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Ernie's House of Whoopass! March 20, 2014
March 20, 2014

You Get a Free Gun! You Get a Free Gun! Everybody Gets a Free Gun!

So a few months ago I was showing part of my gun collection to someone who was visiting from Massachusetts, and she commented, "Yeah I've got a couple guns back at my house. They used to belong to my ex-husband but he doesn't want them anymore and I don't want them, do you know where I can get rid of them? Do you know if I can just turn them into a police department and have them take them?" I about did a spit take, "ARE YOU TRIPPIN?!" And I promptly volunteered to give them a new home. Well that was then, and this is now. They came to visit again this past week, and after playing the locked box/TSA game, checked two aged pistols in with their luggage.

Even though Florida state law allows for the private transfer of handguns without a federal background check, I *think* this only applies to Florida resident to Florida resident. Since the "seller" in this case was from Massachusetts, I wasn't *entirely* sure if that was still applicable. So erring on the side of caution we brought both of the guns down to a local gun store and facilitate the transfer through an FFL. Ten minutes and $31.20 later, I was the proud owner of a Smith and Wesson 66-2 and a Smith and Wesson 36. The former used to be a police officer's service weapon -- chambered in .357 Magnum -- prior to their department going to semi-automatics, and the smaller Chief's Special was his backup weapon throughout his career, as evidenced by the rough blueing in some spots. The wood grips and medallion are pretty beat up, too but certainly not beyond saving. It's a no-dash model with a pinned barrel and a 44xxxx serial number, so I suspect it's somewhere 1973'ish? I have an older Smith 66, with wooden grips, a pinned barrel and recessed cylinder, so I'm anxious to try out the PACHMEYER (thanks Martin!) grips, as they're my first pair.

And to anyone thinking she could have turned them in at a gun buy-back? First I say fuck you, for even considering such a fine piece of American craftsmanship be destroyed. And second, good luck because they've started paying in IOUs now.

Hello again Ernie, Spring is finally a day away for us Northerners. It was a brutal Winter to say the least. We are all looking forward to warmer days ahead. Anyway, the pic in question is from Applebee's. Specifically the Applebee's in Pembroke Pines, FL. You can see the local high school team (girls soccer?) in the picture in the backgound. I Googled the "les W Flana" and found this link. Seems like a match. It also helped that the initial Google image search started with this link. At first, I was a little suspicious that the comment of "Applebee's for lunch today" was truthful. I realized the "West Bro.." is for another local high school, West Broward High School which is also in Pembroke Pines, FL. After finding the High School links and knowing that Applebee's likes to promote the local sports teams I figured it was enough to make the call. Cheers, JM

Ernie, The local interscholastic sports photo on the wall suggests an Applebees Restaurant. I tried googling "charles w flanagan" and got Charles W. Flanagan High School, Pembroke Pines, Florida. Searching for nearby Applebees brought up Applebees, 10135 Pines Blvd. Pembroke Pines, Florida. Derrick

Wow, her Tumblr blog does have some awesome pics. And oh yes, I almost forgot until Johnny mentioned it. Welcome the first day of spring! You know, the season where all the good things happen!

Okay, I'm going to need a gamer's help with this one. And no, I didn't say a skater, I said a gamer. At first I looked through all of the socer games available for X-Box 360 -- FIFA 06 through FIFA 14, Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 through 2014 -- but there are literally too many soccer games to look through. And then I noticed the Xbox360's green light wasn't on, so perhaps it's a Playstation game? Anyone have any ideas what she's playing? And speaking of games, Titanfall is a one-of-a-kind game where freerunning and gunplay meet, marry, have sex and have a bunch of cute looking kids. In other words, it's totally fucking awesome.

And speaking of Fred Phelps and Christians, The Nature of Success is an inspirational gift book combining award winning photography with Mac Anderson's wisdom and insight on the keys to personal success. Beautiful nature scenes accompanied with an inspirational quote will introduce each "success chapter" followed by two to three pages of insights, unforgettable real life stories, and Mac's favorite quotes on each topic. Anderson's insights take on new life as he brings a solid Christian perspective to The Nature of Success.

Heeey Ernie, While checking out one of the links on your site I ran across this picture and realized I knew it was in Scottsdale, AZ. You're welcome. Sam

Hi, I wouldn't be too worried about that fire in Belgium; a similar plant (also owned by eurenco) went up in Finland last year, if I'm not mistaken. It made it difficult to get enough Vithavuori N-series powders for a few months, but it didn't do anything to the overall prices, since there's enough capacity in the market. So whatever the fuck you do, please don't start a new panic and make people stockpiling again! Because THAT, my friend, is what drives the prices. Just my two cents... BTW, I'm halfway expecting you to start loading your own ammo; that would make your blog even better, guns, sensible views on politics, titties and the ever important questions: Are Norma 200 series powders really worth the money? Should you use Lapua brass or not? Are Lee products a curse or a blessing? Cheers, -T

Jesus the ammo thing is so fucked up right now. Some people want to believe everything has returned to normal, but those individuals obviously haven't tried to buy a box of .22's lately. But as for the other stuff, especially Russian x39 ammo? You might as well read tea leaves. Some sources say Russian shipments held up in Ukranian ports, while the same day others will report Russians halted shipments on their end, and then even still, cutoff rumors are bogus. And then with the Ukranian pissing match going down, some people say Obama's recent executive order will affect Russian ammo, while a few hours later, executive order will NOT affect russian ammo. So in short, I don't fucking know. I really don't. On that note, my theory on ammunition is the same as it is for paper towels and toilet paper; that is to say it's never going to expire and you're going to need it eventually. So yes, I'd love to get into reloading but truth be told I know less about that than I do about the Russian ammo situation. If anyone has any suggestions on where to start... a book, a class, a YouTube channel... I'm all ears.

I only have two words for you: BURGER. PORN. And, you're welcome.

The word barista is an Italian word, and in Italian, a barista is a male or female "bartender", who typically works behind a counter, serving both hot drinks (such as espresso), and cold alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, not a coffee-maker specifically. While the title is not regulated, most coffee shops use the title to describe the preparer of coffee and operator of an espresso machine. Formal barista competitions originated in Norway, and today the most prestigious is the World Barista Championships, held annually at varied international locations. Baristas worldwide compete, though they must first compete in a competition held in their own country to qualify to enter in the WBC.

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