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Ernie's House of Whoopass! April 15, 2014
April 15, 2014

This Is Our Fucking City.

On April 15, 2013, two pressure cooker bombs exploded exploded about 12 seconds and 210 yards apart, near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, killing 3 people and injuring an estimated 264 others. An unprecedented manhunt ensued on April 19, with thousands of law enforcement officers searching a 20-block area of Watertown. The suspects were identified later that day as Chechen brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev. Shortly after the FBI released the images, the suspects killed an MIT police officer, carjacked an SUV, and initiated an exchange of gunfire with the police in Watertown, Massachusetts. During the firefight, an MBTA police officer was injured but survived with severe blood loss. During the manhunt, authorities asked residents of Watertown and surrounding areas, including Boston, to stay indoors. This week, on the eve of the one-year anniversary of the attack, a number of victims returned to the site of the tragedy for the first time, and photographer Robert Fogarty was there to capture the scene for his “Dear World” project. The results are pretty moving.

Those of you who have been reading EHOWA for a while know I'm a huge fan of the original DOOM. It was the first FPS game to break the third axis barrier and allow for climbing stairs, and jumping and falling. I can't tell you how many hours I've spent in a darkedened room, curtains closed and speakers cranked to the max, sl;inging shotgun shells and trying to figure out how far away an Imp was by the sound of his growl. And it's a wonder I haven't had twenty heart attacks from coming around a corner and coming face to face with a Pinky Demon. So much so that back when DOOM 3 was released back in 2004, I went out and bought a brand new computer, monitor and big ass Logfitech surround sound system just to play it. Unfortunately, the follow up simply didn't have the fluid playability that the original (and DOOM 2) enjoyed. I will still on occassion -- usually after having x-number of beers -- break out my old laptopfor some Doom 95 fun. When I bought Doom 3 -- the only game I've ever bought the very same day it was released -- it came with a small pewterPinky Demon from the original Doom; I tried to find mine to snap a photo, but fuck all if I could find it. Who would have guessed the figurine alone would be worth $40 one day? I only mention this because iD Software has two new releases pending; one this year and one in 2015. The one due out this year is Wolfenstein New Order and its limited Panzerhund Edition release comes with a hand-painted Panzerhund statue, folder containing maps, case files, letters, blueprints and an x-ray, a set of full-color ‘vintage' postcards from Wolfenstein's alternate 1960's, three embroidered patches, replica dog tags, and a steel book case to house your game -- that's right, the fucking game is sold separately. But the game does come with -- and this is fucking IMPORTANT -- a key to get in on the beta test of Doom 4. So yes, DOOM FUCKING 4.

Hey Las Vegas people -- correct me if I am wrong but if I have the blue globe at the entrance of Paris Las Vegas on my left with with Bally's in the background, then I would be on a balcony at The Cosmopolitan, amirite?

The .308 Winchester is a rimless, bottlenecked, rifle cartridge and is the commercial cartridge from which the 7.62×51mm NATO round was derived. It is also commonly used for civilian target shooting, military sniping, and police sharpshooting. The relatively short case makes the .308 Winchester especially well-adapted for short-action rifles. When loaded with a bullet that expands, tumbles, or fragments in tissue, this cartridge is capable of high terminal performance. And while you can drop some serious cake on one, here are the most affordable .308's ranging anywhere from $850 to $1,200. And a friendly reminder to my friends still tapped in New York State: don't forget to register your assault weapons today, or risk becoming an overnight felon! BWA-HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Muffin Break is a unique cafe bakery, straight from Australia, that offers an irresistible combination of quality/gourmet coffee and freshly baked cakes, slices, quiches, sandwiches, paninis and of course, muffins! Everything is baked and prepared on the premises using quality ingredients, so you can be assured its always fresh. For over 20 years, the Muffin Break team has been serving the world's best muffins. There are more than 200 flavors in the range, with high fibre, Gluten Free and savoury varieties available.

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