healthcare professional first before you take the plunge into a hot tub.

Hi Ern, I totally agree with you on opposing the proposed changes to SYG. All it does it add unneeded vagary and opportunity for obfuscation. The bottom line is, and should remain: You shouldn't draw your weapon unless you fear for your life, and if you have reason to draw your weapon, you have reason to use deadly force. If you don't have reason to use deadly force then your weapon should stay concealed. Regarding Marissa Alexander – It is unfortunate that she (IMO) got bad legal advice by pursuing SYG as a defense. When you read the SYG statute you see that she was clearly NOT a candidate for SYG immunity. Further, under Florida law, she brandished and discharged a weapon at her ex. That is what got her the original agg. assault conviction and 20 year sentence. She was clearly guilty – no if's, and's or but's about it, regardless of whether or not you or I (or anyone else) thinks it "fair". I have all the sympathy in the world for Marissa; I think she was doing what she thought, at the time, she needed to do to protect herself and her children. Should I be picked to be on the jury for her re-trial that I would consider a "not guilty" verdict. Her conviction was overturned on a technicality regarding faulty jury instructions. The presiding judge was merely reciting the instructions he was legally required to recite. The instructions were written & approved by the Fl Supreme Court. They are only ones (as I understand it) who can change the instructions. The fact is that, under current Fla law, she is guilty of aggravated assault as charged by Corey. Period. Now, I don't like Angela Corey any more than you do. I certainly wish I could take back my vote that helped elect her, but I can't. She has turned out to be a total bitch and will prosecute anyone she thinks she has a chance to convict. To show you how sleazy she is, she will not "bundle" charges, thus forcing multiple trials of the same suspect - a real money-waster, but the convictions make her (she thinks) look good. A conviction of Ms. Alexander on the same charge is a virtual certainty, which is why I believe Corey is re–charging her. Regards, Gary, Jacksonville, FL

My sneaking suspicion is the next person to be in Angela Corey's crosshair is going to be Captain Popcorn. And despite what anyone may be led to believe by the media or Al Sharpton, no you can't just pull out a gun and shoot someone because you used the magical phrase, "I felt threatened." So once you understand there needs to be a "reasonable fear of imminent peril of death or great bodily harm" you'll understand there's no fucking way his hopes of using the Stand Your Ground defense are going to pan out. No fucking way. I read a few FB posts about how an attacker could throw popcorn in your face as a distraction to a more physical attack. Look, we don't live in a fucking Jackie Chan movie; there's simnply no fucking way you're going to sell I felt threatened by popcorn" to a fucking jury. Period. My fucking advice: retired police officer or not, worldly saint or not, if youy're person with really shitty people skills, then perhaps carrying a handgun isn't for you. But if you're like me -- a calm, cool collected social butterfly -- then by all means, arm up!

"My... my wi-, my wife, Bunny? Do you see a wedding ring on my finger? Does this place look like I'm fucking married? The toilet seat's up, man!" So today, we're going to help you out by showing you fairly small, simple things you can do to your apartment to make it look more mature. This, in turn, will make an impression on any “special guests” you might have over, because women want men, not boys. Because the Big Lebowski isn't lying when he said the rug really tied the room together.

And I'm pleased to report we've been able to track down the location of this wreck...

That ship looks like the Evangelia, a Greek ship which wrecked in the 1960's in the Costinesti region of the Black Sea in Romania. After searching DEEA and EDY I came across a Romanian online phonebook, from there just searched for "black ship wreck Romania". You can see the wreck on Google Maps and even in the wikipedia entry for Costinesti, and it looks like the whole starboard side is fucked. Cheers. Tom

This is Frosya. She and other 44 dogs live at Ilya's cottage house. For about 20 years Ilya collects dogs on the streets, heals them and keeps to live at his cottage. Ilya gives them help, food, house and warmth - everything they didn't have in the big City. The dogs are everywhere in the house, they have several rooms on the first floor. They go around, lay on the sofas, and some, who are not afraid of people, let you touch them and talk to them. Some people might heard about famous American dog Roadie who can run on two legs. Ilya has a dog called Tobi, who runs not worse than his American brother. Tobi was found with the legs cut by something sharp. Doctors wanted to put the dog to sleep but Ilya's wife was against this and she healed him. He's very much afraid of unknown people but physically feels himself excellent. This is what stray dog heaven loosk like.

The love of a dog isn't a one-way street, either. Not only did that man change those dogs' lives, but there's no reason why a dog casn't change your life, too.

And sorry for the spolier alert, but I was able to figure this one out. Baleària is the trading name for Baleària Eurolínias Marítimas S.A., the only ferry operator in Spain that connects the four Balearic Islands to mainland Spain, as well as providing daily sailings between them. In June 2003 the fast ferry Ramon Llul started operating. The length of this ferry is 83 metres, and it was built to be able to get into small ports. It operates the Barcelona-Majorca (Alcudia) - Minorca (Ciutadella and Mahon) routes, and in 2004 the Nixe I and Nixe II vessels were added to Balearia's fleet. Also, it looks like she used to have a navel ring? The company also currently operates in the Strait of Gibraltar. Balearia's business mainly focuses on the regular maritime transport of passengers and cargo.

Old and busted: Brian Williams raps Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch. The new hotness: Brian Williams slips a subtle weed joke into the news., the world's first and only truly free adult megasite. NSFW.

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