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Ernie's House of Whoopass! October 14, 2014
October 14, 2014

Just For The Record, I Named That Image "EBOLAASSHOLE.JPG"

Does anyone know why Thomas Eric Duncan, the first patient diagnosed with Ebola inside the country, died of the disease? Was it because he lied on his customs form when he entered the country? No. Was it when he casually mentioned that he might have visited Liberia in his virst hospital visit and accepting only antibiotics, before coming clean on a follow up visit and admitting he had direct contact with an Ebola patient? No. How about when even his stupid fucking family had to be sequestered under armed guard, because they wouldn't accept voluntary quarantine? No. It was because he was poor, black and had no insurance, of course! The only thing else this asshole could have done wrong was to ignore medical advice and treat himself with a vegan diet, acupuncture, and bowel cleanses.

And just so there's no misunderstanding, I do hope Ebola mutates and goes airborne, if it hasn't already. I hope it turns into a pandemic and burns like an out of control wildfire. Knock the world population down from 7 billion ot so to around 4 billion, and solve all of the world's problems in one quick stroke. Homelessness? Not with all the vacant homes left behind. Hunger? Nope, we'll have half as many mouths to feed with the same resources. Unemployment? No problem, we need help burying all these bodies. And for you Greenpeacey Save-the-Whalers? It'll reduce our carbon footprint. Now I'm not trying to create a panic and suggest you run out and start putting together your own Ebola survival kit, I'm just saying if an opposing team will get entirely wiped out, maybe the Raiders won't finish the season 0-16. SEE, EVERYONE WINS.

The Sun Java Workstation W1100z and the Sun Java Workstation W2100z are AMD Opteron processor-based systems. These were the first x86-architecture workstations Sun had produced, other than the short-lived Sun386i in the late 1980s. A maximum of 16 Gbytes of dual-channel registered ECC DDR SDRAM is available for the two-processor system; four DIMMs per processor. Supported operating systems were Solaris, Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS or SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9. The Java Workstation name alluded to the workstations being intended to run Sun's Java Desktop System, a GNOME-based desktop environment.

The yellow bag is from a gummi candy store in Germany, Baeren Treff. Thanks for running the only site I check each morning. Gregg.

That picture would be replacement of the lower jaw (mandible). Usually due to cancer, and sometimes trauma. In this case it's probably cancer. Tobacco products in the oral cavity are a bad thing, m'kay? They have removed all bone tissue to just before the condyle and screwed a titanium analog of the mandible to what is left. Because there is no bone tissue to support the soft tissues of the mandible it just flops on his chest. Oh, and there is a suture and thread holding it down and out of the way. They will attach the soft tissues of the mandible to the analog, and if the patient is lucky, they will attach some implant teeth to the analog so he doesn't have to eat dinner from a blender for the rest of his life. No amount of surgery will ever make him look right again and he will look a lot like Roger Ebert did late in life. Speech will be problematic if at all possible. Without supporting bone tissue it will be impossible to reproduce certain speech patterns. That's probably one of my favorite pictures of oral surgery and a shining example of why people should never chew tobacco. -Todd

Cotton swabs consist of a small wad of cotton wrapped around one or both ends of a short rod, usually made of either wood, rolled paper, or plastic. They are commonly used in a variety of applications including first aid, cosmetics application, cleaning, and arts and crafts. The term "Q-tips" is often used as a genericized trademark for cotton swabs in the USA. Although doctors have said for years that usage of the cotton swab for ear cleaning or scratching is not safe, such use remains the most common.

Evidently some dude found on the Panthers sideline during Sunday's game between the Panthers and the Bengals may have been busted on national TV trying to get an upskirt creepshot of a Bengals cheerleader.

A polarizer can convert a beam of light of undefined or mixed polarization into a beam with well-defined polarization, polarized light. Brewster's angle -- also known as the polarization angle -- is an angle of incidence at which light with a particular polarization is perfectly transmitted through a transparent dielectric surface, with no reflection. When unpolarized light is incident at this angle, the light that is reflected from the surface is therefore perfectly polarized. This special angle of incidence is named after the Scottish physicist Sir David Brewster (1781–1868).

Hey Ernie, It appears the football photo was taken on November 22, 2009 based on the result found HERE. You can see the score and Alex Smith's numbers are identical. What really threw me was the question of the actual game being shown. I thought it was the Bears vs somebody, but they played the Eagles that week. It appeared to be the Chargers on offense but they played the Broncos that week. Then it dawned on me. Those were the Broncos' 2009 Throwback Uniforms. Hideous. Keep up the good work. Matt

Hey big E, I wanted to show a friend the video of the robber getting shot in the head at point blank but cannot find the kaboom head shot link. The archives have through September 24th and the home page starts at October 4th. Is there a broken link? Missing pages? Am I a moron and don't know how to navigate a web site? John

Nah, you're fine, it's my archive script that's kind of fucked up. Fixing it has been on my to-do list since, like, 2008. The BOOM HEADHOT you're looking for is on the 3 October page.

Cobalt Flux was a game controller manufacturer based in the greater Salt Lake City, Utah area of the United States. One notable product from Cobalt Flux was the polycarbonate plastic and metal-based dance platform, which is used with console dance games such as Dance Dance Revolution. Fundamentally, the Cobalt Flux dance platform is similar to most dance pad designs. Instead of the typical four arrow plus corners panel layout as is common in soft dance pads, there are nine usable foot panels: center, left, right, up, down, and corners. Cobalt Flux dance platforms are considered to be among the most reliable according to dance game enthusiasts, however there are also anecdotes of less than high reliability.

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