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Ernie's House of Whoopass! June 11, 2014
June 11, 2014

You Know What Hugo? You'e Made Me Proud, Too.

The story behind the viral Harley Davidson storage letter, with Dennis Packee.

Chanel's iconic interlocking C's logo is one of the most widely-recognized logos in the world. However, much like Coco Chanel's life story, much of the origin of the interlocking Cs is shrouded in mystery. To fully understand the roots of the interlocking Cs we must take a look into the history of France as well as the formative years of Coco Chanel's life. The explanation that Chanel and biographer Justine Picardie subscribe to is that the answer can be found at the Chapel of Aubazine, a Cistercian monastery and abbey that also housed an orphanage where Chanel spent the latter half of her childhood. Specifically, the interlocking C's logo came from stained glass windows in an Aubazine chapel which featured interlaced curves.

I fucking loathe all things Michael Bloomberg, especially the unholy offcpring of him and Shannon Watts; Everytown for Gun Sense. Their latest foray into blatant lie filled propoganda is this map of 74 supposed school shootings that have happened since Newtown. Looking at it, I noticed one in my neck of the woods, which is strange because I've got my ear tuned into these sorts of things. So I do some exploring and sure enough, the first one on their list is a shooting at the Apostolic Revival Center Christian School in Fort Myers. Huh. So I do some more digging around and come up with this local news article on the incident. In case you're fucking blind, let me read you a quite, "The shooting was not associated with the school and no children were hurt." So these motherfuckers are finding crimes that just so happened to have occured on school property, and labeling them 'school shootints' to artifically inflate their numbers. In fact, it turns out 33 of those 74 are complete bullshit, which is probably why a Pew Research study showed gun violence down 49% since its peak in 1993, and yet 88%of the public is somehoiw still blissfully unaware of this drop. You had one job, Bloomberg.

Another logo story. Think about sports apparels and only one name comes in your mind “Adidas”. This is the kind of influence that this giant brand holds in minds of the customers. But it wasn't until 1972 that the Adi Dassler designed the most iconic one of the Adidas logos: The Trefoil. As the company spread its business in apparel and leisure industry, Adi Dassler realized the need for a more apt logo design that could demonstrate industrial diversity of his company. The idea made sense to the diversity of the brand and the new logo became an instant hit with the masses. Today the Adidas Trefoil logo plays the important role of representing Adidas' Originals collection.

great site, bla bla. After finally finding the sticker in the pic with the Polish babe, I have your answer. Gornoslaska appears to be a city in Poland, and tradycja translates to tradition... Lata Gata, Eric R

It is actually Croatian and Gornoslaska is a name and tradycia is loosely translated into “In the tradition”. So the label says In the tradition of Gornoslaska. Here we would probably say In the tradition of the Gornoslaska family. Long line of Slovaks Croatian and Polish. Bill

Turns out both of you guys are sniffing in the right direction, but not quite there.... read Keith's reply below...

Viva The International Magazine For Women, is an adult woman's magazine and it was published by Bob Guccione and his wife, Kathy Keeton. Guccione was the editor of Penthouse, an adult men's magazine, and he wanted to publish a companion title for women. Viva was essentially an erotic magazine for women, containing articles and fiction delving into women's fantasies, and exploring their sexuality, reviews of the arts, interviews with known personalities, and fashion and beauty. Viva magazine usually exhibited photography containing full frontal nudity and sexual encounters targeted at mature women readers.

Some in the gun arena are predicting some pretty awesome fucking news: a crash in ammo prices might be around the corner. "When I walked into a local Wal-Mart this morning, their [sic]were over 30 signs on the ammunition case indicating a rollback of prices by 10-15%." Working from that Walmart photo, $8.97 x 2.5 = $22.45 per 50 rounds of .223, where as online, you can get 50 rounds of .223 for $15.72. So local stores haven't cought up yet and online is still the way to go. Just for later reference when I compare prices again in a year: 9mm is $12 for 50 rounds, .45ACP is $17.49 for 50 rounds, 7.62x39 is $50.86 for 50 rounds.

Maybe I'm just being overly cautious, but if your toddler can reach as that letter E, then perhaps it's time to move the Kahlua somewhere else?

Now in its third year, Seattle Symphony's critically acclaimed Sonic Evolution project creates a bridge between the Symphony and Seattle's storied reputation as launching pad for some of the most creative musicians on the popular music scene. In addition to writing a brand new composition inspired by Seattle's own Sir Mix-A-Lot, composer Gabriel Prokofiev also orchestrated two of the legendary rapper's most famous hits for this year's concert, including "Baby Got Back," for which Sir Mix-A-Lot joined Ludovic Morlot and the Orchestra on stage at Benaroya Hall. And I'm pretty sure the the brunette in the black dress joined Sir Mix-A-Lot after the show for a little anaconda fun.

Direct translation is "Silesian Tradition". Silesia is an area of southwest Poland and southeast Germany that was once a country in the 15th century. It so happens that my family name comes from this region. The motto is as a support for Ruch Chorzów, which is a local football (soccer) team. The blue R is the logo for the team: Official site - Wikipedia. The coat of arms next to it is one of the stylizations of the Silesian coat of arms. Most of the rest of the stickers also have the football team logo or name on them and I would say are promos for them. Keith - P.S. Here's a scarf picture that you may want to use to show the two logos side by side, and even an abbreviated version of the motto on the scarf.

Between the easy to read sign and the word 'Key' on the sarong, pfft this one is easy: it's Capricorn Jewelry located at 706 Duval Street in Key West, Florida. But I do need some help with this unabashedly Irish girl; I presume the tattoo but can't quite make it out enough to get a translation. Any potato eaters in here can help me out?

Jacoba Francisca Maria "Cobie" Smulders is a Canadian actress and former model, known for her roles as Robin Scherbatsky on the television series How I Met Your Mother, and as Maria Hill in the Marvel comic universe. And here she is explaining what her looks like.

On the tropical island of Bali, there are homes tucked into the jungle that look like something out of a fairytale. They're designed to have soaring roof lines, few walls or windows and nearly everything is fashioned from bamboo.

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