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Ernie's House of Whoopass! May 6, 2014
May 6, 2014

After Searching And Searching, I Finally Found It.

Highlighting a game I discovered this weekend -- see if you can get past level 9 of 25 in Concentric Holic.

An RCA connector, sometimes called a phono connector or cinch connector, is a type of electrical connector commonly used to carry audio and video signals. The connectors are also sometimes casually referred to as A/V jacks. The name "RCA" derives from the Radio Corporation of America, which introduced the design by the early 1940s for internal connection of the pickup to the chassis in home radio-phonograph consoles. It was originally a low-cost, simple design, intended only for mating and disconnection when servicing the console. They are often color-coded, yellow for composite video, red for the right audio channel, and white or black for the left channel of stereo audio.

What Detroit police chief Craig said: “I'm only talking about situations where someone's life is in imminent danger. When a citizen is faced with a life-threatening situation, they absolutely have the right to defend themselves." What anti0gun douchebag heard: "When you take a Wild West approach and say, ‘Shoot them,' it's irresponsible, it's frontier justice at its worst." So fuck you, Ron Scott, former member of the Black Panther Party.

The Audi A4 is a line of compact executive cars produced since late 1994 by the German car manufacturer Audi, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. The A4 has been built in four generations and is based on Volkswagen's B platform. The A4 is available as a four door sedan and wagon known as the Avant model. The second and third generations of the A4 also had a convertible version, but the B8 version of the convertible became a variant of the Audi A5 instead as Audi got back into the compact executive coupé segment.

Looks like I'm not the only one infatuated with Julie Bowen's boobs.

Florida's Natural is an agricultural cooperative based in Lake Wales, Florida, and is currently owned by over 1,100 grower members. Its initial operations included canning juice and grapefruit sections for its members,[2] and in 1938 began extracting juice with automated machines. During World War II, the company produced concentrated orange juice for the military; after the war, 80% of the juice the company produced was in frozen concentrate form to meet consumer demand for the relatively new, convenient form. Florida's Natural produces not-from-concentrate citrus juices, mainly orange juice, under the Florida's Natural and Donald Duck brand names.

If you're willing to set aside your home improvement projects for a few hours and are looking forward to the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, they just released a second trailer, which to be honest, doesn't seem to be all that different from the first one.

Missoni is an Italian fashion house based in Varese, known for its colourful knitwear designs, and was founded by Ottavio and Rosita Missoni in 1953. In the early 1970s, Missoni reached the peak of its influence in the fashion world. Tai Missoni then became more interested in other projects, everything from designing costumes for La Scala, to designing carpets and tapestries. Rosita has admitted that in the 1990s she lost interest in fashion, before handing over to her daughter Angela in 1998. Missoni eyeglasses known for being the highest quality eyewear available anywhere.

Old and busted: Larissa Riquelme at the world cup. The new hotness: Fabiola Marinez at the world cup. No seriously, Larissa named Fabiola as her official successor.

Protip: Don't do soduku in pen; instead use a pencil so you can change your numbers as needed. is the coolest webcam site on the web. definitely NSFW.

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