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Ernie's House of Whoopass! November 11, 2014
November 11, 2014

Happy Veteran's Day And Welcome To Let's bring Em Home 2014!

Today is Veteran's Day; the one day of the year set aside for recognizing the 3% of the population willing to set their own personal needs aside, and take a personal interest in shepherding this great country our forefathers entrusted to us. You are the chosen few who knows firsthand what it's like to feel your heart race as you step aboard a bus destined to take you far from the comforts of your friends and family. To live and die by the mailbox and disposable phone cards, to not see your family for months or sometimes even years. To sit in a steel folding chair and fill out a stapled packet marked "Last Will and Testament" before you're old enough to legally take a drink of alcohol. To understand the importance and reverence of a proper military salute, and feel truly honored to being able to render it. To form bonds with people that will survive through time, distance, and sometimes even death. I collectively tip my hat to all of those honored souls from both today and yesterday, who were brave enough and lucky enough to sign on the dotted line. Happy Veteran's Day.

And each year I have chosen Veteran's Day as the day to put forth the call for your help. And as the morning sun peeked above my neighbor's house, that time is once again upon us. The time when I throw myself on my knees and humbly beg that you, fair reader, will help me help our country's young military members: the Airmen, the Marines, the Soldiers, the Sailors and the Coast Guardsmen. To show them that we understand they're people and not just statistics we see on our evening news, or blurry images that dance across our television screens. That we understand how they'd rather be with their families than any other place in the world, especially during this time of the year. Last year your generosity channelled $108,850 into the LBEH coffers, allowing us to buy plane tickets for 138 service personnel who would have otherwise spent the holiday season alone in their dorm rooms. As always, Let's Bring Em Home exists exclusively on donations, and the folks who run LBEH with me -- including myself -- are volunteers! So remember... Lots of donations = lots of airplane tickets = Lots of happy soldiers! And as a registered 501(c)(3) organization, your donations are 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

Not to be a buzz kill, but if you look closely, you can clearly see the strap of Kate Upton's skin colored panties. So as much as I would hope she was commando, she was not. Nick

Thanks for the links on the Harrier. The F35 is overbudget and behind schedule, but I guess that's normal. The DOD wants that plane to be able to do everything so they can sell it to our allies to pay for it. The Navy finally did a catapult launch on the C version off the Nimitz. Nice clean takeoff. Too many guys standing around to watch if you ask me. I like the color coded vests. I assume there is someone watching and keeping count. I work with a guy who was in the Navy and he didn't think the hazard pay was enough for the risk of being up on the deck during ops.. David

Here is your early preview of Black Friday ads -- and the Tractor Supply Co has some awesome fucking deals on big ass 600lb gun safes.

However, just like some people in many cases, it takes some time until you find out a decisive detail about these photos. So please have a look at this collection of photographs and see how fast you can spot that tiny thing that simply ain't right. They say that if you get 10 photos in a row in less than one minute, you'll meet the love of your life next week. Nah, just kidding, you'll still be a lonely loser.

time lapse video of lava filled crater in hawaii collapsing 115 meters in just a few hours

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