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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 12, 2014
February 12, 2014

Huh, I Didn't Know Your Mom Worked At A Hospital.

Turns out it was Barry who correctly identified this photo as being taken near the corner of California St and Davis St in San Francisco.

A conversion van is a full-sized cargo van that is sent to third-party companies to be outfitted with various luxuries for road trips and camping. They came into style during the 1970s and 1980s, when surfers customized regular vans by putting seats and painting murals along the sides. So let's take a look at some of the most sweet ass rape vans elegant vans paying tribute to that era.

Other shit from the 70s? A couple of days ago I was able to lay hands on a Colt Mk IV Series 70 model 1911, which was a sweet ass pistol. By looking up the serial number (thanks Kevin!) I was able to identify it as 1979 production, making it a whopping 35 years old. So while it's doezn't have a mural painted on the side (sorry, Kirby!) I thought it was pretty fucking sweet as is. On that note, I really with people would stop woth the gimmick ammunition. I'll be honest, a few years ago I bought into the RBCD bullshit; which sounded really awesome until I saw it used in real world applications. Then last month every swinging dick with a Facebook account was going apeshit over R.I.P. rounds -- same shit, different packaging. And now it's Controlled Chaos ammunition. Again, same shit, different packaging. So stop with the D.O.S. bullets and just stick to the regular stuff, okay? Regular .45 ammo is pricey enough as it is, without spending more money by getting caught up in the latest novelty.

San Miguel Brewery is the largest beer producer in the Philippines, with a market share of over 95% as of 2008. The original San Miguel Brewery was founded in 1890 in Philippines. Later renamed as San Miguel Corporation (SMC) in 1963, it has grown into one of the Philippines' largest business conglomerates with interests in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, food, packaging, power, oil and telecommunications. It has five breweries spread across the country producing eight beer brands, led by its flagship brand San Miguel Pale Pilsner.

Your cord cutting, how will that be impacted under the decision on Net Neutrality as far as streaming goes? I can't say I understand the entire concept, but I've seen opinions that the service providers might now just throttle some of the streaming sites or it'll cost us more as the service providers charge Netflix and others higher rates. I cut the tv cord a couple years ago though I went with Roku for while before just deciding I'd get nothing but DVD's for what I really want and some Youtube full length videos. Occasionally I will rehook up the Roku, but it isn't very often I'll bother to even do that. Jon

So far I haven't noticed any kind of a drop off, even though most ISPs have already started throttling bandwidth to Netflix and other on-demand sources, thanks to Comcast and Verizon killing net neutrality. But I suspect that's because I'm using business class internet and not residential. But I hear you on the YouTube movies part; it's one of many sources where you can watch movies without worrying about getting sent to federal Pound Me In The Ass Prison. But I'll ask -- anyone out there notice any Hulu/Netflix/Amazon slowdown lately?

Three reasons to love Aubrey Plaza: her deadpan delivery as April Ludgate, her long legs, and her zombie apocalypse plans.

Walking canes can help redistribute weight from a lower leg that is weak or painful, improve stability by increasing the base of support, and provide tactile information about the ground to improve balance. Modern canes may differ from the traditional fixed structure. For instance, a quad cane has a base attached to the shaft that provides added stability by having four ferrules, and an adjustable cane may have two shaft segments telescoping one inside the other to allow adjustment for multiple lengths. All cane users who need a walking cane for medical reasons should consult a medical professional before choosing the style that is right for them.

And who will be needing a walking cane? Well, this guy totally fucking nails the jump over a a 72-foot-long canyon gap at Red Bull Rampage. This guy totally fucking does not. So yeah, him.

syria's heritage in ruins: before-and-after pictures

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