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Ernie's House of Whoopass! November 20, 2014
November 20, 2014

Oh, Like You Don't Miss The 80's Too.

If you were as throuroughly entertained by Guardians of the Galaxy as I was, you'll be delighted to know -- that today and today only -- you can get the entire soundtrack for free on Google Play. This will of course allow you to challenge your own friends to a Starlord worthy dance off of your own, and if you're lucky, your own Rocket sidekick. I am also excited at the prospect of a Howard the Duck movie, and while I still think Lea Thompson looks terrific for her age, we have to be brutally honest with ourselves and accept she's not going to look the same as she used to.

Tuborg is a Danish brewing company founded in 1873 by Carl Frederik Tietgen, which initially produced pale lager for the Danish market. It merged with United Breweries in 1894, which then entered into a profit-sharing agreement with Carlsberg in 1903. In 1970, United Breweries was acquired by Carlsberg. Today, it makes lager for global export, as well as a variety of continental styles for both domestic and foreign markets. Part of the brand's success in Russia has come from its strong links to music in Eastern Europe and by being one of the first beers in the market to launch the innovative ring pull cap.

Here is anything and everything you could hope to know about ALL THE BLACK FRIDAY DEALS THIS YEAR.

Binion's has been making Las Vegas history since 1951 when Texas gambler, Benny Binion, bought the property at 128 Fremont Street. Benny was passionate about giving players excitement, good odds and friendly service, or as he would say - Good Food. Good Whiskey. Good Gamble. Though downtown Las Vegas has evolved since the days of Benny Binion, Benny's enthusiasm still remains at the historic casino and has been picked up by the current owner, TLC Casino Enterprises, that purchased the property in March 2008. Binion's Cafe is a downtown classic and an instant favorite by everyone who has tried one. Every single Binions Hangover Burger is made daily at Binion's Butcher Shop, never frozen and prepared to order.

Here is the location of that bus stop, its on the 2600 Blk of Wilshire Blvd, in Santa Monica Ca. Rick

Ernie, The bus stop location is here, the tan building in the background is 2530 Wilshire Blvd. The chicks name is Veronica Weston, and you can see more of her here. By the way, LOVED what you did for November 10. Semper Fi, Tim

This is a bus stop near the intersection of Wilshire Blvd. and 26th Street in Santa Monica, CA. The odd shaped sign in the background is for Ursula's Costumes. Fun fact, behind Ursula's Costumes, in the same building, there used to be a "massage parlor". The entrance was in the back parking lot. There was a long time tradition of going to The Shack (next door to Ursula's) for drinks and to watch sports, and then to quietly slip out the back, go to the "massage parlor" to relieve some tension, and be back in time to watch the last quarter. The Shack saw many a business deal cemented in just that manner over the years. The Shack and Ursula's are still there. The parlor, sadly, is gone. The victim of one of the many do gooders in Santa Monica and the changing nature of doing business in America. Ahhhh, the good old days. Nick S.

And while there are still no takers on identifying this movie in the background, here's a softball: translate this wall hanging.

I am very happy to be post this awesome (NSFW!) gallery of the beautiful Kristen Pyles courtesy of Playboy Plus. Kristen has a lovely face along with a stunning, all-natural figure that's just perfect. She looks amazing in (and out!) of everything, and here they have her in some sexy lingerie outfits. She's also done some glamour work as Hailee Rain as well.

The Qiang is the Chinese term for spear. Due to its relative ease of manufacture, the spear in many variations was ubiquitous on the pre-modern Chinese battlefield. Common features of the Chinese spear are the leaf shaped blade and red horse-hair tassel lashed just below. The tassel shows elite troop status. It also serves a tactical purpose. When the spear is moving quickly, the addition of the tassel aids in blurring the vision of the opponent so that it is more difficult for them to grab the shaft of spear behind the head or tip. The tassel also served another purpose, to stop the flow of blood from the blade getting to the wooden shaft; the blood would make it slippery, or sticky when dried. Many Chinese martial arts feature spear training in their curriculum. The conditioning provided by spear technique is seen as invaluable and in many styles it is the first weapons training introduced to students.

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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Insert Your Favorite Weekend Joke Here....

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