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Ernie's House of Whoopass! May 5, 2014
May 5, 2014

Yeah, Ana Always Gets Invited To All The Cool Parties.

Most modern ropes are made of two components – a core that takes the bulk of the load, accounting for up to 95 per cent of the rope's strength, and a protective outer cover that provides abrasion resistance, protection from sunlight and so on. Although there has not been a sea change in rope technology over the past few years, there has still been significant development, with applications that might once have required a 14mm line now served by one of 8mm. This gives an opportunity to save a considerable amount of weight. In the case of halyards, this is saved aloft, which has the additional benefit of improving stability.

You're probably getting a little sick of hearing about Donald Sterling, and I don't blame you. I'm getting kind of sick of writing about him. Bear with me thoug, because from Jimmy Fallon to Jimmy Kimmel to David Letterman, this is a round up of all the late night Sterling jokes.

Angel statues for the garden make wonderful garden ornaments. They make a striking centerpiece, look beautiful nestled among some foliage or pots, or can mark a special spot in a memorial garden or watch over a much-loved pet that has passed over. From cherubs to tall angel statues, fairytale angels to memorial statues, discover a wide range of garden angels, the meaning and symbolism of placing one in your garden, and get some inspiration as to how to make them part of a balcony display, too.

For girls with big boobs, wearing a sports bra is like trying to contain an earthquake in a cup. So what's the solution? Put on a SECOND sports bra. And sometimes a third.

Allez France was a French Thoroughbred Hall of Fame racehorse who was the first filly in Thoroughbred horse racing history to earn $1 million. Says who? Sports Illustrated says Dahlia was the first filly to win $1 million just before Allez did it. and the U.S. National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame says Dahlia was the first female Thoroughbred to earn $1 million. During her racing career from age two to five, Allez France was the preeminent filly in France. In 1974, under new trainer Angel Penna, Sr., Allez France went undefeated and won the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe, France's most prestigious horse race. She was crowned French Horse of the Year.

Thought you might like this. Scout is the single most composed dog on the planet. Travis

Kid gets suspended for pointing his finger like a gun, paints the tips of his fingers orange to show they'e not guns. "Federal law requires imitation guns to have orange tips. You might have noticed, Tristen painted his fingertips orange for our interview. "It's because I wanted it to look fake," he explained." - Jon

Spinal cord injuries occur when the diver strikes his/her head on an object such as a pool or lake bottom or a submerged object. Most serious injuries involve the cervical spine (neck) in the C-5 region and are classified as compression or flexion-compression injuries. A diver's extended hands and arms provide the only source of protection to the head. Should the arms collapse upon impact or not be in a forward position, the head is vulnerable. When diving into shallow water, very little reaction time is available between entering the water and striking the bottom.

Old and busted: Reggie Watts' 45,00 track looping recorder. The new hotness: this girl's Michael Jackson.

If I pull up Google maps and space out these three hotels: Treasure Island and the Venetian, with the Wynn Las Vegas in the background -- but closer to the Treasure Island side -- I believe we're looking from tThe Mirage.

In Spanish-speaking countries, the week begins on Monday. lunes = Monday. martes = Tuesday. miercoles = Wednesday. jueves = Thursday. viernes = Friday. sabado = Saturday. domingo = Sunday. Notice that the days of the week are not capitalized.

This should keep any straight, red-blooded American male busy for a while. [NSFW] Don't say I've never sent you anything useful.. Rick

Looks like Taiwan took a page from Lord Humungus. –Ryan

Well, at least that's better than the Michigan State Police, who have taken a page right out of the United States Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command playbook. Meanwhile? Something-something, no weapons of war on our streets and NO THIRTY ROUND MAGAZINES FOR YOU.

Meanwhile, here's a link from last week that is worth revisiting, especially if you're in the market for something to defend your home with. It was the PSA's 16" mid-length carbine and Springfield XD .40 together for only $849 -- putting that number into perspective, Palmetto State Armory (PSA) has a terrific reputation within the AR community and the rifle is normally $749 (on sale for $549) and the pistol is normally $39 by itself -- combined that's $988 with the rifle on sale, $1188 otherwise. So not just blowing wind up your skirt, that's a hell of a deal and if you are in the market and don't jump on this, you will fucking hate yourself this time next real. For realz. [.40 S&W ammo -- .223/5.56 ammo]

Swiss Miss is a name brand for cocoa powder and pudding products sold by American food company ConAgra Foods. In the 1950s, the company sold its original hot cocoa product as an on board beverage to airline passengers. Only after the drink became popular did it sell products in grocery stores. They have multiple products including different lines of Hot Cocoa. Their hot cocoa is available in regular and "no sugar added", with or without small marshmallows, Great Start Cocoa (fortified with 15 essential vitamins and minerals) and Pick-Me-Up (with 67 mg of caffeine).

your clitoris is the size of a medium zucchini, and other vagina facts you didn't know

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