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Ernie's House of Whoopass! August 19, 2014
August 19, 2014

Michael Brown, The Ferguson Police, Al Sharpton, et al.

A lot of people are suggesting Michael Brown was killed because he robbed a store, "he didn't deserve to die over some stolen cigars." I completely agree. But robbery was not why the fatal confrontation occured. Brown was killed because -- or at least the police claim -- he assaulted an officer in a police cruiser, attempted to steal the officer's firearm before fleeing, and then turned and charging the officer. A jaywalking incident can have fatal consequences if the jaywalker assaults the officer and tries to steal his firearm. Now as for who is telling the truth in this Michael brown shooting is of course a matter of hot debate, and one that will not be put to rest anytime soon. Both sides admit the officer attempted to exit the cruiser and [for disputed reasons] was unable to do so. The victim's friend says they were just walking down the street, when the officer pulled up, opened his car door so quickly, it bounced off of these two innocent souls. The officer on the other hand, claims he attempted to open the door and was forcibly shoved back inside, a physical struggle ensued and Brown attempted to grab his gun. As to who is telling the truth, I'd simply like to know if there's a bullet hole inside the cruiser. Because to me, that'd be pretty definitive. But we're not going to settle this hash anytime soon, so there's no sense in getting our panties in a wad -- or setting fire to any convenience stores -- until the truth comes out. And so in the meantime...

THUMBS DOWN to anyone bitching and moaning because Brown had marijuana in his system. It's the year 2014 and by everyone should enjoy a zippity-fucking-do-dah attitude about weed. Brown tests positive for cocaine or meth? Fine, you'll have my attention. But weed? Pffft, who cares.

THUMBS DOWN to Michael Baden, a hired shill from New York who offered, “In my capacity as the forensic examiner for the New York State Police, I would say, 'You're not supposed to shoot so many times.'” So asshole, just what is the proper amount of times to shoot someone who is charging at you? Is it 16 times with 9 injured bystanders? Or perhaps 50 times is the correct number? You fire until there's no more threat. That's the magic number. Period.

THUMBS DOWN to the St. Charles County Regional SWAT Team for firing tear gas and bean bags at journalists. Now later on the St. Charles County spokesperson would claim the officers were kindly helping the news crew to change locations and even thanked the officers afterwards. Yeah, I call fucking bullshit. Because when the actions you take cede the high moral ground to the fucking Pelestinians, you're doing something wrong.

THUMBS DOWN to Trayvon Martin's parasitic parents, who once again forced her way into the spotlight to offer, "gun violence is the second leading cause of death for children ages 1-19. That is a horrible fact." uh, actually, no, no it's not all. Unless of course by "second leading cause" you mean "fourth leading cause" behind perinatal conditions, congenital anomalies, and motor vehicles.

THUMBS DOWN to this stupid fucking CNN news anchor for suggesting police use water cannons on protesters instead of tear gas. Hmmmm, let me think of why that's a bad idea. Hmmmmmm.

THUMBS DOWN to Michael Brown's grandfather who demanded to meet with President Obama because -- hey after all -- he voted for him. On that regard fuck you to any parents who gets treated with kid gloves and gets to testify before our elected leaders, while others are ignored because they're not deemed newsworthy. On that note a hearty FUCK YOU to our Divider in Chief who was -- and I'm not shitting you -- at the Vineyard Golf Club during Major General Harold Greene's funeral.

THUMBS DOWN to any asshole calling for the officer involved to immediately be fired and charged with murder. You are all hypocritical cocksuckers.

THUMBS DOWN to anyone outraged by this photo of an American citizen pointing his weapon at the government, but not equally outraged by these photos of the government pointing their weapons at American citizens. You are also hypocritical cocksuckers.

AND FINALLY, THUMBS DOWN to Big Snitch Al Sharpton and his bullshit "We are liberators, not looters" speech. Do you want to know where to stand on any moral issue? Easy, find where Sharpton stands and then take the exact opposite view. I guarantee you'll always be on the right side of history. He shoudld have been booed off stage right along with Jesse Jackson.

Hi Ernie, The simple explanation for stainless steel types is this. All steel is alloyed to make it "stainless" by adding non corrosive alloys such as nickel and molybdenum, to keep it from rusting. Many manufactures of steels create proprietary alloys for making knife steel. How they get proprietary formulas is by tweaking the alloys to get different tinsel strengths in both a lateral and longitudinal directions and by heat treating the steel to make it hard to hold an edge. S30V is said to be proprietary and only can be used by Kershaw. The main differences of 14C28N and S30V are as follows: 14C28N is "less hard" It has a lateral hardness of 5 to 6 pounds so It will sharpen very easily to a razor edge but will lose its edge quickly requiring it to be resharpened. Pro: since it is softer than S30V it will be less prone to chipping and tip breakage during rough use. Con: It will require frequent sharpening and is recommended to "strop" the blade after each period of use. S30V Is Hard. It has a Lateral hardness of 10 to 10.5 pounds. It will be more difficult to sharpen but will hold its edge for a much longer period of time. Pro: It holds its edge. Con: because it is hard, the edge will chip like glass under rough use. I know this is more 6th grade than kindergarten but this is as simple of an explanation that I can provide. After saying this, all knife steel freaks have their own opinion about what is the better steel. Ideal hardness for a perfect edge etc.. etc.. All of this information above is hotly contested in that arena. My preference is the 14C28N. It gets razor sharp and with regular stropping stays razor sharp and is less likely to chip or break when I use it. Cheers friend, Randy

THUMBS UP to to anyone finally coming the realization that there are benefits to being an armed member of society. As I've said before, being that I live on the Gulf coast of FLorida, my biggest fear is the immediate aftermath of a large hurricane. Those of you who live on the west coast have to deal with wild fires and earthquakes. In the midwest you have tornadoes. Any number of which could cause a temporary breakdown of society and with it the relative safety that we all take for granted. But Ferguson showed us that riots can happen anywhere, anytime, for any reason. So I'm not saying everyone has to turn into Charleton Fucking Heston -- or Bruce Stern -- but I think you owe it to yourself to know how to defend yourself and your family in a crisis. [MORE GUNS - MORE AMMO]

THUMBS UP to Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson for introducing a bill to halt transfer of military-grade equipment from the Department of Defense to local law enforcement agencies, including automatic weapons, armored vehicles, armored drones, silencers and flash-bang or stun grenades. Although I suspect it will be an uphill battle all the way.

And just for something in the lighter side, Atlanta Braves fans were treated to some Free Male Nudity at Turner Field last night. And yes, pictures and video.

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