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Ernie's House of Whoopass! January 21, 2014
January 21, 2014

Mmmmm, Porn And Beans. Just Like The Cowboys Used To Eat.

The H. J. Heinz Company, famous for its "57 Varieties" slogan and its ketchup, is a United States food processing company with world headquarters in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For over 140 years, Heinz has been dedicated to bringing you the very best. This tradition continues with their all natural, premium yellow mustard. It's perfect on burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, and more!

So Bill Fucking Murray did an AMA on Reddit last week and it went over pretty well. Also,people actually know who Gregor Mendel is now.

SHOPPING: The Target Corporation is an American retailing company, founded in 1902 and headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is the second-largest discount retailer in the United States, Walmart being the largest. The company is ranked 36th on the Fortune 500 as of 2013 and is a component of the Standard & Poor's 500 index. They have several sizes of wooden picture frames to meet your needs including smaller sizes from 4x6 all the way to 24 x 36 wood picture frames.

If you're in a giving mood, you can always lend a helping hand at Handjobs for the Homeless Or, knowing how much I hate the man and how much pleasure I take in his defeat on Sunday, I could watch this PSA about Tom Brady's lack of high fives all fucking day.

Aloha Ernie, I filmed the sunset from my new helicopter, enjoy :-) Carrie

okay okay, so ive had a couple of beers, but i need for you to tell me im nuts, and that im the only one seeing this.... while looking through the gallery, i noticed that her eyes are looking in 2 different directions in some of the pics... am i nuts? let me know please. jordan

Oh, I don't know. I guess the first thing I would want to know is, why the fuck are you looking at her eyes?

SHOPPING: Bed Bath and Beyond is a chain of domestic merchandise retail stores across the United States, Canada and Mexico. Formed in 1971, the stores sell goods primarily for the bedroom and bathroom, as well as kitchen and dining room. The company is included in the S&P 500 and Global 1200 Indices and the NASDAQ-100 Index. It is also counted among the Fortune 500 and the Forbes 2000 as well. Since the liquidation of Linens 'n Things, Bed Bath and Beyond has few major retail competitors except Wal-Mart, Target, J. C. Penney, and some mid-sized players like Pier 1 Imports.

The world's largest cat, the tiger, may be fascinating in many unique ways just because of how majestic it looks. But did you know looking a tiger in the eye also makes it less likely to kill you? Check out these 22 facts, they might just save your life. You know, if you ever find yourself walking through the swamps of Bengal.

Ladies, Gillette Satin Care Shave Gel for Women with glycerin and shea butter, is specially designed for dry skin. The moisturizing formula helps protect the skin against moisture loss during the shave, leaving your skin incredibly soft and satiny smooth. For ultra-smooth skin, soak the hair for 2-3 minutes with warm water, then lather up with Satin Care shave gel and shave with your favorite Venus razor

Ernie, I was in Key West this weekend and they had their Drag Races. Not sure if you heard of them, but transvestites dress up and race in "Drag." They have to wear heals 3" or higher (more points for higher heals). They run through tires and then get in a shopping cart and get pushed by some more queers. Following that they run around a cone and return to the beginning pushing the cart and doing the tires again. It was fun freak show and maybe you'll find some of my pictures worthy of your web site. If you need more let me know. But these are the ones that didn't make me puke. Most of the Drag guys were funny and making fun of the event so beside the shock of it all, it was a good laugh. Thanks for your web site, it makes my work day better! Tim

SHOPPING: Kirkland Signature is Costco's store brand, otherwise known in the retail industry as a "house brand." It is found at Costco's website, Costco warehouses and on and is trademarked by the company. The name derives from the fact that Costco's corporate headquarters was located in the city of Kirkland, Washington between 1987 and 1996. Costco introduced Kirkland Signature as its house brand in 1995. The idea was to identify categories in which a house label product could provide brand name quality at discounted prices.

Also, for anyone concerned, Gabrielle Union is into watching porn and solicits exercise tips from porn stars. But seriously, who doesn't?

Digital Light Processing (DLP) is a type of projector technology that uses a digital micromirror device, originally developed in 1987 by Dr. Larry Hornbeck of Texas Instruments. High definition TV's using Texas Instruments' DLP' display technology has proven popular with many customers around the world in the past few years; however, as the average HDTV screen size continues to increase each year, solutions must be found to manage the cost, weight, power and overall styling of these TV's. With slim DLP technology that Texas Instruments' DLP TV group has pioneered in the past year, DLP televisions have the potential to simultaneously address increased image quality and sleeker styling. is the only free adult webcam community where you can watch unlimited live webcams with full audio, chat, instant messages, profiles, and much more. It is absolutely free and registration is not required. You must be over 18 years old to enter.

5.56 - 62gr - new brass! - ss109 - 1,500 rds for $525 with coupon "shotshow"

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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