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Ernie's House of Whoopass! October 13, 2014
October 13, 2014

Hey Wikipedia, The US Populatrion Is Now 316,000,074.

This past Friday morning, a friend and 73 other pre-Muricans earned their citizenship the right way. They all endured a long and rather arduous immigration process; extensive background checks both here and abroad, language tests, citizenship knowledge tests, secured employment and paid taxes, passed several interviews, and most importantly, complied with all of our laws. Konstantine is very intelligent, honest, a hard worker, and I think a shit ton better citizen than some people who happened to be born here. And now as a naturalized citizen, he can petition to bring over his extended family if he chooses to. And if they choose to apply, those family members will be scrutinized as well, to make sure not only America will make them better, but they will make America better. This my friends, is immigration done right. I don't mind saying I got choked up a few times during the ceremony. If you've never had the chance to witness such a thing, try to. It's pretty fucking cool.

I've always said that Twitter is the social media outlet where you learn to love people you don't actually know. Facebook is the one where you learn to hate the people you do. There's basically no win in Facebook. But even if most people are aware of the futility of posting and sharing their life on Facebook, it's never going to stop. But as you can see from these fucking morons, it's at least entertaining.

Color Oops Hair Color Remover, it's a revolutionary hair product that removes hair color to restore hair to its natural color. This is a miracle product because not only can it remove unwanted color, but it won't damage your hair! What is so unique about Color Oops Hair Wipes is they have a special ingredient known as hydrosulfite. Hydrosulfite rapidly reduces the dye molecule without the need for bleach, ammonia, or peroxide. You can even dye your hair that same day.

I'll take a stab at the lacrosse shirt challenge: Duke University, 2013 Division 1 Lacrosse Champs – Sky Blue and White school colors on the hottie's shirts; Losers probably wouldn't pop out the boobies. Game was played May 27, 2013, thus the “Y” and “7” visible on the wishful kid's Championship t-shirt; Duke 16, Syracuse 10.And the game was played at Lincoln Financial Field in Philly. And for the shark, if that shot was taken at the Mayan Temple Shark Lagoon [it was...] aquarium, it's probably their Caribbean Reef shark. Rock on, Caveman

At first I was going to use this photo for a challenge, asking what restaurant she was in. Then I got to rubbing my two brain cells together and since I knew that despite the red and white decor it wasn't a Five Guys, maybe it was the other dominant hamburger chain from the West coast, In-and-Out Burger. Yep, turns out that's a typical interior of one of their restaurants, with the with the company's motto, "Quality you can taste" lit up in the neon sign. So I've got another one for you, and this one is going need some serious sleuthing: what French cafe is this girl dining at? And to help you in your quest, here's a close up of the menu.

If you thought your innocent days of cartoon watching were the best days of your life, you may be right, but you're wrong about one thing: the innocence. You'll be shockingly surprised to find out that the cartoons that mini you used to enjoy on a daily basis were just full of adult humor dirty enough DICK JOKES for adults, but subtle enough to fly over your little head completely.

Ernie, Long time fan and past LBEH contributor... You posted the video of the open cockpit glider flight... Here is my toy... I purchased in it Yakima WA, flew it to the big air show in OshKosh this last summer... and then Flew it home to the San Diego area. The video is of a flight from Carlsbad airport (20mi or so north of San Diego) ,the first 5 minutes or so are sped up 6 times.... the last bit is normal speed... advance to the end of the video and watch the landing as well... If your ever in the San Diego area I'd love to give you a ride. Paul [... and I'd love to take you up on the offer!]

Who is Ricky Fowler, you ask? Rick Fowler is an American professional golfer who plays on the PGA Tour, once the number one ranked amateur golfer in the world for 36 weeks in 2007 and 2008. Who is Rickie Fowler's girlfriend, you ask? She is swimwear model Alexis Randock. It's unclear how long they've been dating, and we don't know much about her beyond the fact that she's an Arizona State grad and hot.

Both Kirkland and Grey Goose vodkas are made in the Cognac region of France, with distillation techniques sourced from the neighboring Cognac houses. The vodkas are five times distilled in a state of the art distilleries. Both are made from 100% fine French wheat. Both use pure artesian spring water originating in the Massif Mountains of France. This water flows into cognac after being filtered naturally through champagne limestone leaving it rich in minerals and flavor. But in my opinion, Kirkland brand vodka is slightly sweeter than Grey Goose.

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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