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Ernie's House of Whoopass! February 19, 2014
February 19, 2014

I'm Not Sure If Her Apparent Enthusiasm Turns Me On, Or Creeps Me Out.

A few unexpected turns in finding some photos this morning. Much to my surprise it wasn't any trouble at all to find the Hanseatic Stock Exchange, the seat of the exchanges AG at the Town Hall Square in Hamburg, Germany -- that photo looks like it was taken near the French flag, if you turn around. But I wasn't able to ascertain which brand of beer this woman is enjoying in her hot tub, nor which brand of shoes this girl just bought. In the latter, I thought Sketchers at first, but the logos don't match up. Any ideas?

Oh like you're so smart, just because you passed the Indian Engineering Services Examination.

Kate Upton, you magnificent bitch, you've done it again. The first official glimpse of summer is here: the 2014 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. And now, a look at the models that make up the Swimsuit Issue can be had without even buying a copy. Added bonus: the full monte included lots of pictures of Kate Upton in zero gravity. And what's the only thing better than Kate Upton in zero gravity? Well that would be video of Kate Upton in zero gravity. You're welcome, you daffy bastard.

Here's a pretty sweet Colt .45 made out of pennies and nickels. Well, and epoxy.

I know you AF guys have never eaten an MRE, but this is big. Greg

I found this memorial last fall while on an ATV trip in the Kiamichi mountains of Oklahoma. There is a cool back story of how some school children learned of the story and raised money for this memorial. Sadly, it is off the beaten path and few see it, but they are not forgotten. The anniversary of the accident is February 20. I thought you would like this. Richard. Wylie, TX

That's very cool. Looks like it was dedicated on February 20, 2000, the 58th anniversary of the AT6 crashes.

So the Michael Dunn case. I tried pretty hard to apply what was learned from the Zimmerman trial, and not to jump to conclusions. So now that it's all said and done and all the evidence was presented.... I wish they'd have convicted the motherfucker. I really do. I do not believe he was ever genuinely threatened, I do not believe he ever felt he was genuinely threatened. I think he was just an asshole with a short temper. I am glad he'll be serving at least 30+ years in jail for the attempted murder charges, and hope they retry his ass for the initial murder charge; be smart and go for second degree this time, Angela Corey. Here's a breakdown on the mixed verdicts and an interview with the first juror to speak out. And as for all this thug music and thug cars and thug life, that's bullshit. We all know the real thugs are in Washington.

Now do me a favor. Head on down to my house, but on your way swing by Home Depot and pick up a lawn rake, and then I'll meet you over in the city of Climax to get some raking done.

Here's a video of a big ass twin-turbine r/c Concorde. Since it's mocked up to be British Airways and not Air France, it does not injest a piece of discarded American r/c junk and crash into a German treehouse.

And good news for anyone who didn't want to drop $91 on that Surgical Nursing textbook -- Pete was able to find it available as a free download. And he said, you're welcome. So whatcha think? NASCAR sucks or NASCAR rocks? I say suck.

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