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Ernie's House of Whoopass! September 22, 2014
September 22, 2014

Trust me, Kid. You'll Change Your Tune On That Soon Enough.

The HoMedics FB-300 Jetspa Elite Foot Spa envelopes your foot for a relaxing 2-in-1 massage experience that includes both rejuvenating water jets and a soothing bubble massage. Raised nodes give the bottom of your feet a relaxing and gentle massage. The spinning pedicure center comes with three attachments: pumice stone, cleansing brush and massage roller. Heat maintenance technology and toe-touch control makes getting the perfect massage easy, while the integrated splash guard prevents splashing and spills.

Have you heard of Bitcoins but don't understand what they are or how they work? Well the lovely Brooke Marks from Naked News has got you covered.

Spanning 40 years and including 100 films, Oliver Reed's career began with Hammer Horror films but soon developed into international stardom. In May 1999 he died while making another film, the hit blockbuster Gladiator. During his life, he became equally well-known for his off-screen exploits and blunt opinions but Cliff Goodwin reveals another side to this complex man, using material from first-hand interviews with Reed's family, friends and colleagues, together with never-before-seen photographs. Evil Spirits: The Life of Oliver Reed contains first-hand interviews with some of Reed's family, friends and colleagues, plus photographs from the family album Gladiator, Reed's last film, was dedicated to him and his performance was well reviewed by the critics.

That sign looks to me to be referring to Autosig, which (before they stopped their direct affiliation with Omniasig) were the sole reseller of repossessed Daewoo cars in Bucharest, Romania. Just to the southeast of this location there is a park, which has the same time of painted trees, the same type of barb top fence (with both green and rust color poles), the same type of thin street pole. Based on the sun coming from the left of the picture, the girls would be facing anywhere from northeast to southeast depending on the time of day. This means the photographer is facing west (southwest to northwest) looking out the park. I just can't find a location that exactly fits – perhaps the picture is from 10 years ago and the street has changed drastically—I don't know. Keith

The slouch hat was first worn by military forces in Australia in 1885 when the newly created Victorian Mounted Rifles adopted the hat as part of their uniform after their commanding officer, Thomas Price, had seen them worn by police in Burma. On 22 December 1890, the military commanders of the then separate Australian Colonies prior to the Federation of Australia met to discuss the introduction of the khaki uniform throughout Australia. They agreed that all Australian Forces with the exception of the Artillery would wear the slouch hat. It was to be looped up on one side—Victoria and Tasmania on the right and the other colonies on the left. This was done so that rifles could be held at the slope without damaging the brim.

If you're a fan of Steven Spielberg and Lego, you're in luck. Finnish photographer Vesa Lehtimaki unites these two passions of his in playful and imaginative dioramas, using Lego minifigures, baking soda and forced perspective to create original miniature scenes from such epic movies as Star Wars, Indiana Jones and The Lord of the Rings.

Retractable awnings are now becoming very popular with homeowners in the United States. They have been popular in Europe for many years, due to higher energy costs and lack of air conditioning. You can create shade, protection and comfort anytime you want, with the touch of a button. A retractable awning makes your deck or patio as much as 20-degrees cooler, while guarding your family and guests from harmful UV rays. It also helps lower your air conditioning bill by shading windows and glass doors from direct sunlight. Retractable awnings are commonly used to shade a window, with a roller tube at the top, spring-loaded side arms, and a motor, crank or tape-pull operator.

Gun instructor's kids make video for the girl who shot him ..Wow. Rick

Niobia Bryant is an African-American novelist of both romance and mainstream fiction. She also writes Urban fiction as Meesha Mink and Young Adult fiction as Simone Bryant. In 2008, Bryant teamed up with a fellow romance author to write the urban fiction Hoodwives series for Simon & Schuster/Touchstone. Writing as Meesha Mink and De'Nesha Diamond, their first collaboration, Desperate Hoodwives, was released in January 2008, followed by Shameless Hoodwives in August 2008, and the highly anticipated The Hood Life in January 2009.

Old and busted: First person view of riding on a motorcycle and dishing out justice to litterbugs. The new hotness: First person view of riding a 1949 Harley Panhead with a suicide shifter.

Capital Pride is an annual LGBT pride festival held in early June each year in Washington, D.C. It was founded as Gay Pride Day, a one-day block party and street festival, in 1975. Whitman-Walker Clinic became the sole sponsor of Capital Pride in 2000, and expanded organizational oversight of Capital Pride in 2007 when it was the fourth-largest gay pride event in the United States . Although the healthcare organization remained the sole sponsor of the festival, 11 other local non-profit organizations joined with WWC to form the Capital Pride Planning Committee. The 2007 parade was organized by the D.C. Trans Coalition, an umbrella group of organizations and activists supporting the needs of transgender people, the addition of Trans Pride to Capital Pride was a direct outcome of the expanded organizational planning group.

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