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Ernie's House of Whoopass! June 19, 2014
June 19, 2014

Yeah We've All Gone Through It, Man. It's Like The Ghosts Of Christmas Past In There.

Okay according to Wikipedia, there are five Saint Josenph's Colleges in the United States; Indiana, Maine, California, Maryland and New York. A lot of times you can use simple logic to figure these things out, so which of those five hosts the Saint Joseph's Invitational? I was hoping the RP on the wall might yield a clue, but it doesn't seem to help. I even tried video game logic, still no dice.

Having a much more international footprint than most American sports, including College Football, no sport on earth has hotter female reporters than football soccer. Don't get me wrong, the other sports all have gorgeous women covering them. I love Erin Andrews and Holly Sonders as much as the next guy. But they just cannot compete with the seemingly endless stream of supermodel-like journalists who cover the World Cup.

Look, I know I've harped on this a couple of times, but its really worth your you giving it some thought. Plametto State Armory is only selling these Century Arms VZ2008 in batches of a couple hundred or so; they're blowing them out priced $150 cheaper than everyone else, because they're not going to carry the m anymore. At this price, they sell out quickly and they the link remains dry for a few more days until they catch up and then blow out the next few hundred. It has been closed and refreshed 6 times over in the last two weeks. I checked the link on Tuesday when I posted it before and they were live, closed down as out of stock last night, refresh and back this morning. Once PSA blows through their stock, it's back to full price somewhere else. Also, per the warehouse dude who called me back yesterday, they are shipping orders 7 days after they've been placed, so mine will be processed on the 21st, shipping this Monday morning. Use it or not use it, inexpensive as it is, it's not a bad thing to have around in an emergency. And before you think, "Wow, Erne is some kind of crazy prepper," remember no matter how crazy you are, there's always someone just a little crazier right around the corner.

Now this is how you take a tree down. Jon

It looks like it was a limited time item on the Polish McDonald's menu for July 2006 - I don't think any of this is really useful, but here goes: August 4th, 2006 web page: Paragraph starting with "Kanapka sycylijska" translates as: it consists of: a serving of beef, feta cheese, slices of fresh tomato and fresh cucumber, lettuce, Greek dressing. Served in a bread roll. Price: 8.50 Sandwich is also available as the Holiday McSandwich for 13z. Sicilian sandwich is a seasonal offer. - Keith

Attention golfers, what golf course is this? Somewhere in the Southwestern United States, obviously. Arizona? Southern California, maybe? Added bonus: what hole? No, not that hole, I mean what hold on the course.

With a fortune estimated at $18 billion dollars, Alisher Burkhanovich Usmanov is the world's 34th richest person. His boat, M/V Dilbar is a motor yacht built in 2008, and is named after Usmanov's mother. With a length overall of 360 ft and a beam of 52 feet, she is one of the largest yachts in the world. While the order of the Russian billionaires on this list is subject to debate depending on various net worth estimates and so on, we do have one general point of agreement between pretty much everybody: Alisher Usmanov is the richest Russian on Earth. He got that way through a combination of the steel industry, telecommunications, and good old fashioned luck.

First came the sword. Then came the stun-gun. So the next logical evolution is the sword with a build in stun-gun, AMIRITE?

GOJO was founded in 1946 in Akron, Ohio, by Goldie and Jerry Lippman. Goldie Lippman worked in a rubber factory during World War II where graphite, tar, and carbon often got on the hands of employees, and was difficult to remove. Goldie and Jerry worked together with Professor Clarence Cook from Kent State University's chemistry department to formulate a heavy duty hand cleaner that they called GOJO Hand Cleaner which they sold to rubber workers. Prior to their product, chemicals such as benzene were used to remove soils, but these irritated the skin. GOJO invented a liquid soap dispenser in 1950 to dispense their product in limited quantities after realizing that users were using much more than was needed to clean their hands, hence causing buyers to think the product was too expensive.

Ernie, Saw where someone sent in a photo of a snowblower train from Alaska, thought I would contribute. My father is an engineer with UP out of Cheyenne, WY. Took these photos last time I was there and got a tour of the yard. They told me that the snow comin out of this thing will knock trees and power poles over and when they hit the occasional animal they only know it cause the snow turns pink. The rotor on this thing is huge, at least 10 feet tall. The pics are of the front, the engine and from inside looking forward. Also included a pic of one of the push snow plows, they put these in front of the engines to push snow off the tracks. Enjoy... Jason.

Found on Craigslist: 30 bales of cotton rags; perfect for a car wash business. One side is white, the other says, "Miami Heat 2014 Champs."

The Motel Geishe Sur located in Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia seems like an odd hotel. They advertise have 83 rooms junior type: spacious, comfortable, to enjoy special moments, the smallest of which can be rented for $60,000 Columbian Pesos ($32) for 8 hours. It doesn't look very inviting from the outside, , more like an outside storage facility. But once you realize who they cater to, it makes a lot more sense.

In the next 54 seconds, watch everyone - from the elderly to unsuspecting small children - fall victim to their most trusted companions' insatiable need to do it for the Vine. That's right, 9 Vines that prove nobody is safe. How far we've come.

this is why you stay awake all night when you know you need to sleep

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