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Ernie's House of Whoopass! November 24, 2014
November 24, 2014

I Had Lots Of Balls Friday Night, Trust Me.

The Boss Lady is a huge fan of the Hunger Games saga, so of course I was obligated to see Hunger Games Mockingjay part I this weekend. It was, well, meh. The first hour of the movie was a complete snoozefest, leaving my mind to wander out of boredom and look at everything in the fucking theater except the screen. I spent the majority of the two hours thinking one of two things to myself. Either, "Boy, I saw that coming a mile away," or, "I saw yer boobs." Personally I think the series ran its course with one movie and the first sequel looked forced. With that in mind, Philip Seymour Hoffman was his usual awesome self, and I predict his absense will make Part II suck even more. Woody Harrelson was painfully underutilized. Natalie Dormer's acting was cardboard thin and looked like she was readig her lines from a hobo's cardboard sign. Although at least now I know why she shaved half her head. Julianne Moore seemed to be phoning it in as well, and I suspect she was blackmailed into taking the role. All in all, 4 out of 10. it wasn't I-WANT-MY-MONEY-BACK bad, but if you want to see it my advice is wait for it to hit Netflix.

The Smith & Wesson Model 19 is a revolver produced by Smith & Wesson on its K-frame platform, chambered for .357 Magnum. Retired Assistant Chief Patrol Inspector of the U.S. Border Patrol, famous gunfighter, and noted firearms and shooting skills writer Bill Jordan consulted with Smith & Wesson on the design and characteristics of the Model 19. The Model 19 was produced 1957 to November 1999, and featured blued carbon steel with wood or rubber combat grips, an adjustable rear sight, semi-target hammer, serrated combat-type trigger. The S&W model 66 was the same K-frame, only offered in stainless steel with a smooth target-type trigger, and was produced from 1970 until 2005.

If a handgun isn't your thing, or those of you still looking to get your hands on an AK, here's a Yugoslavian made Zastava M70 N-PAP AK-47 for $449 -- which comes with twelve 10-round magazines. Useful in some states, but for those of us not living in the Occupied Territories, you'll want to get your hands on some nice 30 rounders instead: Tapco mags are the most inexpensive but if you're willing to shell out a couple extra dollars per magazine, steel is never a bad choice.

Okay Marines, I recognize the National Defense Medal, but what are the other three?

Ernie. Those three gals are in front of Espit Chupito, Carre Aribau 77 Barcelona Spain. Jambo

The best part is if you back up a little bit in Street View, the grafitti on the adjascent security gate is still there. For this next challenge, I was going to ask you what happened with this re-election campaign, but after doing a double take on this one, I've decided to go in a different direction. So tell me, what issue of Maxim Magazine is that poster?

Sometimes translating stuff is a very tough job. Especially if you're Asian and you have never had anything to do with any indo-European language. So then if you're gonna have a street sign that you have to translate for tourists to understand as well, you might not want to use your trusty Google translate, or the results will be very similar with what you can see here.

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