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Ernie's House of Whoopass! March 6, 2014
March 6, 2014

Only In America Is Being Gay A Choice, But Being Fat Is Hereditary.

Jesus Christ, how did I almost miss Mardi Gras 2014? Here are some pictures, some more pictures, and a movie.

In the market for some overhead flourescent lighting? Try this on for size: 2' x 4', Metalux 4 Lamp, T8 Fluorescent Recessed Troffer, Residential Use, 120V, Residential Energy Saving T8 Ballast, Baked White Enamel, Flat White Steel Door With Mitered Corners, Cam Latch/Safety Hinge, 1 Piece Die Embossed Housing, #12 Acrylic Refractor/Lens, For Use In Residential Locations Only As Ballast Will Not Interfere With Common Household Appliances & Frequencies, Uses 4 - F32T8 Lamps, Not Included, UL Listed, IBEW Labeled. Item model number: 2GR8432R.

The Washington State Department of Transportation uses several methods to protect drivers from avalanches along US 2 near Stevens Pass, including firing live artillery rounds at unstable snow to trigger avalanches while the roads are clear. Avalanche technicians usually fire the two muthafuckin M60 tanks near the summit at Stevens Pass between midnight and 6 a.m., but on Tuesday, WSDOT officials decided that the snow was unstable enough that US 2 needed to be shut down during the afternoon so that avalanche technicians could fire the tanks.

Old and busted: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The new politically correct hotness: Snow Caucasian and the Seven Little People.

Hey Ernie. Usually someone always answers these before I get a chance, but this time I didn't see you post an answer to your question about the James Cook Pub sign. Anyway, you were right - it is in St. Petersburg. But the sign isn't at the pub, but rather a directional sign a few blocks away. The building it's on is undergoing renovations in the Google map image. Cheers! Brad

You know it's funny. Kind of like how after you buy a particular make and model car, suddenly you start noticing them everywhere. That's kind of how I am now with umbilical hernias.

Okay, after you peel your eyes away from can someone please tell me what currency this girl is holding?

Founded in 1965 in Delray Beach, Florida, ClosetMaid was the first to manufacture ventilated wire shelving for closets in new home construction. They grew quickly, and in 1970 moved to their current headquarters in Ocala, Florida. Today they are the worldwide leader in home storage and organization, offering innovative wire and laminate/wood storage systems for use in bedrooms, kitchens, family rooms, laundry rooms, home offices and garages – wherever people need to store and organize their things.

What kind of gun is this looks like a [Ruger] p85 or p95? Jim

Honestly, I'm not entirely convinced its either.... if I had to pick one of the two, I would say the P85, but it looks like the takedown pin is too far forward of the trigger for a Ruger?

From the I-Haven't-Seen-Prices-This-Low-Since-The-Black-Friday-Before-Sandy-Hook-Department: here's a DPMS Panther Oracle 5.56 16" with forward assist and dust cover -- for $499 shipped after $50 mail in rebate.

konichiwa bitches: top 25 best japanese rpgs of all time

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite So My Dad Is Visiting Fo...

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Yeah I Gotchu Fam Weeken...

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