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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 10, 2014
February 10, 2014

I Think They Just Wanted To Revive The "Carl-Get-Back-In-The-House" Meme.

Well, last night was the mid-season premire for The Walking Dead -- [lessons | fan game | my score | I'm Merle | cast].

And for those of you wondering, it was May of 2009 when I finally told Comcast television what they could do with their service, and I haven't looked back since. At the time, just the television portion of my bill was $108 per month. That's $1,296 per year, and $6,156 over the last 57 months. In that same period of time, I've spent $7.99/month on Hulu and $7.99 on Netflix, for a total cost of $910. Thus I have an extra $5,245 in my pocket since I cut the cord. Dolla-dollar-billz-y'all.

Well, the Olympics have started, to let's start oogling all of the hot Olympians, starting with Russian female curler, Anna Sidorova. As opposed to say... oh I don't know... maybe for example... Gail Devers.

Okay super sleuthers, I have two photos that I need help with. The first I suspect will be rather easy, the second not so much. There can't be too many cities with streetcars and I can't tell if that's a hill in the background (San Francisco?) or just an illusion from the way the photo was taken. And this one doesn't give you much to work with, so I suspect for anyone to identify the location, they'll have to have been there in person.

Hi Ernie, we have just done another blog post about interesting things that have washed up on Florida's beaches. Any chance you could link to it like you did last time? Garry

For the last several days, I've been getting a error message when I try to visit your site using Firefox. Error 404 file not found, I believe it is. I just now tried IE and am able to get on. You not like Firefox anymore, or am I just a moron & doing something wrong? John

Um I don't know how to tell youy this but, it's not me, it's you. Seriously. Not me. Nothing has changed on this end; in fact a 404 Error means fileor document not found, so I would imagine you've fucked up your Firefox settings in some way. Try disabling your add-ons or starting a new private window and see if that has any impact.

And for those of you curious why this past week's updated were a little generic, it's because I took a Carnival Cruise to the East Caribbean and was updating remotely via their slow ass $999,999.99/minute Wifi. Now that I'm back I've uploaded a shit ton of pics, in case you want to live vicariously through me

I saw a lot of dogs running around those islands -- especially in Grand Turk -- who seemed to be having trouble staying cool in the tropical heat. So with record temperatures around the country this past summer, now is a good time to keep your dogs in mind when it comes to keeping cool. Any time your pet is outside, make sure he or she has protection from heat and sun and plenty of fresh, cold water. In heat waves, add ice to water when possible. Tree shade and tarps are ideal because they don't obstruct air flow. In addition to overheating, pets can get dehydrated quickly, so you'll want to make plenty of fresh, clean water available. Help replace fluids and prevent dehydration by leaving out water or water alternatives throughout the day, particularly when your pet has spent time outside in the heat.

Old and busted: A railway car imploding after the vacuum safety valves have been disabled. The new hotness: a 55 gallon drum imploding as part of a classroom experiment. Keep in mind both the tanker and the drum implode because there's no air pressure inside to counter the air pressure outside. Meaning the force that crushes both of these vessels is actually just the weight of the air from the ground up to outer space; so at any given moment, you and I both walk around under an ocean of atmosphere heavy enough to crush a steel tanker like an empty beer can. Yeah, science, bitch!

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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