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Ernie's House of Whoopass! July 7, 2014
July 7, 2014

Crom, I Have Never Prayed To You Before. I Have No Tongue For It.

I am a lover of all things 1968 Dodge Charger. Unfortunately, not all share my sentimentalism. In 1968, Chrysler Corporation unveiled a new ad campaign featuring a Bee with an engine on its back. These cars were called the "Scat Pack". The Coronet R/T, Super Bee, Dart GTS and Charger R/T received bumble-bee stripes (two thin stripes framing two thick stripes). The stripes were standard on the R/Ts and came in red, white or black. They could be deleted at no cost. The 1968 model year Charger sales increased to 96,100, including over 17,000 Charger R/Ts. And I don't know how the fuck this happened, but comehow the 1968 Dodge Charger came the car'de'jour for villians, as testified by Vanishing Point and Bullitt.

Discovering a great car movie is always fun, and there are tons of them out there most of us don't even know about. For a movie to be on this list, a simple car chase is not enough, the car has to be the protagonist and some sort of racing must happen on the scene. In this list of the greatest car movies ever made, including racing films, fast car movies, films with high speed chases, and action car movies.

Have you ever looked at a pocketful of shotgun shells and thought to yourself, now that's a lot of color there in those hulls. Well that's a funny story. Did you know back in the old days, shotgun shells were separated by color so that users could tell the size just by glancing at the hull? True story, bro. Federal was the first company to color-code our shot shells for safety and identification. Federal's original color scheme went like this: Brown for 10-gauge, Red for 12-gauge, Purple for 16-gauge, Yellow for 20-gauge, Red for .410, Green for 28-gauge. Why? Well back in the day, tragically, not all Americans were literate. This was seen increasingly in rural communities where education was often limited due to the need to help with the farm or by a need to go out and get a job at an early age to help keep the farm. These same communities were those in which a shotgun was as common as a bicycle or baseball bat in the home.

Did you know that Winston Churchill wanted to attack Russia after World War II ended? Or that 99% of a tree consists of dead cells? I sure as hell didn't. Find out more about these facts here.

Wallace the Pit Bull was found as a stray and was facing euthanasia at a shelter until his family rescued him. He went on to make them proud, becoming a wonderful breed ambassador and one of the world's best competitive disc dogs. But after a diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma, a 10 year old Wallace was given 2 weeks to 3 months to live without chemo. But after going 7 months chemo-free, Wallace celebrated his 11th birthday with a wonderful surprise. One year later, Wallace was again diagnosed with a second terminal cancer which eventually claimed his life. However, Wallace lived a full and amazing life that inspired thousands!

This next picture is for your whore family whole family. If you have a collection of shots with pale, washed out colors the chances are that it's not a problem with the camera's color settings, but the exposure that you've used. Overexposing an image can make its colors very light, in fact in some instances photographers may underexpose images slightly to get more saturated results. The first thing to do is to check that you haven't set a much higher sensitivity setting than the lighting requires as this may force the camera into overexposing the scene.

This supercut of kids losing balloons is the saddest most awesome thing in the world.

Syrup of ipecac is derived from the dried rhizome and roots of the ipecacuanha. It is typically used to induce vomiting, which it accomplishes by irritating the lining of the stomach and by stimulating part of the brain called the medullary chemoreceptor trigger zone. Pediatricians once recommended ipecac be kept in the home as a ready emetic for use in cases of accidental poisoning. Current guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics, however, strongly advise against this and in fact recommend the disposal of any syrup of ipecac present in the home.

And I'm sorry kids, but commie as it may be to say, but at $0.19 per cartridge 7.62x39 is still the best round out there.

This next picture is for your whore family whole family. Okay, do a bottle of Diet Coke and... a bottle of blue shit?

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