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Ernie's House of Whoopass! September 18, 2014
September 18, 2014

Left Wheel. Blue.

Okay kids, serious business here, because I suspect shit is about go get real before this year comes to an end, and I think we're going to pay a toll soon over what shitty border security we have. So if you aren't taking at least some precautions or making minimal preparations, I think you're doing yourself a disservice. I think for the most part, we'll be able to lean on our gub'mint for the majority of it, but the harsh reality is we can't expect them to catch everything. Not that I think Southwest Florida is big on anyone's hit list, but for you poor fuckers in the larger metropolitan areas, I know I sound like a broken record about having some means to to defend yourself, I ain't just whistlin Dixie.

The Joker is a unique playing card found in most modern card decks, as an addition to the standard four suits: clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades. The often colorful card has a rich history, and varying interpretations depending on specific card games and their rules. Jokers also appear as tiles in some Mahjong game sets, primarily in the American version of Mahjong. It is believed that the term "Joker" comes from Jucker, the original German spelling of Euchre. The card was originally introduced in about 1860 for games of that family to be used as the highest trump.

National Football League Cheerleading is a professional cheerleading organization and popular attraction that can give an NFL team more coverage/airtime, popular local support and increased media image. As of 2014, 26 of the 32 NFL teams include a cheerleading squad in their franchise; 7 teams do not have cheerleading squads: Buffalo Bills, Chicago Bears, Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants, and the Pittsburgh Steelers. At the end of the day, we don't need to understand the economic or psychological reasons for the existence of NFL cheerleaders to appreciate them. And that's what today's collection of sexy NFL cheerleader GIFs is all about.

At the end of the Vietnam Way, the USS Midway pushed over $10 million dollars worth of UH-1 Huey helicopters overboard and into the South China sea, all so a single Cessna O-1 flown by South Vietnamese Air Force Major Buang-Ly and his family could land onboard. Sound absurd? Well it's true whether you believe it or not! And the O-1 that Major Buang landed is now on display at the Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola, FL.

I'm at work so I can't check it out until later. Can you find this location? Keep up the good work! Rich

Well first I did some Google image searchging and came across this gallery which will make most grown men weep. Then I stumbled across another picture of the accident, only from a different angle. Notice the front license plate? California. So searching for Skyline Road in California it's only a matter of time until you find one that ends in a T-intersection with a road that begins with the letter "F" and overlooking a hill... viola! The intersection of Skyline Road and Foothill Road, in Ventura, California. You're welcome.

Now let me ask you to identify the manufacturer of these floating foam turtles. I can tell you they are not made by: Nuby, Chunky Critters, One Step Ahead, or Babies R Us.

7 Up is a brand of lemon-lime flavored, non-caffeinated soft drink. The rights to the brand are held by Dr Pepper Snapple Group in the United States, and PepsiCo in the rest of the world. The U.S. version of the 7 Up logo includes a red spot between the "7" and "Up"; this red spot has been animated and used as a mascot for the brand as Cool Spot. A variation, Orange-Up, was available for a short time in Norway during the mid-1990s. It was pulled off the market after 2–3 years. Today, 7 Up Orange can still be bought in Austria and The Netherlands.

Hey Ern. Just a tid-bit on The Fighting Muskies. My Wife is one. New Concord is actually a "DRY" town, with numerous drive-thrus just outside the boundaries. We live about 20 minutes away, with a drive-thru just across the street. Scott, in Zanesville, Ohio.

Have you seen this series of videos on Lego rifles? Lookup "lego lee enfield" on youtube. Could these be considered "assault" rifles? Do they have too many rounds in the magazine? keith

No matter how shitty your day is going, there's always someone whose day is just a little shittier.

Our multi-million dollar fleets of Predators and Reaper drones are quickly becoming the exception rather than the rule. As UAV technology continues its breakneck advance, the cost of producing even high-performance ISR drones is plummeting. This new UAV, for example, is so inexpensive and quick to create that it's practically disposable. Dubbed the Razor by its creators at the University of Virginia, this 1.8 pound, 4-foot-wide flying wing is powered by a single prop and controlled with nothing more than an Android tablet from up to a mile. It can also plot its own autonomous course using GPS.

The Dark Knight? The Empire Strikes Back? Terminator 2? The Naked Gun 2 1/2? Which of these which was the better sequel, in your opinion?

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