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Ernie's House of Whoopass! May 14, 2014
May 14, 2014

I'm Takin' It Back To The Old School 'Cause I'm An Old Fool Who's So Cool..

Lavatories on modern aircraft are very expensive, and include features that have required substantial upfront and long term investments by the world's airlines to design and develop. Airlines and aircraft manufacturers continue to investigate ways to improve lavatory design technology to increase functionality and reduce costs of production, while maintaining adequate levels of safety, hygiene and amenity. For this reason many modern lavatories are now no longer of the chemical toilet blue water recirculated electric flush variety. Instead lavatory manufacturers have progressed to vacuum flush technology to eliminate solid and liquid residue from the basin, patented in 1975.

I'm sure that by now you've hopped on the Game of Thrones train, and if you haven't you sure as hell should. This is without a doubt, the best recap of the series I've seen so far. But what I find most curious about the novels so far -- there are five of them with two more inbound -- is that the author, George R. R. Martin, doesn't do any of his work on a modern computer, but instead perfers to write these epic novels on that is probably as old as most of the show's stars. You see this is of particular interest to me since all of my sites -- and when I say ALL, I mean all -- are managed by old school DOS based batch files that I've written and re-written over the last several years. So it's just nice and perhaps a little reassuring, to see that I'm not the only person hanging onto old 1990 era technology.

Speaking of the show's young stars, here is 17 year old Maisie Williams -- aka Arya Stark from Game of Thrones -- attempts the cinnamon challege. And fails in spectacular fashion.

Ibiza is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, 49 miles off the coast of the city of Valencia, in eastern Spain. It is the third largest of the Balearic Islands, an autonomous community of Spain. Ibiza is considered to be a popular tourist destination, especially due to its legendary and at times riotous nightlife centred around two areas: Ibiza Town, the island's capital on the southern shore and Sant Antoni to the West. The island's government is trying to encourage a more cultured and quieter tourism scene, passing rules including the closing of all nightclubs by 6 a.m. at the latest, and requiring all new hotels to be 5-star.

Looks like the word “gallery” is beneath the word Bluestone. [Ernie says: wow, good eye!] So I looked up Bluestone Gallery – there are a couple on the east coast, and one in Henderson, Nevada, outside Vegas. That's where I'd expect to find women sans panties. The Bluestone Gallery in Henderson closed down years ago, but the address takes me to this shopping center called Village Walk. Google Street View doesn't go inside the shopping center, but satellite photos pulled up a piece of (ugly) art in the middle of the square. Bingo! The architecture on the buildings match, too. Mark

I found this link last updated may 12th, 2011 which contains info on the Bluestone Gallery. I don't think they are at 2240 Village Walk Dr, Henderson, NV anymore, but the google map satellite view shows the monument. Keith.

Okay, you guys nailed that one. So where is this plastic shopping bag from?

People tend to either love or hate Dan Bilzerian -- you remember him right? he's the guy who threw 19 year old porn star Janice Griffith off a roof and broke her leg. Anyway, Dan tells a story about the time he did a bunch of blow and viagra and had two heart attacks. Before age 30.

JBL is an American audio electronics company currently owned by Harman International. It was founded in 1946 by James Bullough Lansing. Their primary products are loudspeakers and associated electronics. There are two independent divisions within the company — JBL Consumer and JBL Professional. The former produces audio equipment for the consumer home market while the latter produces professional equipment for the studio, installed sound, tour sound, production and DJ portable sound, and cinema markets.

Hello again, that poster looks like its gran festival de baile flamenco, You can get your own name put on the poster, so is it "Sara Della Monica" Looks like its actually Sara da Salerno; more pictures of her here. Rick

Hey Ernie, Ever wonder what it would be like to go 130 mph down a dirt road? Or even 100 when you can't see past the hood due to dust? Well here's a little taste of that, in a twin turbo trophy truck that makes about 1000 hp. Hope you can use this. Scott

I thought I hit a major score and bought ten 25 round boxes of Golden Saber 9mm +P 124 grain JHPs, but turns out the joke was on me because there were only 4 left in stock. In the end, that actually turned out to be ebtter deal, as $12.32 x 4 items = $49.28 + coupon for $4.99 flat rate shipping = $54.27 - $20 gift card = $34.27 cost to me, or $0.34 per round. That's compared to the best price I can otherwise find online, when you have to go all the way to page 5 ($0.54/round) -- which is $13.95 per box -- where as I'm paying $8.56 per box delivered, that's almost a 40% savings.

Make a statement to all of your family and friends with this Pink "Keep Calm and Glitter On" cell phone case from Ambro, made exclusively for the Apple iPhone 5.

Yesterday, the New Jersey Senate approved a pair of damaging gun control bills. One of which was Senate Bill 993, which would further restrict New Jersey's magazine capacity restriction from 15 to 10 rounds, for any semi-automatic weapon. And by any semi-automatic weapon, behold my 1978 Marlin Model 60 with a non-detachable 17 round tube fed magazine; which if Chris Christie signs this bill, this 36 year old plinker would be considered an illegal assault weapon in the state of New Jersey. This is why people who don't know shit about a given subject, should not be the ones to legislate it.

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