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Ernie's House of Whoopass! March 19, 2014
March 19, 2014

Well, I Make One Hell Of A Dry Martini. And I Can Juggle.

Since 1991, the Ocean Master Advanced Dry Snorkel has guaranteed absolute dryness and incorporated the unique ability to stop water entry. Its airway automatically opens as you surface the water. With this snorkel, and not with a lot of other so-called "dry snorkels", you'll be able to completely submerge. Not a single drop of water will get in to your mouth. The Ocean Master Advanced Dry Snorkel is today the longest selling dry snorkel in the world. It won the International Invention Convention Gold Medal, and is used by tens and thousands of people.

A garden gnome, or lawn gnome, is a figurine of a small humanoid creature, usually wearing a pointy hat, displayed for the purpose of ornamentation on front lawns or in gardens. These figurines originated in 19th-century Germany, where they became known as Gartenzwerge, or garden dwarfs. Garden gnomes are typically males, often bearded, usually wear red hats and often have pipes. They are made in various poses and pursuing various pastimes, such as fishing or napping.

Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 was in trouble and simply heading for the nearest safe airport when it turned off-course, according to a veteran pilot who predicts, in a viral online post, that the wreckage will be discovered somewhere west of the Maldives today. Chris Goodfellow, a Canadian pilot with 20 years experience, has hailed captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah a hero, not a hijacker, in his fascinating explanation, which claims to debunks all theories about the fate of the missing jet. He insists the only reasonable scenario is that a fire broke out aboard the plane and Shah was doing exactly what he needed to do in an emergency - get the plane to the nearest airport as soon as possible.

Royal Unibrew is the second largest brewery group in Denmark, selling under the brands Ceres, Faxe and Albani, although their best selling beer is marketed as Royal. Royal Unibrew also has a strong presence in the Baltic region, where it owns Vilniaus Tauras, Kalnapilis (both in Lithuania), and L??pl?ša Alus (in Latvia), as well as in Poland, where it has recently purchased the Strzelec beer and Brok breweries, and most recently Browar ?om?a. It also brews and markets Dansk Pilsner and Heineken in Denmark.

In it's simplest, most basic form, a dunk is just a person dropping a ball through a hoop. But dribbling a basketball and juking a professional athlete so badly that his motor skills fail him and he falls on the ground? That's a talent only a relatively small number of people in the world possess, and it's far more rare—which is probably why they gave it such an awesome name: the ankle-breaker. Today, we're celebrating the ankle-breaker, the Holy Grail of basketball highlights, with this list of awesome ankle-breaker GIFs.

If you aren't willing to get your hands dirty and do at least basic maintenance, vintage scooters are not for you. You don't have to be an experienced mechanic, but its not like a '92 Honda Civic, and you will have to at least learn to change a tire, adjust a cable and things of that sort. Also, vintage Vespas are manual shift transmissions and so you will need to learn to work the clutch, it is not a modern twist-and-go scooter.

Okay. Green decour, menus placed in stand up racks, plastic pepsi cups.... can anyone tell me what chain restaruant this is?

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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