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Ernie's House of Whoopass! October 15, 2014
October 15, 2014

Sure, The Cheerleaders Bring You In, But It's Always The offensive Lineman Washing Your Car.

One of my favorite storylines from the third season of The Sopranos: Salvatore "Mustang Sally" Intile learns the relationship between cause and effect. Of course, Paulie Walnuts was awesome in the hospital scene that preceded the hit, but Paulie Burt Young stole the show.

Captain Tony's Saloon is a bar located at 428 Greene Street, in Key West, Florida. The bar has been patronized through the years by many well-known artists, writers and celebrities. In fact, an interesting feature of the bar is that when any celebrity visits, a barstool is added with that patron's name. You will find barstools painted with the names of famous people such as Ernest Hemingway, Truman Capote, Duane Cahill, Jimmy Buffett, Shel Silverstein, John Prine, presidents John F. Kennedy and Harry Truman, and even your mom. During Fantasy Fest, you can come on by legendary Captain Tony's Saloon and explore your fantasies in naughty or nice all-plaid attire. You get to meet new friends, and enjoy live music!

Are you ready to realize that everything you've ever known about stuff is wrong? For example earlier on Monday, the fact that Christopher Columbus never reached any area now known as the United States of America -- he mainly visited the Caribbean Islands, which are their own independent countries -- or that George Washington never had any wooden teeth. And as if that wasn't enough, just wait until you read about the Declaration of Independence and its real connection to the date 4th of July.

That is a restaurant in Cap d'Agde, France....aka the "Naked City". I cannot find the name of the restaurant, but recognized the location very quickly! Ryan

Zooming out from the Streetview to the map view, I'm pretty sure that restaurant is called "Lagon Bleu," or to people who haven't surrendered to the Germans, "Blue Lagoon." Either way, nice find, Ryan! Okay housekeepers, I'll need your help with this one. What model vacuum cleaner is sitting here? At first I thought it was a Eureka Lightweight Easy Clean Upright, because of the vents on the side, but there's no yellow cord hook on that back of that model, and there is one on hers. So I'm stumped; can you do any better?

In this dashboard camera footage of a high-speed chase in the Czech Republic, a biker tries to outmaneuver a police car, only to have the officer put on a masterclass in weaving through traffic.

CVS/Pharmacy Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Scrub is specially formulated to clean pores deep down while exfoliating skin,. Gentle micro scrubbers soften skin and remove dirt, oil and makeup without over drying. The cooling formula provides a powerful clean feeling, leaving your skin with a refreshing tingle. CVS Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Scrub is oil free, won't clog pores and rinses clean.

Bump Fire Systems Stock - $105.99 Shipped!! - Safe and precise way to Bumpfire your rifle

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